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This news story is mainly just some miscellaneous Dreamcast RPG news.

A new simulation RPG is in development called Alu Gu Late. Its release date, or state of completion is not known, but I can tell you that the characters and backgrounds are of a fantasy anime style, and from the few shots I've seen on paper, not 3D at all. The turn-based battles are viewed from a perspective like Grandia. It doesn't appear to be a serious stab at making a dramatic RPG, instead more of an attempt at making something like an extra cute Sakura Wars, using the Dreamcast's superb resolution and colours. Some of the main characters include Eriina Yuushisu, Ryuraito Ragunasu, and Merumiina Shyain. All of whom are female. I can't be sure of the developer/publisher's name, except maybe 'Takuyo'?

Elemental Gimmick Gear by Hudson Soft and Birthday, is very, very close to completion, although it is not due for release until the 27th of May in Japan. To summarise what has been reported before, EGG is an action RPG, in 2D, viewed from above, like the 8 and 16 bit Zelda games. Sprites appear pre-rendered by computer, like Shining Wisdom. The steam-punk backgrounds, by contrast, look hand drawn and coloured. Despite being on Dreamcast, the graphics appear to be of the same resolution as the older games I mentioned. However, there is little repetition of scenery, and just as much detail as in Magic Knight Rayearth. It will cost 5,800 yen when released.

And now a report on perhaps the first big anime-licensed game on Dreamcast. Mobile Battleship Nadesico is in development now, by Kadokawa and ESP, who were also responsible for all the 32-bit Lunar games. The previous Nadesico games were both by Sega, although conveniently the new title takes place after the most recent game The Blank of 3 Years. It heavily features the Nadesico B of that title and the movie 'The Prince of Darkness' (which the new title's events follow on from). It includes 3D space combat featuring the Aestevalis mecha and the Nadesico B and C, and this looks very good with plenty of explosions. The text adventure sections appear more complex than in the previous games, especially as it now seems that the player has control of features such as the Nadesico's inventory of weapons. As ever, many of the series' large cast are present. Mobile Battleship Nadesico (a.k.a Martian Successor Nadesico) the anime series is a space opera/comedy, and boasts some great characters, which is why the series is popular. Again the release date of the game is unknown.

Information from Dreamcast Fan magazine.

Date Updated:
April 5th, 1999

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8:00 PM

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