News Archive: February 1999
Friday February 26th, 1999
Spaz Editorial!
This editorial is about Working Designs "Spaz" label, which Jaime apparently dislikes, a lot! Click here to find out why. - ff 12: 32 AM CST

New Editorial: 1998 in Review!
1998 was a great year for gamers, this editorial picks out the best of the bunch, in accordance to the tastes of resident editor ff! So give it a read, click here! - ff 09: 07 AM CST

News Tidbits....
Save Point has reported that they have found a brand new FIFTH ending to Castlevania: SoTN. For more information, check them out.

Also, GameFan is also reporting more on the rumors of Seiken Densetsu IV. First off, supposedly, it will not be called Seiken Densetsu IV, it is going to be called "Seiken Densetsu: The Legend of Mana". This is all still to be regarded as rumor at this point. Also noted, GameFan also mentioned that, as previously reported by them, a demo of the game will come with Saga Frontier 2 in March. I did do a little checking on my own. I went and translated the top page on the Saga Frontier 2 section on Square Japan's homepage and found that Square has yet to decide the disc amount with the game. That could very well be the reason for the SD4 rumor as a demo pack-in with Saga 2.

I also have my own news about Final Fantasy Collection. This is still to be regarded as rumor only. I've heard that the reason for the rumor that Final Fantasy IV (2 US) is going to be left out of the US FFC is because Square wants to give us the full Final Fantasy VI Remake with the premium movie stuff that are not in the Japanese Final Fantasy Collection version of FFVI. Remember, that's still rumor. - GhaleonOne 12: 17 AM CST

Thursday February 25th, 1999
Guardian's Crusade Released!
It's now out as of yesterday. We put up movies, pics, and a preview as well to accompany its release. Just check Rudo's updates yesterday for links to them. - GhaleonOne 2: 00 PM CST

Wednesday February 24th, 1999
Guardian's Crusade Preview
If pics and movies weren't enough, you can also check my preview of Guardian's Crusade by clicking here. In the preview, you'll get to hear my opinions and observations about the previewable copy of the game that I played a while back. Make sure to check it out. - Rudo 11: 14 PM CST

Guardian's Crusade Movies
After the pics I just put up, why not check a few movies of Guardian's Crusade. I've got 3 movies for you. One of them is the CG intro of the game which is pretty big at 15.0 megs but if you want to check it out, you can get it by clicking here. I also made 2 other movies which are about 5 megs each and one of them shows a village sequence and the other shows a battle sequence. Click here for the village movie and here for the battle movie. This will give you a pretty good indication of what the game looks and sounds like. If you have any problems viewing the movies, download the latest Microsoft Media Player which will allow you to watch those videos by clicking here. Download this only if you have problems with them because I used one of the newer encoder to make those movies and I'm not sure how many of you have the necessary Codec to properly view the movies. - Rudo 11: 01 PM CST

Guardian's Crusade Pics
With a release date of February 24th, Guardian's Crusade should have been in store today and if it wasn't, it should be in store soon so what better way to celebrate this RPG release than to put up a bunch of great pics of the game that I captured myself. These pics really look great and you should check them out to get a good feel of what the game looks like. You can check out the pics by clicking here. By the way, you may notice that the logo on the pics isn't what it usually is but don't pay any attention to that, everything will become clear in a few weeks. I'm just mentioning it so that people don't accuse me of taking pics from another site. Those are indeed our very own pics that I captured myself. - Rudo 10: 50 PM CST

Shen Mue Soundtrack Information
Sega's upcoming Dreamcast game Shen Mue will have both a soundtrack album and a single released on April 1st this year. Both are expected to have orchestrated tracks from the actual game.

The album will contain 8 tracks and will retail for 2500 yen. For those of you interested in preordering this CD from your favorite game music importer, the catalog number is POCX-1116.

The single will contain 4 more tracks and will retail for 1000 yen. The catalog number is PODX-1044.

Information gathered from Dimension S and Gaming Age. - Commodore Wheeler 12: 00 AM CST

Tuesday February 23rd, 1999
Persona 2: Sin
Magic Box has put up some new game play info on the upcoming sequel to Persona:

  • Rumor System - In the game you are able to collect different pieces of information and rumors from people you encounter on the streets. The information acquired will sometimes effect the attributes of different items, weapons and even the layout of some maps. For example, you can learn that a certain item is harmful to people, so that item will carry a new "poisonous" attribute to warn you in the future.

  • Battle System - You are now able to change your view point in the midst of battle, and you will be able to combine different spells to form powerful combination attacks.

  • Conversation System - You can now have up to 3 people negotiate with a demon at the same time, which will allow you to convince them to help you much quicker. The downside is that you can get them upset with you a lot quicker as well.

  • Dungeons System - The dungeons are now fully 3D (Hey, maybe that will help them get the game past SCEA's "quality" game testers). Special events will be triggered and items can be found at specific locations in the dungeons. This will make exploring every inch of the dungeon a little more worthwhile.

The game is scheduled for a summer release, and a demo will be available with the release of Soul Hackers in March. - EsquE 11: 16 PM CST

Might & Magic VI Review!
Our second PC game review is reader-written, by Tortolia, for the title Might & Magic VI. Click Here for the review. - ff 8: 34 PM CST

Brigandine Review
Yes, you read that right, we've got a third review of Brigandine but this time it is a reader review so if you don't trust our editors for one reason or another (if you're insane for example :P), then you can get an opinion of this game straight from one of our reader by clicking here. - Rudo 7: 18 PM CST

More on Playstation 2...
I would like to address a couple of things about the Playstation 2 today and this should not be regarded as news but more as an editorial with my OWN opinions. I see a lot of people freaking out about the specs released by Sony on their processor called: "The Emotion Engine". People especially like to quote the "55 million polygons" that Sony mentioned in their announcement. I happen to be a negative guy and I've always been a skeptic especially when something sounds too good to be true.

In my opinion, those polygon benchmarks mentioned by Sony are nothing more than marketing and theoretical numbers. This is just like NEC calling their machine " TurboGraphX-16" even though it was an 8-bit machine, just like Atari calling their Jaguar a 64-bit machine, just like Sega throwing the term "blast processor" back in the Genesis days when it was nothing but a publicity stunt... the list goes on and on. Sony is fully aware that people will be impressed by big numbers and marketing wise, this is the best thing Sony could do and you can't blame them. Even though I personally don't like tactics like that, Sony is a business out to make money (just like any other company) and this is a smart business move for them. I do not know how powerful the Playstation 2 is going to be and I do not know if Sony is trying to pull a fast one on us but in my opinion, if it sounds a little too good to be true, it usually is. I'm going to finish this with a few words from industry experts about the Playstation 2 because they do make good points there. Here's a few sample taken from Next-Generation:

Jouni Mannonen, Developer Relations Coordinator for Hybrid Holding (a Finnish company that has produced an incredible 3D technology for the PC dubbed SurReal 3D), wasn't so sure about numbers of that magnitude. As he sees it, the question hanging in the air is how Sony benchmarked to get its figures.

Mannonen points out that there is an important difference between polygons calculated in isolation and polygons calculated "relationally." For instance, he says "Calculating one triangle over and over, you can calculate it a huge number of times." Mannonen likens it to the difference between writing one word over and over again versus writing a complete sentence. He is curious whether the polygons calculated by the "Emotion Engine" were forming objects and relations, in which case the 55 million polygons a second number would be truly impressive.

And here's what a technology executive at one of the major hardware manufacturer had to say:

"They're not taking the throughput into account," he began, and then went on to add that Sony is "doing an additive number." His assertion is that Sony tested what each processor could calculate, "taking the possibility for each chip," then added up the numbers to reach 55 million. Our nameless exec continued, "Without knowing more about the innards of the chips themselves, it's hard to take the numbers seriously."

We asked our anonymous executive to accept for a minute that the numbers were accurate. Doing so, he brought up the polygons calculated versus the polygons drawn argument. "It doesn't mean they're able to display that many."

We asked an exec at a major semi-conducter company what he thought of Sony's specs, looking for insight into the manufacture of this floating-point intensive beast.

"On paper it looked nice," he told us. "The pictures looked nice. The numbers looked nice. But fitting that many gates on a piece of silicon is where the issue lies."

While the semi-conducter exec did not seem to doubt that Sony's processor does what they claim, he was very skeptical that it could be produced any day soon for a mass market console. "I can't see that they can make this chip cost-effectively and with the yield to produce the numbers they'll want to have on the market by 2000 or 2001." He went on to mention that most chips have yield problems at high temperatures -- and a processor that will run as fast as this would have to will have serious temperature problems.

So there you have it folks. I'm sorry for the length of this update but I thought this was interesting and it gives an opinion by experts on when they think this machine could be available (not soon from what I can understand). - Rudo 11: 03 AM CST

Playstation 2 This Year in Japan? The UK gaming mag The Edge is reporting that Sony will launch the PSX2 by the end of the year in Japan, December 21st to be exact. We'll have to wait and see, but this one seems to be a bit of a stretch. Considering all the rumors flying about the monstrous hardware involved. Sony has denied this info, so it should be regarded as rumor only. - Webber 08: 07 AM CST

Monday February 22nd, 1999
Shen Mue Delayed?
Rumors are circulating the internet that Sega may delay their highly anticipated game Shen Mue. It is currently scheduled to be released this April. The delay rumors have the game instead being released in the summer. The game is currently supposed to be around 60% complete, and with a game the scope of Shen Mue, there may be a lot of work yet to be done with it. This information should be regarded as rumor only at this point. - Webber 11: 17 PM CST

Secret of Mana Review
We've got our first review of Secret of Mana on the site tonight. Secret of Mana is probably one of the most popular action/RPG after the Zelda games and fans everywhere can't wait to see a new installment in the series. You can check the review by clicking here. By the way, to everybody who sent reviews and haven't seen them up yet, don't worry, they'll be up one of these days. We're just incredibly busy right now preparing for the new site and the reviews are just pilling up. They will all be put up in time though so don't worry. - Rudo 8: 13 PM CST

Sega Smash Pack = Kgen?
Sega recently released a PC game entitled Sega Smash Pack which contains classic Genesis games. 8 of them to be precise. The games included in the pack are: Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Outrun, Sonic Spinball, Super Shinobi, Vectorman, Columns and best of all Phantasy Star 2. It has recently been found that this Smash Pack is actually running off of Steve Snake's Genesis emulator KGEN. For those familiar with the emulator scene, you will no doubt remember this emulator since it was known as the best Genesis emulator. I haven't played the Smash Pack but I hope that the bugs in KGEN have been fixed since the last free release because I remember that even though it was the best Genesis emulator out there, it was still far from perfect. My guess is that Sega hired Steve Snake and told him to continue developping his emulator (and maybe helped him finish it) so they could release a lot of their classic Genesis games at a profit instead of looking at people playing their games for free on the emulators. This is not surprising though because to my knowledge, Steve Snake already worked for Sega in the past (Sega Europe I believe). Anyway, if any of you have tried this game collection from Sega on the PC, let me know what you think and how well the system is emulated because I'm curious to see if Steve Snake was successful in emulating the Genesis completely with his latest built of the emulator (now probably a property of Sega). - Rudo 3: 59 PM CST

FFVIII in September?
Bandai will release the Final Fantasy VIII action figures in America in August 1999. The interesting part though is that Bandai stated that the action figures will be released one month prior to the game's release. This would put Final Fantasy VIII's release in September. Can you imagine what September will be like if this is true? Getting a Dreamcast and Final Fantasy VIII in the same month!! Now THAT would be interesting to see (and a lot of fun for all of us gamers). Thanks to Magic Box for the info. - Rudo 3: 15 PM CST

Elemental Gimmick Gear pushed back
The Dreamcast Action/RPG Elemental Gimmick Gear from Hudson has been pushed back from April to May in Japan. Thanks to Magic Box for the info. - Rudo 2: 56 PM CST

Lufia III: Ruin Chasers info?
We reported about how Lufia III was apparently back on about a month ago, but Natsume seems to have posted some new information(along with a rehash of old info of sorts). Here are some tidbits from the page:

  • Previously, only Cion, Cecile, Yu Shaia, Michelle, Albert, and Lily had been known as characters of the game. It is now known that the four sinistrals will return(not a big shocker), but now it is known that Arek will join the four sinistrals, which was previously regarded as rumor before.
  • Another new tidbit is that a girl named "Naki" now seems to be the key to some of the mysteries of the story.
  • 300 years after Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, two giant streaks of fire emerged to form a cross in the sky and in the center appeared to be Doom Island. This was known as Firestorm which was previously reported. The location of Doom Island is now unknown.
  • The other major mystery of the game seems to be the ruins that appeared where the FireStorm cross was.
  • Also revealed was the US release date of 4th quarter 1999.

LunarNET has a preview of Lufia III in our previews section, along with artwork of the games characters on our pics pages. And be sure to check Natsume for more information. - GhaleonOne 1: 26 PM CST

Saturday February 20th, 1999

Correction from earlier update...
Thanks to our good friend Feena, we have a mistake to report from the update about Red's Dreamcast software earlier. Feena sent this to us:

"White Illumination, by Red, was NOT a flop since it is not even available yet. It will be released on March 18th! And it is very likely to be a great success! Every magazine is talking about it in Japan... And dating-sims are very popular there..."

Thanks go to Feena for the correction! -
GhaleonOne 8: 26 PM CST

New Red RPG for Dreamcast
Red of Japan has an RPG in the works for Dreamcast. The name and content of the game are still unknown at this point, but we should have more info on it soon. Red's first game for Dreamcast was a gigantic flop, White Illumination, as per the latest sales numbers had only sold between 20,000 to 30,000 copies. Red are the makers of the Sakura Wars game series, as well as Thousand Arms for the playstation. - Webber 07: 26 AM CST
Friday February 19th, 1999

Hironobu Sakaguchi Speaks
The father of Final Fantasy was recently interviewed by the Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, and we have some excerpts courtesy of GameSpot. With FFVIII using 4 game discs, Sakaguchi had this to say about medium capacity and what the future will bring:

"Capacity is getting larger with each release of new hardware. Dreamcast enlarged the capacity, and so will the new PlayStation. It is yet to be known by how much, but we are progressing research for this new capacity."

As for Square developing for other game platforms than Playstation:

"Until now, hardware has had its own characteristics and it was hard to port software onto other hardware. As its technologies reach the same levels, however, the difference may get much smaller. In that case, it's probable for us to perform on other platforms in the same way of expression, keeping the level of the game high. That's my opinion, not Square's, though."

Finally, Sakaguchi touched on the visual feel that Sqaure is going for in the Final Fantasy Movie:

"All the crews are working together for the ultimate reality. However, we are not trying to be as real as a photograph can be. This movie will be mysterious, with a spice of handmade animation in it. The story is still secret, but it follows the same kind of themes you can also see in the games." -
EsquE 10: 17 PM CST

Yu Suzuki on Shen Mue
In a recent interview with the Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, courtesy of GameSpot, Yu Suzuki spoke about his transition from the immediacy of the arcades to the depth of Shen Mue:

"The production process is basically the same as with arcade games, but the scenarios are more important in an RPG. The conversations must be natural. The sunset must be seen in the evening, and the stores must be closed at 8 in the evening. We are trying to see how near to reality we can go."

He also discussed what kind of an impact Shen Mue may have on the DC, and what his history is with RPG's:

"I don't think Shen Mue decides Dreamcast's fate, but I think it will help the sale of hardware. I want it to become more of a pep-up drink for Dreamcast."

"I'd like to go about my work as if I was a cook using classic RPGs as sources. It's natural that my work will be different from other RPGs and I don't have a sense of rivalry with anyone. As a matter of fact, I'm not fond of playing those types of games. "Certainly my business involves playing battle games, but I haven't played RPGs from other companies, even though I have to in order to study them. You can say that's not my taste. I prefer games like Tetris or Whack-A-Mole."

Suzuki also mentioned that the game is about 60% complete, and may not make its planned Spring release date. He also confirmed that he is already planning a sequel. -
EsquE 10: 15 PM CST

Final Fantasy Collection Coming
According to GameFAN Online, the Final Fantasy Collection has been confirmed by Squaresoft for a North American release. Numerous other sites have also confirmed this to be true. No release date has been set, but the Japanese release of the Collection is March 11th.

While this is great news to older Final Fantasy fans, as well as to those whose introduction to the series may have been FFVII, there is yet another bizarre twist to this otherwise happy and expected announcement. The Collection released in North America will apparently only include the previously unreleased Final Fanatasy V and Final Fantasy VI which was released here as Final Fanatasy 3. Final Fanatasy IV (a.k.a. Final Fantasy 2 in North America) will not be included.

There have been no reasons given as to why FFIV will not be included, but we can speculate. Final Fantasy V has never been released over here so it will be a relatively new game, and the FFVI remix had a ton of extra FMV added to it. The FFIV remix is pretty much a duplicate of the game we received here already with new FMV at only the beginning and end of the game. It is also the most "dated" looking of the three.

That's the only reasoning I could come up with as to why it wouldn't be included, and quite frankly, it isn't good enough reason. Hopefully this was just some mis-interpretation on GameFAN's or the Square representative's part and we will indeed be receiving the complete collection here. There's no good reason, artistically or finacially, why the full collection shouldn't be released here. Final Fantasy IV is a true classic, and a game that set the standards for almost every RPG that came after it. It isn't a game that should be casually tossed because it looks "dated" and no Final Fantasy Collection could be complete without it. -
EsquE 08: 49 AM CST
Thursday February 18th, 1999

Phantasy Star Review
It looks like my little hint about Phantasy Star reviews have served a purpose. One of our reader sent a review of the original Phantasy Star on the Sega Master System. Phantasy Star was the RPG that got me into the genre and back then, this game was so ahead of its time that it was scary. Anybody who played it back then know exactly what I'm talking about. This is arguably the best 8-bit RPG ever made (in my opinion) and really revolutionized the RPG genre. Click here to check out the review. - Rudo 8: 57 PM CST
Wednesday February 17th, 1999

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Remix, Playstation bound?!
Unofficially, we all knew it was going to happen, but now it's official. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue is officially coming to the Playstation in Japan. A friend of mine over at Save Point went digging around on different sites and found a site that had information on a Playstation port of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Remix. The release date is May 27th, and it will retail for 6800 yen. Also, to note, the game will have 3 CDs, unlike the Saturn version which only had 2. This is probably the same reason why Lunar: Silver Star Story was 1 disc on the Saturn and 2 CDs on the Playstation. With this confirmation also comes the speculation as to when/if(obviously a question of when and not if though...) Working Designs will announce this game for the Playstation here in the United States. My guess is they'll wait til after the release of Lunar: Silver Star Story. Whatever the case may be, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue is a masterpiece, and is my personal favorite game of all time. You can check out our Lunar 2: Eternal Blue section for alot of pics from the Saturn version of the game by clicking here! - GhaleonOne 11: 41 PM CST

Dragon Quest News
There is both bad and good news about the Dragon Quest series today. This news comes courtesy of Save Point. The good news is that Dragon Quest I, II, and III are all being ported to the GameBoy Color! This is for import of course. The bad news? Well, Dragon Quest VII has been delayed to fall of 1999. - GhaleonOne 11: 24 PM CST

Sakura Taisen on SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color
Apparently, Red's amazing dating sim/strategy RPG series Sakura Taisen is going cross-platform in a major way. Less than a week ago, we reported that a Sakura Taisen Color Game Boy game had been announced. Now, according to Seganet, SNK has confirmed that a Sakura Taisen game is being developed for their NeoGeo Pocket Color handheld console. The NGPC will be able to link up with the Sega Dreamcast in some way, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that the Sakura Taisen NGPC game will have some compatibility with the upcoming Sakura Taisen 3 for the Dreamcast.

A Sakura Taisen Columns game has also been confirmed for the NGPC.

Let's hope that the excellent standards of the series can be maintained across so many platforms. Special thanks to Sakura Shinguuji for providing me with this info. - Commodore Wheeler 8: 54 PM CST

New Treasure game on the way!
Treasure, known for such classics as Radiant Silvergun, Silhouette Mirage, Guardian Heroes, and Gunstar Heroes, has just announced that they are releasing a new game called Gun Beat. Gun Beat will be a driving/shooting game, probably in in the vein of classics like Spy Hunter and Road Blasters, but no doubt with gameplay improvements that Treasure seems to add to nearly all of their games. Gun Beat will be released as a Naomi-powered arcade game this spring, with a Dreamcast version to follow in the late summer to fall of 1999. Check out the full story and images at Seganet. - Commodore Wheeler 1: 20 PM CST

Suikoden 2 announced for US release
Although it had been a forgone conclusion among RPG fans that this would happen, Konami of America has finally announced Suikoden 2 for a US release. Suikoden 2 is expected to be released in June of 1999 in the US. To see Konami of America's entire projected release schedule, click here. - Commodore Wheeler 1: 07 PM CST

Ion Storm RPGs on DC!
Ion Storm has confirmed that both their upcoming PC RPGs Anachronox and Deus Ex will be ported to the Dreamcast. In addition, they are also planning on porting their upcoming FPS Daikatana. Thanks to for this info. - Webber 07: 47 AM CST

New Poll!
It has been a while since a poll change, but here it is. The first question is "Do you own a Dex Drive". I've heard alot of people talking about the DexDrive. For those that do not know, a DexDrive saves you N64 and Playstation games onto a special device that allows you to send game saves over EMail and websites, etc. The second question simply asks if you have imported(or plan to import) Final Fantasy VIII. - GhaleonOne 01: 19 AM CST
Tuesday February 16th, 1999

Playstation 2 = 55 Millions Polygons Per Sec!
Sony released the first info on what is expected to be the guts of the Playstation 2, and the specs for the system are astounding to say the least. It is supposed to be capable of rendering 55 million polygons per second, with no effects turned on, by comparison Dreamcast can render 6 million polygons. Here is some info from Next Generation Online:

According to Sony, the new architecture, when using all three processors in
parallel function, can calculate 55 million polygons per second. That's
without effects. With parallel lighting, the system can calculate 34 million
polys/sec. With lighting and fog, it's 30 million/sec. Finally, with lighting, fog
and bezier curves the system can calculate 13 million polys/second. Bezier
curves are the kind of calculated curved surfaces that John Carmack is using
for Quake III (see this month's issue of Next Generation Magazine for more).
In comparison, Voodoo3 boasts 8 million in its highest end iteration and has
no hardware support for bezier curves. The Dreamcast and all older game
consoles render even fewer polygons than that.

The chipset has been dubbed the "Emotion Engine", and it has MPEG2 support as well, which when used runs on half the systems power. The system is expected to be fully unveiled next month. Thanks to Next Generation Online for this info. - Webber 11: 08 PM CST

Brigandine review and a milestone!!
We've got a second editor review of Brigandine tonight, this time from EsquE. He basically confirms what Jaime already said in his review. It is a good Strategy RPG but if you don't like the genre, you won't like this game because it doesn't offer anything else than pure Strategy gameplay. However, for fans of the genre, the gameplay will most likely impress and if you want to read more about this game, click here to check out Esque's review. On another note, I wanted to point out that this review is the 100th review on LunarNET. Thanks to everybody who submitted reviews and hopefully LunarNET will become in the future THE best place to get RPG reviews on the internet (not that we aren't already :P). - Rudo 8: 34 PM CST

Landstalker Review
Wow! A Genesis review finally. Ever since the original reviews for the Shining Force games from EsquE, we haven't seen any reviews for the old Genny. This comes to an end now with this review of Landstalker by reader Joseph Valencia. Ahhh, the memories are flooding back to me of the good ol' days of Genesis RPGs. It makes me want to review all the Phantasy Star games... Ah! Never mind that, I've got too much work as it is, I can't bring myself to review anything :P. Oh well, maybe one of the other PS fanatics out there will review them (hint, hint). In any case, you can check the Landstalker review by clicking here. - Rudo 8: 24 PM CST

New Quintet RPG to hit Dreamcast
Quintet, one of the software developers in GD-Net, is releasing a new RPG called Boy Kanipan for the Dreamcast this summer. Quintet will precede this Dreamcast disc with an April release of a VMS featuring a Boy Kanipan game on it. The Boy Kanipan VMS game will be a prelude to the actual Dreamcast game. Information obtained from Seganet. - Commodore Wheeler 7: 37 PM CST

US Dreamcast for $200?!
Sega Otaku reports that all indications point to $200 launch price for Sega's Dreamcast when it hits the US shores. This report comes from last Friday's issue of Investors Business Daily. It seems likely that the price will be officially announced by Sega at the E3 in May. If this rumor proves to be true, it will be great news for everyone interested in buying the DC (which most people in their right mind are). - Commodore Wheeler 2: 19 PM CST
Monday February 15th, 1999

Final Fantasy VIII translation
I was doing some quick surfing tonight and stopped by a few RPG based sites and noticed a link on many of them to a recently started Final Fantasy VIII translation. I figured some of you who imported the game would like to view the translation. Click here to check out the translation page. - GhaleonOne 11: 01 PM CST

FFVIII Breaks Records
According to Magic Box, Square has announced that their latest chapter in the immensely popular FFVIII series has sold over 2.57 million units in 4 days. It sold over 2.1 million on the first day alone.

Japanese gamers were lined up around the block of their favorite stores on release day, and many camped out overnight.

In other FFVIII news, Toshiba EMI will release a CD single of Faye Wong's Final Fantasy VIII theme song, "Eyes On Me", on February 24, for 1,020 Yen. -
EsquE 10: 02 PM CST

Langrisser V Review
We've got a second review on the site of Langrisser V for you tonight, this time from our Strategy RPG freak Jaime :P. I don't think I've ever seen anybody more excited in my entire life than Jaime when he gets a new Langrisser game so you can certainly guess that he's a big fan of the series. If you want to know why he's such a fan, why not check his review and you'll understand why. Click here to check it out. - Rudo 8: 43 PM CST
Saturday February 13th, 1999

Castlevania Review!
From the mighty pen of our resident editor E-Chan comes a review of the latest installment in everybody's favorite vampire-killing series: Castlevania! This review is for the N64 edition, so come see what E-Chan thinks about the leap to 3-D. Click here! - ff 9: 23 PM CST

Xenogears Review!
We recieved a reader written review from Hwo for Xenogears, Hwo, as everyone else who's reviewed the game here on LunarNET, apparently loves Xenogears! Click here to read the review! - ff 9: 17 PM CST

More FFVIII Codes
Recently, we gave you a series of GameShark codes that would allow you to bypass the initial hardware scans that FFVIII launches to detect mod chips. We've also learned that FFVIII launches these hardware scans at numerous points throughout playing the game. The points that are scanned are the initial boot up, after every disc change (there are 4 discs) and every time you save your game.

The codes we gave you from the G.I.A. only work for the initial boot up. But the G.I.A. recently received a new set of codes that will work on every hardware scan according to them. The code works with the GameShark, Pro Action Replay, and Magic Key (caetla) peripherals:

D009D2B0 FFF3
8009D2E0 0046
D009D2B0 FFF3
8009D2E2 1000

All of them need to be input in the sequence seen above, especially the two that are exactly the same. Have fun. -
EsquE 11: 54 AM CST
Friday February 12th, 1999

Sakura Taisen 3/Sakura Taisen Color Game Boy
Sega Otaku reports that the upcoming Sakura Taisen 3 for the Dreamcast will likely feature some kind of link with the similarly upcoming Sakura Taisen Color Game Boy game. This link-up is not expected to be a physical one between the 2 systems. More likely, it will involve a password of some sort.

Sakura Taisen 3 for the Dreamcast is currently scheduled for a late 1999 Japan release. No information was available regarding the release of the Sakura Taisen Color Game Boy game. - Commodore Wheeler 2: 42 PM CST

Shen Mue Update
Seganet reports that Sega has confirmed that AM2's much-hyped Shen Mue will be playable at the spring Tokyo Game Show in March.

Also, Asobi Create has been revealed to be the company working on the Shen Mue VMS game. The VMS game will be available for a free download on Valentine's Day at Dricas, Sega's official online Dreamcast site. - Commodore Wheeler 2: 29 PM CST

Runecaster for Dreamcast
According to Seganet, Noijia has announced that their first game for the Sega Dreamcast will be Runecaster, a simulation game of some sort. Further details are unavailable, but it is known that Runecaster will be published by Vision and will hit the Dreamcast this summer with a VMS game in tow. - Commodore Wheeler 2: 20 PM CST

Final Fantasy VIII lockout cracked!!
Yesterday, EsquE reported that a couple of Game Shark codes will allow you to play the import Final Fantasy VIII on a non-Japanese Playstation. After a couple of delays, NCS has finally received their copies of Final Fantasy VIII, and they report that Asian companies already have a chip solution to beat the lockout. For more details, check out their February 12 What's New page.

NCS has Final Fantasy VIII in stock for $78 (US). Everyone who buys the game from them will receive a worksheet that explains the various methods of playing this game on a foreign Playstation. - Commodore Wheeler 2: 01 PM CST

Thursday February 11th, 1999

Question Reveals WD's Future Plans?
Just picked up off of the WD boards, it seems that a seemingly inoccuous question to WD President Vic Ireland has shed some light on WD's future plans for it's popular Lunar series.

Q: Is there any chance you guys could make use of Sony's upcomming PDA, the "Pocketstation" with Lunar?
A: 1. Too late to implement. Perhaps Lunar 2.

I must say that this news bodes well for all those Working Designs fans who are anxious to know if Eternal Blue Remix will be released on the Playstation. But at this point, it's still speculation. -
Sensei Phoenix 10: 13 PM CST

Final Fantasy VIII GameShark Codes
Gaming Intelligence recently received and successfully tested a series of GameSahrk codes that are capable of beating the FFVIII mod chip lockout. Here are the codes:

D009D182 0000
8009B182 2402

These codes used together will allow the game to successfully run on a modified North American Playstation. Well, that certainly didn't take very long. And thanks to Andy Tran for finding these codes. -
EsquE 9: 57 PM CST

Guardian's Crusade coming soon.
Activision told us that their Playstation RPG Guardian's Crusade will be shipping earlier than expected. The new release date is February 24th. Also, Electronic Boutique is doing a pre-purchase offer where consumers will receive a free "Living Toy" poster if they pre-purchase the game. Expect more pics and a preview of this game before the release date. In the meantime, you can check our current pics of the game by clicking here. - Rudo 8: 14 PM CST

Final Fantasy VIII Sales...
All I can say is WOW! Intense Playstation reports that the four-disk Final Fantasy VIII has passed the 2 million sales mark, in preorders alone!!

-Credit to Intense Playstation - ff 5: 51 PM CST

Diablo II...
Diablo II is under development by the same people who created the original, and hits such as the WarCraft Series; Blizzard Entertainment. The sequel looks to improve on the orignal, such as improved gameplay and a better multi-player mode. Diablo II is slated for release in the second half of '99, and a console release is certainly not out of the question.

Credit: Next Generation Online - ff 5: 44 PM CST

Might & Magic Coming to the Playstation...
Unfortunately, at some point in time, the remains of this page were gobbled up by a Time Devourer or some such. So we may never know what we covered between February 1-10th, 1999.