News Archive: December 1998
Tuesday December 29th, 1998

LunarNET updates!
As you may have noticed, we haven't updated a lot in the past few days and I'd just like to give you a quick explanation of why. First of all, it's Christmas vacation and most people aren't really checking the site anyway (our hit rate in the last couple days is proof of that). Second, there isn't much happening in the gaming world in this period of time so the news are pretty hard to come by. Third, some of our editors are unable to update because of computer problems or the fact that they are gone to see their families for Christmas. And last, but not least, I feel this is the perfect time for us to take a little break to enjoy ourselves and play some games (I haven't finished an RPG since Albert Odyssey in the Summer of 1997). So anyway, relax, play some RPGs and keep checking the site once in a while cause we'll still be updating (but not as much as usual). Everything should be back to normal at the begining of January. And to those who submitted some reviews, don't worry I didn't forget them, I'll put them up either during the week or at the begining of January when the hits start going back up. - Rudo 10: 50 AM CST

Ogre Battle 3 Delayed!
It seems like N64 owners will have to wait even longer before playing another RPG. Ogre Battle 3 has been pushed back from Winter 98 to Spring 99 in Japan. Considering the translation time to bring it here in America, N64 owners might very well end up with no RPGs to play at all on their system during 1999. On top of that, there is no guarantee as far as I know that this game will even come to our shores so Zelda 64 might even be the last RPG to come out on the N64 in America. Considering that most people consider Zelda to be an adventure game and not an RPG, this basically means that there's a very good chance that the N64 library of RPG (in America) at the end of his life will consist of:.... Quest 64... and nothing else! In my opinion, this is really pathetic if you consider the amount of classic RPGs that we were able to play on the SNES. Anyway, let's not jump the gun here because there's still a possibility that we might get Ogre Battle 3 here but I sure won't hold my breath because the chances are pretty slim in my opinion. - Rudo 10: 35 AM CST
Saturday December 26th, 1998

Ys 3 and Ys 4 Reviews!!
While deprived of my Playstation and Saturn for a couple of weeks, I've decided to go back and review some classic games for the PC-Engine. Many of you have already read the Ys 1 and 2 review. I've just now rounded out the collection of PC-Engine Ys games with in-depth reviews of Ys 3 and Ys 4 as well. All three reviews can be found on the reviews page. - Commodore Wheeler 3: 17 PM CST

Sim City Review!!
With the upcoming Sim City 3000, we thought a review of the original Sim City might be in order, courtesy of me ^_^. Click here for the review! - ff 2: 51 PM CST
Christmas Friday December 25th, 1998

Final Fantasy VI Remake!!
As many of you already know, Final Fantasy VI is being remade for import on the Playstation. It is known that there will be a new CG intro and ending for the game (you can find 3 screen shots from the CG cinema's at Gaming Age). Now, the weird part, is that many sites(Next-Generation Online, Magic Box, etc) have been reporting the game to come on 2 CDs! Call me crazy, but the original SNES Final Fantasy VI came on a SNES cartridge, which could EASILY fit on one CD, even with the CG intro and ending. If the report about 2 CDs is true, there is a good shot other "extras" will be added. One that's being speculated is a huge CG cinema for the Opera House scene! Regardless of whether or not there will be extra CG, etc in the game, Final Fantasy VI, along with the other two remakes, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy IV still has not been announced for an American release(other than the rumor in Playstation Monthly a few weeks ago). We have a petition in our petitions section that you can sign. The petition linked, run by Eternal Vortex of Gaming, has well over 3,000 signatures, and is doing great. - GhaleonOne 1: 05 PM CST

Merry Christmas and the announcement!!
Well, it's officially Christmas! I really hope everyone is having a great Christmas. LunarNET just wants to say Merry Christmas to all our visitors. Whether your eating a huge feast dinner, playing those new games you got as presents, celebrating the birth of Christ, looking at Christmas lights, decorating your Christmas tree or whatever else you do on Christmas Day, we at LunarNET hope all of you have a very merry Christmas! And now for the big announcement! As of today, LunarNET is one year old! I started this website early Christmas Morning last year, and thought it would just be a small Lunar based website(hence the name Lunar). Little did I know it would become a big RPG presence on the net. However, help started pouring in from all directions. Rudo offered to post the biggest Grandia screen shots section on the net on LunarNET. Webber had tons of Xenogears movies and pics, and of course, the thing that really got LunarNET moving, the Grandia petition(which unfortunately, failed). I personally want to thank all of LunarNET's visitors for coming over the past year, and hope to have an even better year, next year! - GhaleonOne 12: 37 AM CST
Wednesday December 23rd, 1998

Atlus News!!
Atlus has updated their homepage with some very important RPG news. First of all, Thousand Arms will most definitely be making its way to the United States and has a tenative release date of Summer 1999.

Also, earlier this year Atlus asked their fans to write them and tell them if they would like to see Soul Hackers released for the Playstation. The people spoke and it was a resounding yes. Atlus is planning to bring the game here, but they need our help again. They are still in negotiations with Sony for the official word on a release. No game can be released without Sony's approval, and Soul Hackers does contain some controversial subject matter. Atlus wants anyone who desires to see this game released to express their wishes to Sony at the following address:

Sony Computer Entertainment America
919 East Hillsdale Blvd., 2nd Floor
Foster City, CA 94404-2175
- EsquE 11: 47 PM CST

Shen Mue Press Release!
Earlier this week, Sega of America issued a press release regarding the Shen Mue press conference. Of particular note, and much to the surprise of those who witnessed the conference first hand, there is absolutely no CG FMV in the game. It is entirely made up of polygons drawn in real-time by the Dreamcast. Here is the press release:

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--Dec. 21, 1998

Sega of America's parent company, Sega Enterprises, Ltd., hosted a premier party on December 20 in Yokohama, Japan to reveal details about the highly anticipated new game "Shenmue" for Dreamcast, the ultimate gaming machine.

Formerly code-named "Project Berkeley," "Shenmue" was developed by Sega's leading arcade producer Yu Suzuki -- creator of the famed "Virtua Fighter" series -- and will ship in spring of 1999 in Japan.

"Shenmue" is an adventure and RPG-style game that recreates the real world in the context of a "living" digital experience. Set in Japan and China, the game features characters that live within their own timeline, each operating on a different schedule with different roles in life. Landscapes change as time passes, responding to time of day and weather.

The game introduces a new cast of characters that are brought to life with thousands of animated moves motion captured from professional actors. The Dreamcast graphics processor is powerful enough to render character features as delicate as real-time finger movements.

These lifelike movements become crucial in the game's battle sequences. Many of the fighting moves are based on the Chinese martial art called Hakkyoku-ken. Sega recorded motion captured movement from professional Budo experts to create each character's fighting capabilities. Other movements such as walking and running were also motion captured to add more realism to the game.

Environments in the game are highly interactive. Most locations offer a number of items that characters can access to learn new clues and guide them through the game.

"Shenmue" was conceived five years ago by Suzuki, but was shelved because he felt no hardware was capable of making his inspiration a reality. That changed when Sega developed Dreamcast. "Shenmue" began to take shape and break new ground in the areas of realism, graphics and interactivity thanks to the system's advanced technical capabilities. "Shenmue" does not contain any CG movies and is a fully interactive game in which characters can go wherever they choose and interact with whomever or whatever they want. - EsquE 11: 12 PM CST

Y's 1 and 2 Review and important info!!
Commodore Wheeler just wrote a review for the classics, Y's 1 and 2 for the Turbo Grafx-16! As usual, it is a great review! Also, this is the very first update using LunarNET's new updater script. This script will start allowing the other editors to do updates on the main page, and because of that, you can expect an increase in updates soon! Also, the updater script uses Central Standard Time instead of Eastern Standard Time now. On Christmas Day, I will have an important announcement about LunarNET! Click here for the Y's 1 and 2 review! - GhaleonOne 6: 10 PM CST
Tuesday December 22nd, 1998

MKR Rainbow Amulet Guide!
LunarNET reader,, recently created a Rainbow Amulet Guide for Magic Knight Rayearth! He set it up in HTML format, so go here to view it. I also listed it on the FAQs page and fixed the broken Dragon Force 2 FAQ link that I was informed of today. - GhaleonOne 11:00 PM EST

More Shen Mue Pics!
Rudo just informed me that Zone Pharaoh added even more pics from Shen Mue!! In total we have now have 114 pics/artwork from the game, 32 Conference pics, and five Animated Pics. Click here for the screen shots, here for the artwork, here for the conference pics, and here for the animated GIFs! Or, just head to the newly designed pics page and scroll to the Dreamcast section. - GhaleonOne/Zone Pharaoh 12:05 PM EST

Shen Mue Preview!
Zone Pharaoh has written a Shen Mue preview to accompany the pics that he put up on Sunday afternoon. As with most of the latest reviews, this one comes with those awesome little animated GIFs so you can see the movements of the game(and it sure looks good in Shen Mue's case!). Click here for the preview. - GhaleonOne/Zone Pharaoh 11:50 AM EST

Magic Knight Rayearth!
With the release of Magic Knight Rayearth earlier this month comes a truckload of pics. The general comments about the game is that it's short, but fun. People are also moderately disliking the voice acting and with all Working Designs games, feelings about the translation are mixed. Personally, I think the translation is fairly good so far(I'm not very far though), and I haven't had any complaints about the voices(especially Zagat's ^_^). However, I have never played the Japanese version, or seen the anime series, so I don't have anything to compare it with. In general, it is a great game, and even after 3 years it still has some of the most colorful and radiant graphics of any game ever created. It is certainly worth the purchase. Click here for the pics! - GhaleonOne 12:20 AM EST
Sunday December 20th, 1998

Shen Mue Unveiled!
Shen Mue, the Dreamcast game being produced by Yu Suzuki, had its official unveiling this morning in Japan. Because of this, LunarNET has some new pages in the Pics section. They include scenes from the conference and screenshots from the game itself. Although the pictures have a quality to them comparable with pre-rendered CG, I'm pretty sure that the characters and backgrounds were produced by the Dreamcast in real-time. I could be wrong though. More details and screens depicting gameplay will follow. For now though, we have 62 new pics of the game that you can check out by clicking here and going down to the Dreamcast section of the Pics page. - Zone Pharaoh 3:40 PM EST

Magic Knight Rayearth Review!
Seems like reader Enygma has been busy playing lots of RPGs since he's also sent a review of the recently released Magic Knight Rayearth. This is our third review of the game and although he didn't like it as much as the other 2 readers, he still found it to be a very good game that every Saturn owner should have. Click here to check out the review. - Rudo 3:30 PM EST

Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review!
Yep, another Zelda: Ocarina of Time review for you today, this time from Enygma who has submitted quite a few editorials to us before. Don't expect this review to contradict the others we currently have because he agrees with them completely. This game is phenomenal and in his opinion is responsible for saving the N64 in the end. It's a very well-written review and you can check it out by clicking here. - Rudo 3:30 PM EST

Shining Force III FAQ!
A LunarNET reader has graciously sent us a full sized zipped FAQ of Shining Force III that he created. Thanks to Hahn for the FAQ. It's nearly 2 megs zipped up(4.5 unzipped!), so if your having problems with Shining Force III check this FAQ out. This is for all three senario's, so it should be useful to importers as well. It's in our FAQs section. - GhaleonOne 3:00 PM EST
Friday December 18th, 1998

Weekly Poll Updated!
The Weekly Poll has been updated. There are two polls this week. The first is a poll about Zelda 64, the second is a poll on upcoming Dreamcast RPG titles. Click here to skip straight to the polls. - GhaleonOne 1:15 AM EST

MIDI Selector Update!
I put a few MIDIs into the MIDI selector from the last update on the Zelda series MIDI pack. Among the ones I added were "Market Theme", "House Theme", "Windmill Theme", "Kokiri Forest", and my personal favorite from the game, "Lost Woods". I really wanted to put up the "Malon Theme", because I loved the song, but the MIDI was not very good, so I will just wait for a better version to be created. I also put up two Illusion of Gaia MIDIs in the MIDI Selector. The two songs I added are two of my all favorite songs, "Resting" theme, and "Mother" theme. - GhaleonOne 12:50 AM EST

Zelda MIDIs!
I added numerous MIDIs to the Zelda series MIDI pack. Many came from the newest edition to the series, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Click here for the MIDIs page. - GhaleonOne 12:40 AM EST

Zelda 64 FAQ!
I have finally started the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time FAQ/walkthrough. The FAQ/Walkthrough covers the intro and Kokiri Forest village. I'll have screen shots and an update to the FAQ for the section of the Deku Tree sometime early next week. Click here for the Zelda 64 special. - GhaleonOne 12:30 AM EST
Thursday December 17th, 1998

Another Xenogears Review!
Seems like we're getting a whole lot of reviews lately. Here's another one for Xenogears written by Tortolia. It's a very well written review and just like our 2 LunarNET editors (Sensei Phoenix and EsquE), he really liked the game. Just goes to show you that LunarNET reviewers are always right (how do you like my attempt at making you guys react by sending contradictory reviews of games reviewed by our editors which you don't agree with? :P). Anyway, to see the Xenogears review, click right here. - Rudo 9:20 PM EST

Another Zelda Review!
We've got a second review of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, this time from a reader. With a rating of 99%, I don't have have to tell you that DragonmasterDan loved the game. You can check out the review by clicking here. - Rudo 9:15 PM EST

LunarNET Error!
Yes, it DOES happen once in a while that the editors of LunarNET make a mistake. It's tough to imagine but I did such a thing not too long ago :P. You see, I said that Alanna Evans was the first girl to review a game here on LunarNET and just the day before, I had posted a review by another girl called Niki-chan (talk about putting your foot in your mouth). Well, anyway, I apologize to Niki-chan for this error and for the fact that I called her a "he" on my update (I must have been sleeping when I did that update on Tuesday). For the record, Niki-chan is our first female reviewer so there you have it. - Rudo 9:00 PM EST
Wednesday December 16th, 1998

Another Magic Knight Rayearth Review!
We've got a second review of Magic Knight Rayearth tonight and this one is our first review made by a female reader. Alanna Evans is the one to thank for this review and it is a mighty fine one if you ask me. I certainly can't wait to get my own copy. It's really unbelievable that this game is 3 years old but still manages to impress the hell out of me graphically. You can't find a game more colorful than this one that's for sure. Click here to check out the review. - Rudo 10:15 PM EST
Tuesday December 15th, 1998

Star Ocean: Second Story Confirmed for US release!
It seems like Star Ocean: Second Story will make its way to America sometime in the next year (it takes a while for a game to walk all the way from Japan :P). This news should be pretty reliable since it comes from the "Official" Playstation Magazine. The game will be published by Sony. In the same issue, you can find a non-playable english demo of Legend of Lagaia (from the makers of Wild ARMs). This game will also be published by Sony most likely in Spring 1999 (don't quote me on that, this is only an educated guess on my part). - Rudo 11:35 PM EST

Magic Knight Rayearth Review!
Somebody sent a review of the recently released Magic Knight Rayearth for Saturn. Even though our reader didn't finish the entire game, she thought she played enough to justify doing a review. There is no law against people reviewing games they didn't completely finished but I'm sure Nick Rox from GameFan learned from that experience :P. In this case however, it is not that big of a deal however since MKR is an Action-RPG and you can't expect some incredible plot twists at the end which would change your opinion of the game (especially since the story is the same as the anime and if you've seen the anime, you already know the story). With that being said, I'd like to add that LunarNET and its staff always finish their games completely before reviewing them (sometimes even twice) so don't go telling people that we review games without completing them because this is a reader review and NOT an editor review :P. Anyway, click here to check out Niki-chan's review of Magic Knight Rayearth. I still can't believe this game is actually out there as we speak, I thought I would never see the day! I will continue to pretend that this game isn't released yet until one of you decides to send me a copy to prove me wrong (Hey! it's worth a shot) :). - Rudo 11:15 PM EST
Monday December 14th, 1998

Another Zelda 64 Editorial!
"Does Zelda: The Ocarina of Time live up to expectations?" That is the question that reader Parker Gray answers in his editorial. As he said himself in his e-mail, he expects a lot of people to disagree with him on this but this is a free country and everybody has the right to his own opinion and Parker's opinion is just as valid as anybody else's even though he might be in minority when it comes to Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Click here to read his editorial. - Rudo 10:25 PM EST

Another Xenogears Review!
We've got a second editor review of Xenogears, this time from EsquE. Both editors seem to agree that the game is one of the best RPG of the year and even one of the best RPG ever! Click here to check out EsquE's HUGE review of Xenogears. - Rudo 9:55 PM EST

2 Classic Snes Reviews!
We've got 2 reviews of old Snes games tonight courtesy of FF. I know that you'll make a weird face when you see the games he reviewed because these are weird games that not a lot of people have played but read the reviews and you'll be surprised to find that the games actually sound pretty cool. With emulators these days, those games can easily be played by anybody so it might be a thing to try them out just for fun. Anyway, the games reviewed are E.V.O from Enix and Sim Ant by Maxis. You can check out the review of E.V.O by clicking here and the Sim Ant review by clicking here. - Rudo 9:45 PM EST

PoPoRoGue preview!
We have a preview for the PoPoRoGue, a new playstation RPG set for import release this month. The most noteable thing about this game, is that it is the first to use a new technique to keep modded Playstations from playing the game. See what one of our newest editors, Jaime, had to say about the game by clicking here! - GhaleonOne 1:10 AM EST
Saturday December 12th, 1998

Magic Knight Rayearth!
As most of you know, Magic Knight Rayearth has finally been released. Most stores have copies already, and if they do not, check back on Monday. To go with this release of the game, Zone Pharaoh put up some new Magic Knight Rayearth artwork. You can click here for the artwork! - GhaleonOne 6:30 PM EST

New Zelda 64 Pics!
New pics for the fourth Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time commercial have been put up now. 31 new screen shots from the commercial were added. I should have pics of the Deku Tree dungeon sometime next week, and possibly the first section of the FAQ written soon. I'll scan the overworld map and post it sometime early next week as well. Click here for the pics. - GhaleonOne 2:00 AM EST

Final Fantasy V and VI News!
Final Fantasy VI was recently announced for the Japanese Playstation. This game had been long rumored to have a remake brought out on the 32-bit system, and now it will. Many sources are claiming that the game will have new CG intro and ending sequences! Also, the latest issue of Playstation Monthly revealed that Final Fantasy V's sought after translation may finally become a reality on the Playstation. Perhaps all the petitioning has done some good. Remember, Final Fantasy VI's US release has not been announced, so now would be a good time to sign those petitions for these classic remakes. We have a link to a petition on our petitions page for those wanting to sign it. - GhaleonOne 1:30 AM EST

More on Fat Frog!
It turns out, this game was listed on a large Japanese publication as being in their Top 100 US games list. We recieved two more screen shots, posted at it's pics page. To view these screen shots, click here. Kumkwait Soft's mailing address for more information is - GhaleonOne 1:20 AM EST
Friday December 11th, 1998

Illusion of Gaia MIDIs!
Three new Illusion of Gaia MIDIs have been put up. Two of them are personal favorites of mine. I'll put them in the MIDI Selector sometime tonight or tommorrow. You can click here for the MIDIs page. - GhaleonOne 6:50 PM EST

Fat Frog's Adventure!
This is a little known PC game titled Fat Frog's Adventure. We have screenshots of it here, and a sample zip of the game's soundtrack on the MIDI page! The game was released today, and you can find more information by Emailing Kumkwat Software. I know the guy that designed the soundtrack, and you could do yourself a favor by checking the MIDIs out on the MIDIs page. - GhaleonOne 6:15 PM EST
Thursday December 10th, 1998

LunarNET in EGM!
In the latest issue of EGM, LunarNET was featured in a subscribers-only section called "Gaming Sites Hot as Lava". LunarNET reader(and one of my long time friends), scanned the part of the page that had us listed. You can view it by clicking here. Tommorrow I will have another Xenogears review and possible some new Zelda 64 pics. Speaking of the Zelda 64 special. I'm nearly finished with the game, and once I finish it, I'll begin work on the HTML-based FAQ(with tons of screenshots to go with it). - GhaleonOne 11:55 PM EST

Magic Knight Rayearth?
There has been a lot of speculation about when Magic Knight Rayearth will be released. Our understanding is that it will be shipped on both Friday and Monday to retailers. It has been a long time coming, but the game is finally here. If you ask any long time Saturn fan about the game, they can tell you it's an awesome Action/RPG experience! So if you have a Sega Saturn, LunarNET's advice is that you should do yourself a favor and go out and get this game! - GhaleonOne 3:05 PM EST
Tuesday December 8th, 1998

2 More Editorial Response!
A few weeks ago, the editorials section would have probably been voted the worst section on the site because of the lack of editorials (only 5 editorials in the last 11 months). Now, this section is booming thanks to all our readers sending in some great editorials (10 in the last 15 days). I'd like to thank the LunarNET readers for getting involved in this and making the editorial section a success (finally). Now that this is out of the way, we've got 2 more editorials for you. Both are responses to the Saturn Editorial written by Synbios and are written by M. and Enygma (who have both written 2 editorials before). Both of them make excellent observations (like usual) and you should really check out their editorials by going to the editorial section. - Rudo 11:30 PM EST

LunarNET reviews Zelda64!
We have our first editor review of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time tonight. EsquE is the first one to review it and he even played through it twice before he reviewed it. We don't need to tell you that he absolutely loved it. I don't mean to blow our own horns here but everytime I read a review by EsquE (and the other editors), I'm amazed at the quality of the writing and the incredible depth of the review. This one is no exception as I think it might be one of his best review ever. Now, before anybody out there e-mails us to yell at us for not giving the game a bigger rating (we get that a lot), you must realize that Esque isn't particularly generous with his ratings and that this is the highest mark he's ever given a game here on LunarNET. Click here to check out the Zelda: The Ocarina of Time review. - Rudo 9:45 PM EST
Monday December 7th, 1998

Editorial: Saturn Death Response!
We've got yet another editorial tonight. This time, it's a response to Synbios's editorial called: "Was the Saturn Really Inferior?". Joseph's response his entitled: "The Real Death of the Saturn!". Click here to check out his editorial! - Rudo 11:30 PM EST

Grandia 2 Information!
Thanks to Feena(a friend of a few of us LunarNET editors ^_^) for translating GameArts homepage and what they had to say about news concerning the upcoming RPG for the DreamCast, Grandia 2:

    Dreamcast software "Grandia 2"
    Release date / Price : Not fixed yet.

    "Grandia 2" is now officially being worked on. The first pieces of information revealed were only screenshots of a battle and a village, but since it is now on the Dreamcast, Grandia's atmosphere will evolve.

    The story isn't the sequel to Grandia, it'll be a story in a whole new world. The characters are older ; the story, that is being finished, will have an atmosphere more mature than Grandia's.

    A major change in Grandia 2 is the characters' animation. In Grandia, it was 2D drawn animation, but now Grandia 2 goes with the Hardspeck improvement, the characters will be 3D polygons-animated. The characters, who are adults, will now be able to look as beautiful as backgrounds when rotated.

    Battle system
    It will be a continuation of Grandia's Ultimate Action Battle system. With the camera angle freedom of the Full polygon system, Grandia 2 will have much more impressive fights.

    World setting
    Since the storyline is being written, we can't tell you much about it. But judging from the village seen on the screenshot, you might think the atmosphere will be the one of a different epoch. Expect us to us preview the world setting's detailed cities and dungeons.

    The better disposition of light sources, the greater number of color, and the fog option are now possible thanks to the Dreamcast, making possible more lively graphics, a remarkable "quality up" compared to the Saturn version.
    The huge possibilities are encouraging us to manage to make a memorable work !

    Translated by

    Again, thanks go to Feena for this translation. Be sure to check out her homepage, Feena's Grandia Sanctuary for all sorts of assorted Grandia and Grandia 2 goodies. - GhaleonOne 12:30 AM EST
Sunday December 6th, 1998

Another Editorial!
Marlon Chen, also known simply as M. to some regular visitors, wrote his take on the current editorial debate of defining an RPG. You can view his editorial by clicking here! - GhaleonOne 11:30 PM EST

Suikoden 2 Preview!
Commodore Wheeler just finished his preview of Genso Suikoden 2 for Playstation. This will be a big game for PSX RPG fans and Commodore sheds a lot of light on what will surely be one of the top RPG of 1999. Go check it out by clicking here. - Rudo 9:45 PM EST
Saturday December 5th, 1998

Editorial: Was the Saturn really inferior?
We've got another editorial, this time from Synbios called: "Was the Saturn really inferior?". This editorial isn't exactly an in-depth summary of the specs of the systems but more of an overview of why the Saturn failed here in America. Click here to check out Synbios' editorial. - Rudo 9:45 PM EST

Editorial: Definition of RPG Response!
We have a response to Archmage's editorial called: "The Definition of an RPG!". The response comes from Chris and as much as Archmage made some good points in his editorial, I think I've been convinced by the response from Chris. There was a few points in Archmage's editorial that I didn't actually agree with but if you combine Archmage's definition of an RPG with the one from Chris, I think you have a pretty good definition of what an RPG is to most people. Click here to check out Chris's editorial on the subject. - Rudo 9:45 PM EST
Friday December 4th, 1998

Manga Max!
A new magazine called Manga Max made it's newsagent shelf debut in the UK this week, and through Titan Books should appear in America as well. As well as coverage of anime, manga and Hong Kong movie news, it also dedicates 6 pages to Japanese table-top RPGs (the kind that involves a group of friends instead of a console). Particular attention is given to Lodoss War and Neon Genesis Evangelion. In addition, Manga Max has printed a page of details on the fanzine Role Call, which as the name suggests is dedicated to RPGs, this time on console. - Zone Pharaoh 11:55 PM EST

Working Designs Press Release!
Working Designs sent a small press release about their recently redesigned website. Here is the press release:


This is Dave Zdyrko of Working Designs. We would like to announce to the world that our web site at has recently undergone a complete site re-design.

For fans of Working Designs, the web site contains:
All of the company's press releases
The most up to date release dates on our games
Cheat codes and tips for all of our games
A merchandise section that contains all of our promotional items for sale
A section dedicated to all of our contests (including a monthly fan art contest)
A section with AVI movies of promotional videos and animations from our games
A section with Windows Wallpaper and art for our games
A comprehensive search engine.

And for all RPG fans in general, we have a member-only Message Board that gives all RPG fans the ability to discuss our games and RPGs for all systems. Plus, we have just added a new section that is directed towards RPG Reviews for ALL gaming systems. This new section, titled "RPG Critic", currently features over 100 reviews written by Robert Schmitz (who is completely free to say anything about our games or others, as he is NOT an employee of Working Designs). It will soon feature reader reviews that have been submitted by visitors to the web site.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or give me a call at (530) 243-3417 ext. 113.


Dave Zdyrko
Working Designs

So, check out Working Designs recently redesigned website! Who knows, maybe LunarNET will submit some of our editors reviews for Working Designs newest section "RPG Critic". - GhaleonOne 11:45 PM EST

The Definition of an RPG!
We've received an editorial called: "The Definition of an RPG!" from one of our reader. In my opinion, this is a very interesting editorial and the author makes a lot of valid points and explains in detail the requirements that a game needs to be an RPG. Of course, not everybody will agree with his definition but it is very interesting to read because he gives examples of several games and breaks them down to find out if they really are RPGs or not. For example, according to his definition, Zelda isn't an RPG but an Adventure game. There's a lot of controversy around this as many people consider Zelda to be an RPG and a lot of people consider it an Adventure game. Read his editorial and see if you agree with him or not. If you don't, then go ahead and send in your OWN definition of an RPG and we'll post it as an editorial. Click here to check out Archmage's editorial. - Rudo 1:30 AM EST
Thursday December 3rd, 1998

Xenogears Review!
We finally have a Xenogears review! I know a lot of you have been wanting a review of this game, so here it is! This is our first review from Sensei Phoenix, one of our newest editors. Be sure to check it out by clicking here. - GhaleonOne 6:00 PM EST

Guardian's Crusade Pics and Artwork!
We just recieved some great new screenshots and artwork from Activision for their upcoming RPG, Guardian's Crusade. We reported with news on this game on Tuesday, so if you are interested in the storyline details and aspects of the game, scroll down a bit to Tuesday's updates. The screenshots and artwork can be found by clicking here! This game is due out on March 23rd, 1999. - GhaleonOne 2:00 AM EST
Wednesday December 2nd, 1998

Seventh Cross Pics!
You may have noticed that we still haven't put pictures of this Dreamcast RPG up yet. The reason is that none of the pictures available so far have been impressive enough to warrant a picture page. Things have changed now because I found some good looking pics of Seventh Cross on a japanese site and those pics actually make the game look pretty good. I guess NEC has put a little more effort on graphics since we heard that it was delayed and wouldn't be a launch title. With the number of different species that you can evolve as in the game, it could prove to be a pretty decent game after all. Click here to go see the pics. - Rudo 8:00 PM EST

Gulliver Boy Review!
We've got another review tonight from one of our new editor, Jaime. Jaime especially likes Strategy RPGs like the Langrisser series and such but will take a good traditional RPG any day also. Tonight, he gives us a review of Gulliver Boy for the import Saturn. Gulliver Boy is a traditional RPG in every aspect and although it ain't the best in this category, for the price that you can get it these days in import shop, it could be worth it if you're into Import games. For more info on this game, check out Jaime's review by clicking here. - Rudo 9:20 PM EST

Chrono Trigger Review!
FF continues to review the old Snes classic RPGs and tonight he gives us a review of Chrono Trigger. Many consider Chrono Trigger among the top 3 RPGs on Snes (or at the very least, the best graphically) and we sure hope that the rumors of Chrono Trigger 2 on Playstation are true. Click here to check out the review. - Rudo 8:00 PM EST
Tuesday December 1st, 1998

Suikoden 2 Info!
Genso Suikoden 2 will be released in Japan in 2 days (December 3rd) for the Playstation. For all of you importers, get ready to buy your copies of this long awaited sequel. Here is some more info on the game from Magic Box:

There will be many new facilities in the game, for example: Restaurants, they sell HP recovering meals here, and if you give them rare herbs, meats or fish, they can make new kinds of meals for you; you can grow your own vegetables, breed cattle in the the farmlands, and sell them off for money or make healing items; there will be new shopping streets in certain fixed locations, you can buy all your equipment, weapons and items there, without needing to look around.

Well, I certainly can't wait to play this game as most of us here on LunarNET loved the original Suikoden. Expect to see an import review of Genso Suikoden 2 from one of our editors about a month after the japanese release. - Rudo 11:45 PM EST

Release Dates Updated!
The release dates page has been updated to include Guardian's Crusade, and to take off already released games like Zelda 64 and XenoGears. Click here for the release dates. - GhaleonOne 10:20 PM EST

Grandia and Grandia 2 Pics!
Pics of soundtracks and book artwork covers from Grandia have been put up. I also added six new Grandia 2 screen shots, 4 of which we already had, but I put these up because of their high quality. Click here for the Grandia 2 pics and click here for the Grandia miscellaneous artwork. - GhaleonOne 10:10 PM EST

New Playstation RPG announced!
Guardian's Crusade is a new Japanese traditional RPG from Tamsoft and published by Activision for the Playstation targeted for both beginners and more experienced RPG players. The player controls a Knight and journeys to return a lost baby monster to its mother and save the world from absolute destruction. During this long and dangerous journey, all the communications between the Knight and the baby will affect how the baby develops and will ultimately determine your success or failure.

    Story Outline
    While returning from an adventure, a young Knight comes upon a lost baby monster. The Knight decides to return the baby to its mother, who lives on the other side of the world, in a place called God's Tower. Unbeknownst to the Knight, the baby's mother is the guardian of a legendary monster Xihan who possesses the power to destroy the world. Evil forces have conspired to destroy the guardian mother and unleash Xihan under their control. As the Knight, you must travel to God's Tower through monster-infested lands to stop the release of Xihan and the destruction of the world.

    About the Baby
    The baby has 6 hidden parameters all of which are affected by the way the Knight (player) comes into contact with the baby. Giving tasty snacks and praises will make the baby listen to the Knight's commands. But ignoring the baby or treating him badly will make the baby attack the Knight during fight sequences. The baby can perform 11 different actions and can transform into different beings depending on the situation at hand.

    Here are some other facts about the game:

    • Over 50 different items
    • Over 50 different weapons
    • Over 100 different types of armor
    • 71 spells (living toys)
    • Over 100 monsters featuring 155 different attacks
    • 21 bosses
    • 13 Cities and Villages, 2 Castles, 5 Towers, and 5 Dungeons
    • Average 40 hours of play
    This game is slated to be released on March 23rd 1999 for the Playstation. Expect to see some more coverage of this game with arts and pictures of the game in the future. Looks like we'll still be playing a whole lot of RPGs next year and I'm not going to complain about this. - Rudo 9:30 PM EST