News Archive: November 1998
Monday November 30th, 1998

Zelda 64 Artwork and MIDIs!
Two Zelda 64 MIDIs have been put up in the MIDIs page! I added one of them to the background music selector on top. I also added artwork to the Miscellaneous and Item/Enemy Artwork pages on the Zelda 64 Specials page. - GhaleonOne 12:20 AM EST
Sunday November 29th, 1998

Zelda Editorial Response!
One of our reader sent a response to the editorial called Zelda: The Ocarina of Time: Worst RPG of all time. I'm sure that most of you will agree with this response since everybody seems to LOVE Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (although many will disagree with him when he says that Zelda is NOT an RPG). I was expecting more reactions from people about this controversial reader editorial but only one of you answered back to the original editorial. Oh well, maybe some of you will respond to this response to argue the point that Zelda is not an RPG. Click here to check out Enygma's response. - Rudo 3:15 PM EST

More Zelda Pics!
GhaleonOne has put up more pictures of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time in the Zelda Special section. The new pics are for the Game Select and Intro and the first dungeon of the game: Kokiri Forest and the Deku Tree. Click here to go to the Zelda special. - Rudo 1:48 PM EST
Thanksgiving Thursday November 26th, 1998

Harvest Moon Review!
FF is back with another review of a Snes game. This time, the review is for the very weird RPG Harvest Moon. In this game, you actually play as a farmer and have to take care of your farm and cows. Sounds weird doesn't it? Well, actually, our friendly neighborhood FF actually liked this game so if you want to know why, go check his review out by clicking here. - Rudo 10:05 PM EST

New Zelda pics!
The first batch of pics for the Zelda 64 special have been put up. They are only from the starting title screen, but if anyone waited long enough, you would notice that there was a rotation of three different scenes. All three start off with Link and his horse, but after that it shows these three scenes: 1) Link fighting a few enemies in a dank dungeon, 2) Link meeting Shiek and finally, 3) Ganondorf! Enjoy these pics, more to come tommorrow. Also, LunarNET Staff wishes a happy turkey day to all our visitors, and unlike most sites, we'll update on Thanksgiving for you(however sparingly ^_^). So enjoy your holiday, folks! And those of you that have Zelda, enjoy that too! ^_^ Click here for the Zelda special! - GhaleonOne 12:05 AM EST

Reader written editorial!
A reader written editorial on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Most people won't agree with this editorial I'm sure(as I don't myself), but none the less, its an opinion of a LunarNET reader, so check it out here! Make sure to use our reader written submissions page for sending us editorials, reviews and previews. Hopefully this here editorial will spark more editorials from Zelda fans that want to speak their mind on this new game. - GhaleonOne 12:00 AM EST
Wednesday November 25th, 1998

Final Fantasy Reviews!
We've got 2 reviews for some classic Final Fantasy games on the Snes: Final Fantasy 2 and Final Fantasy 3. These reviews were made by FF who is one of our newest editor on the site. Look forward to seeing more work from him in the future and from the other new LunarNET staffers also. You can check out both reviews by going to the reviews page and going down to the Snes section near the bottom. With the new editors on board, this will allow us to start pumping up more reviews and pics from older classic Snes and Genesis RPGs. - Rudo 10:00 PM EST

Zelda chat postponed!
We postponed the Zelda chat that should have started right now back an hour. It will begin in one hour(from the time of this writing of course), at 9 EST instead of the originally planned 8 EST. Click here for the chat, I'll be in there for the next hour probably, but I'll be playing Zelda of course, so if I don't respond immediately, you'll know why. - GhaleonOne 8:00 PM EST

More Zelda first impressions!
We have two new first impressions for Zelda 64! One from a LunarNET visitor, and the other from Esque, one of our editors! Click here for the Zelda Special. - GhaleonOne 4:45 PM EST

Pokémon Review!
A reader written Pokémon review has been put up. Thanks to Ruby for this review. Click here for the review! - GhaleonOne 4:35 PM EST
Tuesday November 24th, 1998

Zelda First Impressions!
I put up Zelda First Impressions have been put up. We only have two so far. But you can send your The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time first impressions to us at to have posted. Tommorrow I'll start the huge coverage of the game, with pics of the intro and of the first city. I'll try and start the walkthrough as well, so make sure to check back tommorrow for more Zelda coverage! Click here for the Zelda first impressions! Also, I'll post a reminder about the Zelda chat tommorrow. - GhaleonOne 10:10 PM EST

Lunar: SSS delayed and Lunar 2 hints!
Although this is certainly disapointing news for everybody anxiously awaiting this awesome game, it is not a surprise to anybody who knows Working Designs and their history of delays. In any case, here is what Working Designs says in their letters section about Lunar's release and about a Playstation version of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue :

We're still missing a few critical tools for LUNAR: Silver Star Story's code, and we're not done with recording yet, so it looks like a early/mid 1st Quarter '99 is more likely. Don't worry, we will NOT rush LUNAR just to get it out by a certain date. It's not the way that we do things here at WD, much to the chagrin of impatient and accounting types.

With regard to LUNAR: Eternal Blue on the PlayStation, let me give this hint once again, "We have yet to officially announce LUNAR: Eternal Blue for release in the U.S., but the chances are VERY good that it will be one of our 1999 PlayStation titles."

Rudo 4:30 PM EST

Zelda is OUT!
This is just a quick reminder to all that Zelda: The Ocarina of Time has been released and is arguably one of the best game of this decade. So if you haven't already, go buy it or if you don't have an N64, just do like me and swear at Nintendo for putting such a great game on a system that you don't want to own. Also, don't forget about our Zelda chat which will take place tomorrow night in our chat room right here! - Rudo 4:00 PM EST
Sunday November 22nd, 1998

Zelda series Editorial!
I wrote a brief history of the Zelda series, along with a overview of the past storylines. This editorial can be viewed by clicking here! - GhaleonOne 10:55 PM EST

Zelda Interview!
We found an interview with Dan Owsen, the translator for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He also translated The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Click here for the interview! - GhaleonOne 10:45 PM EST
Saturday November 21st, 1998

Zelda Released in Japan!
Today, The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time was released in Japan! IGN64 has a pic of the box art, and I must say, I'm impressed. Why can't American developers(save Working Designs and a few others) put time into their packaging like that? American gamers should expect this game any day now to hit store shelves. Some already had their copies in, and I've heard alot of complaining by some people that most of these stores are not letting people who preordered the game have it until the actual release date. My Toy's R Us copy said they will probably get it late Monday night, so if you don't see any updates Monday night from me, you'll know why. ^_^ Also, as mentioned before, a chat about the game will be held on Wednesday at 8 EST. All who are interested about the game, want to share the secrets they've found, or just want to talk Zelda, then come! - GhaleonOne 11:55 PM EST

Shining Force 3: Scenario 3 Review!
We've got our first review of Shining Force 3: Scenario 3 tonight thanks to E-Chan. Just thinking about this game makes me incredibly angry because I know I'll never get a chance to play this game in english and as a Shining Force fan, this is hard to digest. Anyway, if you're into importing, you should really get this game to finish the entire scenario or get the 1st and 2nd scenario if you haven't already. Click here to check out the review. - Rudo 8:10 PM EST
Friday November 20th, 1998

Big MIDI Update!
I put up 2 Pokeman MIDIs and 25 new Zelda MIDIs for the MIDI's page. A few of them, including the ending themes, and the triforce theme from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and the first ever Zelda 64 MIDI, from the Japanese commercial were put in the background music selector. - GhaleonOne 4:10 PM EST

Vandal Hearts Review!
Commodore Wheeler sent another of his great reviews! This time, he reviewed Konami's strategy RPG, Vandalhearts. To view the reviews, click here! Later today, I'll have some more Zelda stuff, among other things. - GhaleonOne 3:30 PM EST

Zelda release date pushed up?!
This news comes from VideoGameSpot. Supposedly, there are a few stores that will get copies of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time TOMORROW. While, most likely, everyone will receive their copies on Monday or Tuesday, you'd be smart if you called up wherever you preordered from and ask on Saturday to make sure. Zelda's official in-store release date is still November 24th and Nintendo's anticipated shipping date is still the 23rd. A Toy's R Us clerk confirmed these dates for me last night, so they are the most current. - GhaleonOne 1:00 PM EST

Zelda 64 Commercial 3!
The last commercial pics for Zelda 64 have been put up. Tomorrow I will have 2 reviews (one for Vandal Hearts and the other for Pokemon), Zelda MIDIs, 2 new petitions and a new webring. Also, the multiboard will be brought back tomorrow! Click here for the pics! - GhaleonOne 1:45 AM EST
Thursday November 19th, 1998

More Zelda 64 updates!
Commercial #2 pictures have been uploaded and put up. There are a total of 50 from the commercial. The pictures show a few different area's in the game including: Link getting the master sword, Zelda being kidnapped from Hyrule Castle, the Deku Tree, a weird fire breathing fish thing in a lake of lava or something, and numerous monsters. Also, I fixed the link for the action figure sets. Click here for the Zelda coverage. - GhaleonOne 11:30 PM EST

The Zelda 64 Special Coverage begins!
For two hours I have been setting up this new section to host our comprehensive coverage of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. Tonight, I put up a whole slew of stuff. First, I have 32 pictures from the first Zelda 64 commercial, with pics from the other two commercials coming tommorrow sometime. Secondly, there is loads of artwork, packaging pictures of the gold cartridge and box art, and action figure pictures. When the game is released, I will write a partial FAQ/Walkthrough for it (which I beleive will be the first ever LunarNET-written FAQ or walkthrough). Of course, this is no ordinary text file based walkthrough. This walkthrough will be HTML based with TONS of screen shots from the game to accompany it. If you remember the coverage we gave Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Remix a few months ago, you'll love the Zelda: TooT coverage. Also, LunarNET will host a Zelda chat on Wednesday November 25th at 8 EST. We would have had the chat on Monday, when Electronics Boutique preorders are slated to be released, but since a lot of stores will not be getting copies until Tuesday and Wednesday, we thought we should try and include everyone by having the chat on Wednesday. I preordered mine from Toy's R Us and they aren't expecting the game until the 24th (Tuesday), and I checked Best Buy's date, and they won't even receive it till Wednesday the 25th, and of course, Electronics Boutique with their release date of the 23rd. I'm not certain on other stores such as Software Etc, or Babbages, though. Anyways, click here for the huge coverage of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. As you may have noticed, the Top 10 and Monthly Features sections were just taken off the button bar. The Top 10 was lacking updates due to how long it took to update it, and also due to the fact that we didn't receive enough votes to even warrant keeping the section. And the monthly specials did not totally disappear, but there would be no possible way for LunarNET to keep up with the extensive coverage on a monthly basis that we gave Lunar 2 and plan to give Zelda. You can now find both the new Zelda and Lunar 2 features in the Special Features section! - GhaleonOne 2:20 AM EST
Wednesday November 18th, 1998

New Lunar SSS Packaging Pic!
Working Designs put up a new pic of the packaging of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. I added it to our collection of Lunar SSS packaging pics. Click here for the pictures! - GhaleonOne 11:45 PM EST

Grandia Editor Review!
A new review has been added for the great Saturn game Grandia. It has been written by me! Hence my updating this page. *takes a bow* To check it out, click here. Thanks to Simon of Role Call fanzine for chatting to me about the game at AyaCon last month. - Zone Pharaoh 11:30 AM EST

Zelda 64 first impressions!
I was about to go to sleep a few seconds ago, until I checked LunarNETs EMail and found this nice first impression of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! Here it is, unaltered:

"Just wanted to tell you that I recieved today my copy of Zelda: TOoT Can I say WOW!! heheheh . This is a small review you can post or something... Today at Electronics Boutique, Managers of all stores received their very own copy of Zelda (no, it is not Zelda 64), I already started playing it... it has some voice like "Hello", "Hey" , "Listen", the animation for Link's sword moves is WOW... and the "Z" button targeting is awesome. What can I say, finally a N64 with great sound!!!

The beginning of the game where you put in your name and select your file has the same music of the SNES Zelda.. it has options, Brightness, "Z" Targeting, and Stereo, Mono, Headphone, and even SURROUND-SOUND (Da-dum)! How the shield and sword work is awesome too.. you press "R" to defend with the shield the sword movements are like Soul Blade and he is verbal when he swings his sword! Another cool thing is how he jumps well if there is a gap like within the Deky Tree when you walk up to the egde, the game will jump for you... face and run toward a steping stone at the begining of the game and it jumps for you.. you can also jump into the water and even dive.

The music always quickly changes when an enemy is near... and then when either out of range or defeated, it fades back to the regular dungeon music!!! The "Z' locking lets you do jump atttacks, talk to people from a distance, focus on enemies, jump side to side, back flip and roll attack. Your fairy talks a lot and sometimes hides in your clothing ormingles with another person fairy. The people guarding the Deku Tree and in the outside village are rude and your first task is to seek out a Sword (which is hidden on the outshirts of town and the game says your borrowing it for now) and then a shield for 40 rubbees, which you have to get but going through grass, slashing plants, pick up stones and smashing them and so on.. I could on and on.. but I think you get the drift. I have it and love it and it is the best game ever 10/10...

I hope this is a good review for you..
~Derrick White"

There you go. First impressions from an Electronics Boutique manager. Thanks go to Derrick White! -
GhaleonOne 2:15 AM EST

LunarNET's Zelda 64 coverage!
If anyone remembers the huge coverage we gave Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Remix, you'll like the coverage for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I have my game on preorder, and will receive it next Tuesday. I had planned on having a huge Zelda 64 chat session on Tuesday, but since some stores will not get copies until Wednesday, we'll have a chat session on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, at 8 EST to discuss the latest installment in the Zelda series! Also, we are doing away with the monthly special because of the sheer amount of work it takes. This does not mean we won't cover games like we did Lunar2 EBR (which still needs to be finished), but we just won't call it a monthly special anymore. We'll move the Lunar EB Remix special into the special features section tommorrow and begin a special feature for Zelda 64 (I already have some good stuff ready to put up sometime tommorrow, or possibly Thursday). So, check back all throughout the next few weeks for large amounts of Zelda 64 coverage. Also, the updater script is nearly ready to go. On Thursday we'll most likely implement it into the design of LunarNET. It won't change much of the look, but it will allow us editors to update quite a bit more often. So starting Thursday or so, you can expect more updates, from more editors. Also, LunarNET has gotten ahold of some new editors! We'll post more on that later. - GhaleonOne 1:30 AM EST

Chrono Trigger 2?!
This news comes from VideoGameSpot. They are stating Chrono Trigger 2 to be in very early development stages, and supposedly, Square is pondering whether they want to release it on Playstation or Playstation 2. - GhaleonOne 1:20 AM EST

Final Fantasy Info!
The Japanese release date for Final Fantasy VIII has been pushed back to mid-February of 1999. Sorry importers. Secondly, there are rumors flying on numerous sites, such as Magic Box, RPGamer, IGN PSX, and VideoGameSpot that Final Fantasy IX will be released on 9/9/1999 in Japan. While a lot of people have read a lot into this, this sounds very much like a rumor that Webber had posted in our news section WAY back in April. It stated the 9/9/99 date, but also said that FFVIII and FFIX would be linked in storyline. Basically what I'm saying is, it's still rumor and could easily be false. But then again, wouldn't it be nice to get two Final Fantasy's (at least for import, that is), in the same year? - GhaleonOne 1:10 AM EST
Tuesday November 17th, 1998

Saturn Suikoden Review!
E-Chan has a review of the Saturn version of Genso Suikoden for you tonight. This game has been a very popular RPG amongst Playstation owners and Saturn owners finally have a chance to see why if they don't mind playing it in Japanese. Genso Suikoden is a game which puts more emphasis on storyline, gameplay and music than flashy graphics or cut-scenes. It's old school RPG at its best and a must buy for any traditional RPG fans out there. Click here to check out E-Chan's review. - Rudo 10:30 PM EST
Monday November 16th, 1998

Zelda 64 breaks records already!!
Word has it that Zelda: The Ocarina of Time has already reached 325,000 preorders in America. WOW!!! I can safely say that this game will break the record for most games sold in the first week of release. I guess the LunarNET editors aren't the only ones who can't wait for this game to come out :P. Well, the wait is over soon so bear with it for a little while and in a little over a week, you'll be playing this game instead of going on the internet and checking LunarNET (HOW DARE YOU!!!). Oh well, I guess we can't compete with Miyamoto's masterpiece now can we? - Rudo 11:59 PM EST

Ultimate Langrisser Collection!
NCS/Masaya has announced that they will release a special collector's edition of Langrisser for Saturn containing Langrisser 1 through 5!! This is awesome news for all the Langrisser fans out there and for people who never played them cause this gives them a chance to get ALL the Langrisser games in one package. If that wasn't enough, NCS is also including an Original Artwork CD with the game. Now that's one hell of a collection if you ask me. Langrisser Tribute will be released for the Sega Saturn in Japan on December 23rd. - Rudo 11:00 PM EST Source: Magic Box
Saturday November 14th, 1998

Lunar Artwork!
Zone Pharoah went and uploaded some new Lunar artwork! One new picture has been added to the Game Arts Artwork page. Also, ZP uploaded a new section called 'Lunar Manga: Vane...'. Click here for the 'Lunar Manga: Vane...' pics! - GhaleonOne/Zone Pharaoh 6:30 PM EST

Big Zelda Update!
A good sized amount of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time screen shots were put up. Click here for the Zelda 64 pics. I also put up a HUGE icon set for The Legend of Zelda and The Legend of Zelda: The Adventure of Link. At least 60 small icons for most of the sprites from these two NES classics were put up. Click here for the Zelda 1 icons and here for the Zelda 2 icons. Also note, I have new Zelda MIDI to put up later tonight or tommorrow, and one will certainly interest most of you. The very first Zelda 64 MIDI! Ok, so it isn't from the game itself, it's the Japanese commercial. But still, it's a Zelda 64 MIDI nonetheless. - GhaleonOne 6:15 PM EST

Story of Mars Pics!
Seven pictures for Story of Mars have been put up. I believe Story of Mars is brought to you by the same team that brought import gamers the famous Sakura Taisen/Wars series. Click here for the pics! - GhaleonOne/Webber 6:05 PM EST

LunarNET Changes!
We have been working most of the night (the reason for the lack of Story of Mars and Zelda 64 pics that I promised) on some changes to LunarNET. Nothing major, just enough to make us look a little bit more professional, and to cut down on loading time a bit (since that seems to be the biggest complaint about the site). We have gotten some great suggestions, some of which we'll be using (and even some which have already been implemented, no fading crap on the intro page any more, and the star background on this page is no longer static as you can tell). Next week we'll add more finishing touches, and our automatic updater script which I've been working on (for an eternity it seems ;P) is now complete. That means you can expect MORE updates, and updates from editors that normally never updated! Check back tomorrow for those pics I promised! - GhaleonOne 1:50 AM EST

MKR in Manufacture!
Working Designs announced today that Magic Knight Rayearth has been approved by SEGA of America, and is now heading to manufacture! They EXPECT a release before Christmas...or as they put it "2-6 weeks" from now. Hopefully we'll all have a nice new game to finally lay our Sega Saturn's to rest this Christmas. Also, to note, Victor Ireland, president of Working Designs, has stated on Working Designs' message board that some announcements concerning new games would probably be made shortly after the release of Magic Knight Rayearth! Hopefully, we'll find out more soon. Could either Grandia or Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Remix be part of the announcements? We know there is a Playstation Spring 99 Import release of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Remix planned. As for Grandia, that's still up in the air. It seems we'll all just have to wait and see. - GhaleonOne 1:45 AM EST
Friday November 13th, 1998

Shining Force 3 Premium Disc Info!
This was posted by Sega of Japan concerning the Shining Force III Premium Disc offer in Japan:

<Campaign Period > From release of "Shining Force III Scenario 3"(9/23) to 11/30. (11/30 Postmark Valid)

<Applications > Prize is given to all applicants who collect all three triangle marks included in the SW instruction manual of Scenario 1 to 3 during the period above. Paste all three triangle marks on a postcard and note your address, name in full, age, occupation and phone number and send to the following. Shipping of the Premier Discs will be made after December 98.

Zip code 144-8691 Tokyo Kamata Post Office PO box#35
Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
"Shining Force III" Premier Disc Present

Inquiries: Sega Enterprises, Ltd. Customer Service
Tel 0120-012-235 (toll free)

Thanks to Rapier D'wit for this news. Remember, this comes from a Sega of Japan's website, so you would be smart to contact them before sending the items to them. -
GhaleonOne 6:10 PM EST

Zelda 64...perfect?!
I've already seen this story on bothVideo Game Spot and Gaming Age and since I got some of the info for this news update from both, I credited them both. The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time was given the very first perfect score by the large Japanese based gaming publication known as Famitsu. They gave it 4 perfect 10's. The second best score was three 10s and a nine, given to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past way back in 1992. Congrats to Nintendo, with this awesome upcoming game! I'm certainly looking forward to it, as is alot of the staff at LunarNET. We shall have big coverage of the game when it becomes available in a little over a week. Later today, I'll have some new Zelda 64 screenshots for our visitors, as well as more info on the Shining Force III Premium Disc ,pics of Story of Mars and more! - GhaleonOne 1:10 PM EST
Thursday November 12th, 1998

Brave Fencer Musashi Review!
We've got a review of Brave Fencer Musashi just in time for its release (okay, so we're a few days late but we're still in the same week so...). Many people have labeled this game as the main competitor to Nintendo's Zelda 64 but even though it is a very good game, it does not come close to the almighty Zelda. Of course, this is all a matter of opinion but most people seem to give the edge to Zelda (actually, more than just an edge :-P). However, Brave Fencer Musashi is a very good Action RPG and if you own a Playstation, you can't really go wrong with this game. Click here to check out Commodore Wheeler's review. - Rudo 11:55 PM EST

New Weekly Poll!
I updated the weekly poll to reflect some of what Rudo stated yesterday about the future of LunarNET. This poll is, for the most part, to help us get a feel as to whether you think we should redesign the site. I've gotten some feedback in the LunarNET Webmaster address, and found a lot of people thought our loading time takes too long. Well, this is your chance to vote on that. I actually did more than one poll though. The first is a simple 1-10 poll on what you think of the design/look. The second, is to get some general ideas on improving, and the third is just a simple gaming question about the upcoming Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. - GhaleonOne 2:10 AM EST
Wednesday November 11th, 1998
Zelda 64, The Best Game Ever?
Just thought I'd let everyone know that the latest issue of Next Generation Magazine is on newstands, and they've now annointed Zelda 64 the greatest game of all time. To quote them "the best game ever designed", hehe. I suppose it's impossible to review a game like that without getting overly excited about it. However, we like to be a little more reserved here, you've got to look at the big picture when making those kind of statements. But kudos to NG for a very thorough review, definately a must read issue.-Webber 10:55 PM EST
New DC Info!
First, Sega has revised it's rules for third parties as far as developing PC versions of DC titles. They are now requiring that the PC version of any game also developed for DC be released 6 months later.

Rumor: Sega has a secret DC title, which will be revealed following the system's launch. It may be a continuation of a major game series.-Webber 10:50 PM EST

New Evolution Info!
New info has come to light concerning Sting's first DC game Evolution, an RPG. First, the game's story will feature five characters, Mark, Lilia, Charlie, Goolie, and Bebar. The game world is a mix of machines and magic. Evolution was revealed to feature a randomn dungeon generator, similar to Konami's Other Life: Azure Dreams. However, the dungeon generator in Evolution will be far more advanced. It will make use of DC's realtime clock when generating dungeons. Meaning, that the time of day will have an effect on the dungeons created, and the items found within. One might ponder that gamers may even have to plan on playing the game at certains times, to gain certain items, or to complete certain parts of the story. Very exciting possiblties indeed, can't wait to play this one.-Webber 10:40 PM EST Source:Magic Box
Brave Fencer Musashi Released!
There was one real significant release today, Square's Brave Fencer Musashi for the Playstation. We'll have a review up in the next few days courtesy of CW.-Webber 10:30 PM EST
Updates, Movies and LunarNET's future!
Okay, this is an update to let everybody know about what's going on at LunarNET lately. A lot has happened and because of that, updates have suffered and our hit rate has suffered.

Okay, first of all I just got a new computer and I'm in the process of setting everything up the way I want it and making sure eveything works fine. I also have a list of tons of things that I've been putting off for a long time but now I need to get these things done so I can finally come back to updating LunarNET full time (besides my full-time job). On top of this, GhaleonOne has a lot of courses on Mondays and Tuesdays which makes it near impossible for him to update. So basically, what I'm trying to say is that the site won't be updated as much in the next couple weeks (but we'll still be updating so don't go away).

On another note, GhaleonOne is currently working on making a CGI script which will allow us to update the site through a form without having to change the HTML code every time. If succesful, this will allow more editors to update on the site (those who don't know HTML).

And of course, since everything was going fine for LunarNET a few weeks ago, something bad had to happen. Basically, we learned that our main server lied when they told us we had unlimited space so we had to find a new server. If that wasn't enough, the Simplenet account that we had (where we stored all of our movies) was cancelled because an asshole hacked into the Simplenet account and put up a Warez site full of illegal software and games (about 15 gigs worth). Simplenet learned about it and cancelled our account. Even though it wasn't our fault that somebody was able to hack the server and get in, Simplenet doesn't give a damn and instead they are blaming us for everything and they keep saying that it is IMPOSSIBLE that somebody hacked their server (yeah right!!) and that we probably gave our password to them. I just want to kill the fucking bastards at Simplenet (sorry for the profanity). Anyway, because of that, we have lost all of our movies. We still have most of them stored on our hard drives but we don't have a server to put them on (our main account has limited space). We would need approximately 1 gig of space for the movies. Anyway, all this to say that basically our movies are down and you can't downlead them.

Here's another point that I want to make about the site. Since May, LunarNET has been growing exponentially getting more and more hits every month. For the first time in LunarNET's history however, we are going down at the moment and it makes it more difficult to be motivated. If it continues like this, LunarNET will be going down instead of up for the month of November in terms of number of visitors and hits. Because of that, I'm starting to think that LunarNET has reached its peak and that to continue to grow, we'll have to make some changes. In the next few weeks, I'll be pondering ideas and thinking of ways that we can change the site in order to get back all the readers that we've lost in the last couple weeks. I urge everybody who visits LunarNET to e-mail us and give us ideas and feedback so that we know what we have to change, what we have to keep and what we need to add to the site to continue to grow. We are starting to consider changing the name of LunarNET to a more significative name, adding a lot more staff and a whole lot of other things but we need your input if we are to start making changes so that we know what people want.

Okay, I know that was long but I thought it would be good to let eveybody know what's going on instead of just saying: "We'll have less updates for a while" and leaving it at that. There MAY of may NOT be any changes made to the site but we will be considering everything in the next couple weeks so that we know where we're heading. - Rudo 9:45 AM EST
Monday November 9th, 1998
Snatcher/Policenauts Petition for Playstation!
For those of you who never heard of Snatcher or Policenauts, I only have one thing to say to you: "If you want to have one of the best gaming experience of your life, sign this petition because these 2 games will blow you away". The petition can be found by going to this page right here or on our petitions page. The genius behind the petition is Adam Laatz and if you need more convincing to sign the petition, continue to read this.

First of all, I've yet to see one single individual who played Snatcher say that they didn't like it. Not only that but almost everybody who played it became big fans of the game. This game is pure Konami. Tons of reference to classic Konami games, incredible humor, a story that puts Metal Gear Solid to shame (MGS is great but Snatcher is just in a class of its own), great music and probably the best voices ever heard in a videogame. Releasing Snatcher for Playstation would be a breeze for Konami because the translation is completely done (since it was released in America on the Sega CD) and the voice acting is also completely done. All that Konami needs to do is put the text and voices into the japanese version of Playstation Snatcher and that's it. This is the best time for this game because it follows the huge success of Metal Gear Solid which was directed by Hideo Kojima (the director of Snatcher and Policenauts) so Konami could easily use that as marketing for the games.

Another thing to point out is that Policenauts is also almost entirely translated if my sources are correct because the game was slated to be released for Saturn in America before it was canned at the last minute (for reasons which I will not explain because I'd be talking for hours). In any respect, if you love videogames, you just have to sign this petition because Konami needs to know that people want these games and you won't regret signing it when you get a chance to actually play the games. - Rudo 9:30 PM EST
Official Zelda 64 Website!
Nintendo officially put up websites for The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and F-Zero X. LunarNET plans to fully cover The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time when it is released. Until then, it would be wise for Zelda fans to check out, the official website put up by Nintendo of America. It has screen shots (updated weekly), tons of first impressions from different media sources, info on purchasing Zelda, and of course storyline information. For those that were interested in the F-Zero X website, it's at - GhaleonOne 5:00 PM EST
The History of Final Fantasy! recently published a big article titled "The History of Final Fantasy". It was written by Andrew Vestal, famed from the old SquareNet website. Click here to go to the article. - GhaleonOne 5:00 PM EST
Sunday November 8th, 1998
Lunar Animated GIFs!
I put up some animated GIFs of Lunar Silver Star Story characters. These animated GIFs are the same ones on Working Designs homepage, just to give credit where credit is due. Also, we want to apologize for the lack of updates on the homepage the past week. We've been working on parts of the site that you may not notice right now. But starting this week, the updates will pick back up. Click here for the Lunar SSS GIFs. - GhaleonOne 11:40 PM EST
Saturday November 7th, 1998
Shining Force III Premium Disc!
Thanks to Dragonmaster Dan for the lead to this story, as we've reported on it before. The following comes from National Console Support:

Many requests from customers who wish to receive the Shining Force III Premium disc from Sega. This premium disc is a free offer from Sega in Japan to customers who have purchased all three scenarios of Shining Force III. However, this offer is only open to individuals living in Japan and not at all to companies or distribution houses such as National Console. NCS can however source a very small number of Premium Discs for our customers. What you will have to do is cut out the three triangular coupons from the three SF3 manuals and mail them to NCS. The stipulations are that you must have purchased all three volumes from our company and a postage and handling fee of US$20 be remitted with your coupons to complete delivery from Japan to your address in the United States. Since we will not be able to accept every request, the only fair way to handle this is a random drawing. E-mail our company today with your request if you wish to receive the premium and we will randomly select from the list of e-mails tomorrow morning. You will be contacted by return mail, along with instructions, if your request has been accepted.

There you have it. The only chance for American gamers wanting a copy of the Shining Force III Premium disc. Feel free to discuss it on our Shining Force Message Board. Also, feel free to browse the pics for the premium disc by clicking here! - GhaleonOne 12:35 AM EST
Final Fantasy VIII delayed!
Final Fantasy VIII has apparently been pushed back to January of 1999 instead of December 1998 for an import release. This news comes from import internet store National Console Support. - GhaleonOne 12:30 AM EST
Friday November 6th, 1998
Dreamcast sent to retailers!
This news comes from 5000 Dreamcast demo systems were sent to Japanese retailers with demo's of Sonic Adventure! - GhaleonOne 12:30 AM EST
Recent RPG releases!
Recently released for the Playstation, Falcom Classics II and The Legala. And for the PC: Fallout II. - GhaleonOne 12:10 AM EST
Project Berkley!
We've reported this as rumor before. But now, its confirmed that Virtua Fighter 3: Team Battle will contain a demo disk of Project Berkley aka Virtua Fighter RPG. - Ghaleonone 12:00 AM EST
Thursday November 5th, 1998
Final Fantasy for the Playstation 2?!
There is rumor that Square has started working on a new Final Fantasy game....for the Playstation 2! This game is not going to be part of the original Final Fantasy series either, whatever that might mean! Remember, this IS rumor only. - Ghaleonone 11:55 PM EST Source: Magic Box
Wednesday November 4th, 1998
Dragon Quest 5 Pics!
The pics for tonight are for Dragon Quest 5. Dragon Quest 5 was the first Dragon Quest released on the Snes and the graphics are similar to Final Fantasy IV. Seems to be a first-generation 16-bit RPG. I don't have many pics for this one though but still enough to give an idea of what the game looks like. Go check the pics by clicking here. - Rudo 9:30 PM EST
RPG of 1998 Editorial!
We've got a great reader-written editorial tonight. The editorial is called: "RPG of 1998!" and it is a very long and interesting editorial. You need to check it out because I'm sure that this will ignite debates over what the best RPG of 1998 is. Like Enygma says in his editorial, it's been a long time since we got competition for this category and it sure is nice to be able to compare all those RPGs and trying to come up with a winner. Read his editorial and see if you agree or disagree with him and answer with your own editorial on the matter if you want. In his opinion, the 2 top RPGs this year are Xenogears and Lunar: Silver Star Story. In his editorial, he then makes a thorough comparison of the 2 games in every category. It really is good stuff. Check out the editorial by clicking here. - Rudo 9:00 PM EST
Zelda 64 promo's end?!
Webber sent me an EMail this morning with a few news updates for you. I'll post the most important first. Retailers have stopped the Zelda gold cart promotion due to overwhelming demand. Hopefully they'll recontinue it somewhere down the line, but I'm doubting it. I know I'm going to preorder ASAP tommorrow....although its still disappointing for those of us who were going to preorder the game in the upcoming weeks and now won't be recieving a gold cartridge. - GhaleonOne 7:10 PM EST
Minor MKR delay!

This has been posted all over usenet and different message boards, but since WD made it official on their website, I figured I would report it. This was posted about the release date of MKR by Working Designs today:

"Magic Knight Rayearth is still in the final approval process, but should be going to manufacture soon. According to Sega of America, the disc turnaround time with JVC will be between 6-8 weeks because JVC no longer has capacity reserved for Saturn games because of its current market status. This is instead of the normal 3-5 days that it would normally take to manufacture Saturn CDs. We are hoping for a November 30th release date for this title. "

Also note, for fans of the Spaz label, Thunderforce V is being released November 12th. Next up for WD, LUNAR SSS Complete! - GhaleonOne 6:00 PM EST

Tuesday November 3rd, 1998
Dragon Quest 3 Remake Pics!
The pics for tonight are for the remake of Dragon Quest 3 on the Snes. This remake was made (I think) after Dragon Quest 5 on the Snes. The graphics sure look like a last generation Snes game and not a first generation game. It sure is years ahead of the original Dragon Quest 3 on the Nes. Go check the pics by clicking here. - Rudo 10:45 PM EST
Zelda Promotions!
I am tired tonight so I will shamelessly copy an update from another site here without changing it. I don't usually do this but I don't feel like updating tonight so hopefully they won't be too mad about it. To make up for it, I'll give a link back to their site. The story was taken as is from Gaming Age which is without a doubt one of the best (if not THE best) multiplatform web site out there. Go check them out if you haven't already (I'm sure everybody already knows them). Anyway, as for the story itself, here is a list of promotions that stores are having for Zelda: The Ocarina of Time:

Best Buy

If you go to Best Buy sometime between now and November 7th you can pick up a deposit slip for Zelda. By paying $10 down you'll reserve your copy and receive the golden cartridge upon release. In addition, you'll get an N64 game carrying case with the Zelda emblem on the front. It holds up to 4 games and is perfect for storing videogame magazines or strategy guides.

EB World

This promotion has been going on for some time now, but for those of you who missed out on the details, here's what you get. By ordering Zelda sometime before November 23 you will receive the golden cartridge, a Zelda T-Shirt, a map/poster, and some Zelda character tatoos. Lots of extra goodies for those willing to order from EB World.

Nintendo Power this one doesn't have anything to do with the Zelda game, but it's a cool deal anyway. If you subscribe to Nintendo Power before Christmas you can receive a Zelda soundtrack absolutely free (a $10 value). A collector's item by any means. If you do take advantage of this deal and order by phone, be sure to ask about the free CD. Chances are they won't just offer'll have to speak up.


Well, I guess just reserving the game at Sears wasn't good enough. However, if you're going to be buying an N64 anytime soon, you might want to walk on over to the "Funtronics" (who comes up with these names?) section to make your purchase. For a limited time Sears will be throwing in a Zelda watch for free.


Venture into a nearby Target store and you'll be able to throw down $10 and nab yourself a cool Zelda action figure! Even better, that $10 is good toward Zelda, so essentially you get the action figure for free. Not a bad deal.

Once again, a big thanks to Gaming Age for this information and again sorry for the shameless copying (it won't happen again). - Rudo 10:15 PM EST

Monday November 2nd, 1998
Langrisser IV & V on Playstation!
This classic series is finally coming to the Playstation. For those who don't already know, Langrisser is a renowned Strategy RPG series by NCS/Nasaya. Langrisser IV & V will be released together as a double CD game next January in Japan. People who didn't own a Saturn will finally have a chance to play those 2 amazing games. Apparently, there will be some changes from the Saturn version, something about "rewritten main system" (whatever that means). Unfortunately, there isn't much chance of this bundle being released over here in America but then again maybe Working Designs will surprise me and pick it up since it sure fits their style of game (very japanese-like). 2 of the editors here at LunarNET are HUGE fans of this series (E-Chan and Commodore Wheeler) and if you're interested in purchasing this game when it hits Japan in January, jump over to our reviews section where you'll find reviews for those 2 games (Saturn version). By the way, the bundle will not include Langrisser III as was previously thought because NCS decided that the game wasn't good enough and had not enough tie with the other 2 games to warrant porting it to the Playstation. - Rudo 11:00 PM EST
Chrono Trigger Pics!
To continue with my Snes RPG pics theme of last week, I'll start this week with the classic Chrono Trigger. As always, I tried to capture pics from many different areas in the game in order to have a great collection of pics to remember this game by. Go check them out by clicking here. Looking at those pics will surely make you dream of a sequel on the Dreamcast or Playstation 2 (I'd say Playstation but it's a little late now and we have to start thinking about new technology). - Rudo 9:15 PM EST
Chrono Trigger Review!
I have a Chrono Trigger update tonight with a review of the game and a lot of pics to follow soon. Chrono Trigger is probably the most liked RPG on the Snes after Final Fantasy 3. It's not difficult to see why since this game has some beautiful graphics, great music and a complex storyline that involves time travel. Click here to check out our first Snes review on the site thanks to reader Michael Tham. - Rudo 9:10 PM EST