News Archive: October 1998
Halloween Saturday October 31th, 1998
Parasite Eve MIDIs!
I updated the Parasite Eve MIDI pack with 4 new MIDIs. These are some well done and accurate MIDIs in my opinion. I also added 3 of these MIDIs to the music selector. The battle theme, Aya's Theme, and the Orchestra theme for the early part of the game. Click here for the Parasite Eve MIDIs. - GhaleonOne 2:10 PM EST
Friday October 30th, 1998
Chat Reminder!
This is just a quick update to remind visitors that LunarNET is having its first chat session in its chatroom in less than an hour! It officially starts at 9 EST, but I'm sure people are already chatting in there now. People have been in and out all day long. - GhaleonOne 8:15 PM EST
MIDI Update!
There are now 21 more XenoGears MIDIs and 69 new Legend of Zelda MIDIs. I added 4 of the XenoGears MIDIs to the background music selector. Click here for the MIDIs page! - GhaleonOne 8:05 PM EST
Ys Eternal Pics!
Here are the promised Ys Eternal pics and artwork! Again, a good portion of these came from Travis Lallman. You can view the pics by clicking here! - GhaleonOne 5:30 PM EST
New game in the Arcade!
We have updated the LunarNET arcade with a new game called Graal! It was original called Zelda Online, and its basically an online clone of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past! Click here for the arcade page! - GhaleonOne 4:30 PM EST
Metal Gear Solid Pics!
Alrighty! Here's those Metal Gear Solid pics I've been promising for quite some time. I have 15 screen shots from the game that I took from LunarNET's demo copy. The character art and artwork came off of Konami of Japan's website. We'll have more from Metal Gear Solid sometime soon. Next up(in an hour or two), Ys Eternal pics and artwork! Click here for the pics and artwork of Metal Gear Solid! - GhaleonOne 3:55 PM EST
Chatroom added!
LunarNET now has a new chatroom! Our grand opening for the new chatroom is tonight! We will be having a HUGE chat event/session at 9 EST(8 Central, 7 mountain, 6 Pacific, etc). This chatroom is open 24 hours though. Feel free to invite your friends to chat about your favorite games at any time you please. You can use our Message Boards to set up a specific chat time with other LunarNET visitors for specific topic if you would like. But tonights chat room is going to be full(I'm REALLY hoping the script doesn't put a limit on the amount of visitors, because if it does, we'll probably hit that limit tonight). Anyways, I'll be back later this afternoon with yet more updates. Click here for the chatroom! And make sure to make it tonight if at all possible! - GhaleonOne 1:30 PM EST
Counter Script!
I designed a new counter today specifically for LunarNET. That's why the Metal Gear Solid and Ys Eternal pics were delayed until later today. Also today, early in the afternoon I will have the chatroom up and tonight at 9 EST LunarNET will have its first chat session! I have a few other small updates planned for tommorrow as well, but I'll save those until I update with them. Anyways, enjoy the new counter. It was a pain to finish, but it's complete and features 10 different RPG characters: Link(Legend of Zelda), Katt(Breath of Fire 2), Mana boy(Secret of Mana), Hiro(Lunar EB), Ghaleon(Lunar EB), Cyan(Final Fantasy 3/6j), Mikhal(Dragon Force), Justin(Grandia), Alundra(Alundra), and Magus(Chrono Trigger)! - GhaleonOne 1:05 AM EST
Thursday October 29th, 1998
Shining Force III Weapons FAQ!
For all the people out there playing Shining Force III, we've got a Weapons FAQ for you tonight courtesy of Snarf. This is a great FAQ that explains the weapon system, gives you a Weapons and Equipments List and basically covers everything about Weapons in the Shining Force III games. The FAQ is not finished yet but it is already worth checking out because there is some worthy info in there for all die-hard or first-time Shining Force fans. Click here to check out this FAQ. The finished FAQ will probably have Weapons list for all 3 Scenario of Shining Force III. - Rudo 8:15 PM EST
Final Fantasy Reader Review!
We've got a reader review of Final Fantasy VII tonight. Even though at first many people said that Final Fantasy VII was the best RPG ever made, as time goes by, the general opinion between die-hard RPG gamers is that Final Fantasy VII was a GOOD RPG but not the best ever. Of course, a lot of people still think that it IS the best RPG ever made but overall I think that more die-hard RPG gamers don't think it was the best ever (it's a different story however if you ask the average gamer). It's all a matter of opinion of course but one thing is for sure is that Final Fantasy VII is "one" of the best RPG ever made. Check out the review by clicking here. - Rudo 8:15 PM EST
Breath of Fire 2 Pics!
Hey!! I can't believe I'm actually doing these Snes pics update every day. I thought I wouldn't be able to do one everyday but I guess I'm still going :-P. Anyway, tonight the pics are for Breath of Fire 2 so support me by checking them out and I'm sure it'll bring a smile to your face thinking of the good old days of 16-bit RPGs. Click here to check them out. - Rudo 8:15 PM EST
Wednesday October 28th, 1998
Grandia 2 Interview!
Just noticed that our good friends over at Sega X posted an awesome interview with Game Arts about Grandia 2, taken from the latest issue of a HongKong gaming mag. Here is a small exerpt from the interview:

Q: When did you start making Grandia 2?

A: We started actual development during January of this year, because at that time the complete Grandia development process had just finished. Acutally, it started around mid-November of '97, right after the development of the Grandia master disc had finished. We heard of the DC and decided to make Grandia 2 on it.

Great stuff, go here to check out the rest of the interview. - Webber 11:30 PM EST

Square has Dreamcast Development Kits? Reality Check!
We'd just like to comment on a story first broken by Gamefan, and later picked up by half the internet. The subject of course is Square reportedly getting 5 Dreamcast development kits. We'd just like to calm our readers about this info, which is rumor only at this point. Square and all the other major game developers get kits for every system, including the ones they never develop for. In Square's case, they had kits for the Saturn and N64, and they never did anything for either of those systems. So, just because they have kits doesn't mean they'll ever develop or publish a game for DC. - Webber 10:20 PM EST
2 Tales of Destiny Reader Reviews!
We've got 2 reader reviews for Tales of Destiny tonight. If you don't trust our editors at LunarNET (how DARE you!!) or just want to hear more opinion on this game, go check them out by going to the reviews page. - Rudo 9:30 PM EST
Breath of Fire Pics!
Tonight's Snes pics are for the classic RPG Breath of Fire. I never played this RPG myself but by making pics of it, I discovered that the graphics were very good for such an old game. Most of you have already played Breath of Fire and won't care about looking at pics of it but I urge you to do it anyway for 2 simple reason. First, because it's fun to take a look at an older RPG you played before and remember the good old time. There's nothing like nostalgia and these pics will bring back a few good memories I'm sure. Second, because I spent time making them and I don't want my efforts to go to waste so support me by checking them out :-P. You can check out the pics by clicking here. I tried to make pics of almost every village in the game cause I love villages :-P! - Rudo 9:30 PM EST
Soul Hackers on Playstation? Gamers will Decide!
I received an interesting e-mail from a representative at Atlus of America today concerning a possible port of Atlus's excellent Sega Saturn RPG, Soul Hackers, to the Playstation. The catch is that Atlus has not made up their minds yet on whether or not to do it. They want to hear from Playstation owners. Do you want the game? Send your votes for Soul Hackers by e-mailing Atlus at Let them know that you want them to port this great game to the Playstation! - Webber 9:10 PM EST
Batch 2 of the Lunar SSS:Complete English Pics!
Quite a few more Lunar SSS -Complete- pics have been put up. 10 new ones to be exact. We'll most likely have more pics later on today (or for most of us tomorrow ;P). Also, I wanted to mention some other things. First off, I'm a little delayed with the Metal Gear Solid and Ys Eternal pics. Fear not, they are still coming, but probably not until Thursday now. Also, our new chatroom will be up by weeks end and we'll have something called "chat sessions" when we put up our chatroom. That way, we can try and let the participants of the chat know when the editors will be available in the chatroom. We'll probably have the first scheduled chat meeting on Friday night sometime. Stay tuned for more on that. Also, make sure to post your thoughts about the new Lunar SSS Complete english pics on our Lunar and Working Designs message boards. Click here for the new batch of pics! - GhaleonOne & Webber 12:50 AM EST
Tuesday October 27th, 1998
Lunar SSS:Complete English Pics!
We have the first batch of pics for the American version of Lunar SSS:Complete. We only have 6 pics so far but we're in the process of capturing more of them right now and I just wanted to put those up right now cause I promised we'd have some today and today is coming to a close in an hour so... Tune in tomorrow for a lot more pics. You can check out the english pics by clicking here. - Rudo 11:15 PM EST
Bahamut Lagoon Pics!
The Snes pics for tonight are for the game Bahamut Lagoon from Square. This game was only released in Japan and when I played it last week-end I was totally amazed by the incredible graphics. This game has by far the best graphics of ANY Snes RPGs ever made. The use of color, the special effects like transparency and fogging effects, the incredibly detailed characters in the battles and all of that makes Final Fantasy 3 (VI) look like a NES game. The game has a mixture of strategy RPG battles and Final Fantasy 3 style battles. When in battle, you control all the main characters in your party and each of these characters have their own team and a dragon. The battles are Strategy RPG style. When it is your turn, you can move your characters around the battle map and give battle commands like "Attack" or "Wait" to your dragons which are computer-controlled. After you move your character, you can either attack (if you're right next to the enemy) or use magic. If you use Magic, it does like Final Fantasy Tactics and you see your character on the map using his magic attack on the enemy. However, if you are close enough and chose to attack the ennemy, the screen switches to a Final Fantasy 3 style of battle. Your character's team faces up against the enemy's team. All of the team members attack in this battle sequence and then the screen goes back to the regular Strategy RPG battle setting. It really is a lot of fun! Since I'm not very good at explaining, you'd be better off checking the pics by clicking here and see what I mean by looking at the different pics of the battles. This game looks better in my opinion than Wild Arms, Suikoden and even most of the graphics in Tales of Destiny. - Rudo 9:15 PM EST
Monday October 26th, 1998
English Lunar Complete Pics Tomorrow!
Good news for all the Lunar fans out there (mostly all of us at LunarNET :P). We'll be putting up tons of pics and some movies of the english Lunar: Complete for Playstation. We're currently capturing tons of them and we'll put them up tomorrow. - Rudo 10:30 PM EST
Albert Odyssey 1 & 2 SNES Pics!
In the next couple weeks, I'll be putting up a lot of classic Snes RPG pics. My goal is to have pics of almost every RPG ever made for ALL systems. I already started with RPGs on the Sega Master System and even though I never actually bothered to update about it, you can check those pics out by going to the pics page and go down to the Sega Master System section. I've got pics of all the SMS RPGs except for Golvelius and Y's: The Vanished Omens. Okay, now back to the Snes pics. The pics for tonight are from Albert Odyssey and Albert Odyssey 2. For those of you who don't know, Albert Odyssey was a series a games on the Snes originally. Those games were never released here in America however and the only game in this series to be released was Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean for the Sega Saturn, which was a side-story of Albert Odyssey. Those 2 Snes games were not like the Saturn version however because those games were Strategy RPGs. You can check this out by looking at some pics of the games by going here for the Albert Odyssey pics and here for the Albert Odyssey 2 pics. For some strange reason, Albert Odyssey looks better than Albert Odyssey 2. - Rudo 8:30 PM EST
This is just a quick note about upcoming updates. Sometime tonight or tomorrow we shall have Metal Gear Solid and Y's Eternal pics for you. Along with that we'll have something for XenoGears. Most importantly we'll be putting up a chatroom this week. It will not be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week though, because chatrooms tend to bog a server down. Instead, we will have chat sessions a few nights a week. Also, we are thinking about starting the mailbag area up again. This section would not be up for at least a month though, so don't expect to see it any time soon. Anyways come back later tonight and tomorrow for our updates with Metal Gear Solid, XenoGears, and Ys Eternal! - GhaleonOne 7:30 PM EST
Sunday October 25th, 1998
Wild Arms Reader Review!
We've got a reader review for Wild Arms tonight. Since we didn't have a review of that game yet, DragonmasterDan decided to send us one. You can check it out by clicking here! - Rudo 10:00 PM EST
Saturday October 24th, 1998
More Shining Force 3 Premium Disc Info!

Here is more on the Shining Force III Premium Disc. This time it's a response from SEGA of America to Rapier D'wit. Here it is:

"Thank you for writing to us here at Sega, Wade.

The offer you are referring to is not an offer that is available here in the United States. Being that you had purchased import visions of the game Shining Force 3, the offer may be from Japan.

Keep in mind that Sega of America does not sell or support the import versions of the games here in the US.

Sega recommends that you purchase and use the systems and games in the country that they are originally sold in and intended for use in.
If you have any other questions please feel free to write back.
Have a nice day,


Well, there you have it. SEGA of America's response to the Shining Force III Premium Disc. Thanks again to Rapier D'wit for the help on this news story over the past few days. - GhaleonOne 2:30 PM EST
Dragon Valor Pics!
Here are the Dragon Valor pics that I promised. This is the next RPG on the Namco list. Click here for the pics! - GhaleonOne 2:15 PM EST
Friday October 23rd, 1998
Shining Force III Premium Disc!

Thanks to Rapier D'wit for this information, yet again. He E-mailed Camelot, the producers of Shining Force III, and here was the E-Mail he sent, followed by Camelot's response:

Rapier D'wit wrote:

"I was wondering if it was possible to get the premium disc if you live in the United States like I do? I have the U.S. version of Shining Force 3 and have purchased parts 2 and 3 by importing. Is there any way for me to get the premium disc?"

Camelot's response:

" Hello.
Thank you for your playing Shining Force. Premium disc will be sent by SEGA, then we cannot answer your question. Please ask to SEGA of America about Shining Force III premium disc.
Yasuhiro Taguchi
Camelot co., ltd. webmaster

Unfortunately, if we couldn't get SEGA of America to translate the last two scenarios of Shining Force III, it's a safe bet to say that they'll never send any kind of premium disc like the one for Shining Force III. - GhaleonOne 4:15 PM EST

Tales of Destiny Pics!
Here are some small screen shots and character artwork for Tales of Destiny! Sometime tonight or this weekend, I'll follow up my Namco updates with pics from Namco's newest blockbuster RPG, Dragon Valor! Click here for the Tales of Destiny pics and artwork. - GhaleonOne 4:00 PM EST
Tales of Destiny Review!
We have a second editor written review of Tales of Destiny from EsquE this time. And for those that were displeased with the scores of the original japanese review (we had some hate mail for this :P ), this one will surely make you much happier. It's another of EsquE's HUGE reviews (this sucker is long!), and it looks to be one of his best yet. I'll have pics in a few minutes to follow the review. Click here for the review of Tales of Destiny! - GhaleonOne 3:45 PM EST
Thursday October 22nd, 1998
Shining Force III Fourth Disc?!

Very special thanks to Rapier D'wit for the following news. If you mail in your previous 3 proof's of purchases for the first three Shining Force III parts to Camelot software, you can receive a fourth premium disc for the game. There is a secret menu of movies not contained in the original games and a menu to view 123 different CG/movies. Also included is an enlarged printing of a list of character names, an illustration of every character, and a personality introduction. By using backup data from the three scenarios, you can enjoy illustrations of the enemies and a sound test of any music piece, sound effect or voice from the games. To receive this offer follow the instructions below:

Attach all 3 triangular sheets from the instruction manual and mail them to Camelot at the address below between September 23rd, 1998 and Nov 13th, 1998. Include your name, address, age, telephone number and occupation.

Please take note that there is no guarantee that Camelot in Japan will send the premium disc to people in America so you should inform yourself first before sending all that for nothing. The address to send to is below:

Tokyoto Kamata Post-office
P.O. Box 35

The telephone number to find more information at is 0120012235. Of course, this is a Japanese address and number, so go figure. I put up a few pics from the Shining Force III Premium Disc to go with this news update. I also threw up a pic of the Shining Force III soundtrack cover art. Click here for the pics. Again, special thanks to Rapier D'wit for this info (which was practically copied and pasted from his EMail). Remember that Japanese isn't the easiest thing to translate, and we can't guarantee everything above to be correct, but we're pretty sure it is. Feel free to discuss this premium disc offer on our Shining Force Message Board. - GhaleonOne 10:00 PM EST

Working Designs Website Update!
Working Designs redid the design of their website today. It now sports a new white background with a much better looking button bar. The graphics are alot better than previously as well. Check out the website by clicking here. Perhaps WD should change their motto from "Our games go to 11!" to "Our website goes to 11!". Kudos to Dave Z for the awesome new design of the Working Designs website. Discuss the new design at the Working Designs message board. - GhaleonOne 9:20 PM EST
Suikoden 2 Pics!
OK, so these aren't the Tales of Destiny, Dragon Valor, and Y's Eternal pics, but I'll get those up with the Tales of Destiny review from Esque tomorrow afternoon sometime. But in the meantime, check out these Suikoden 2 pics and artwork I picked up off of Konami of Japan's website. Click here for the pics. - GhaleonOne 9:10 PM EST
Release Dates Updated!
I updated the release dates list tonight. I added a date for Vandal Hearts 2, and I changed dates for Suikoden 2, Magic Knight Rayearth and Lunar SSS. Click here for the release dates page. - GhaleonOne 9:05 PM EST
Y's Eternal Confusion Part 2!

Below is the EMail I was requested to post on here to clear up the confusion on Y's Eternal and whether or not its going to make its presence on the Playstation known.

Ys Eternal is, indeed, for the Playstation - the pics you received were for the PC version of the game, but since the Playstation version of Ys Eternal has not yet surfaced to the public, I thought it was necessary to use the PC pics, since they are virtually the same thing.

I received an email from Victor Ireland stating the same thing, because I have asked him for over a half a year now to port this game to ANY home console based system. He has seen the Playstation port, and was rather impressed, but, at the moment, he has reasons not to bring the game to the U.S. Much to my dismay, he has also answered my question as to whether or not it is the mystery RPG we are all anticipating (it isn't, unfortunately).

Here is My Email message to him -

"Alright Vic, here are some pics of Ys Eternal. I hope you do not mind if I send these to you. They do look rather impressive. I also have a strange feeling that this is the mystery RPG...or hope it is anyway. Tell me what you think."

Here is Victor Ireland's response...

"We've already looked at the title, and it IS quite cool. The only problem is that it is Ys 1 ONLY. We were hoping for at LEAST Ys 1&2. As such, it's too short of a game to warrant a US release by itself. Perhaps when the other installments are transferred over...

DBTH - Vic"

So, as you can see, Working Designs happens to be in the same predicament we are in. Ys I, if any of you can remember, is, indeed, too short of a game, no matter how awesome the cinematics, story, music and anime are. But the PLAYSTATION port of Ys Eternal does exist - and if any of you advid fans of the Ys series (me included), can't wait any longer for Ys Book II, I suggest that a petition be made. A petition which will be directed toward Working Designs to go ahead and translate Ys Eternal as it is and add voice overs to every character in the game, including simple townsfolk - (like they did with Popful Mail) -

Anyway, I am sorry for the confusion this has caused, and hope that this little tidbit of information will make things more clear. Let's get those petitions going!

There you have it. Later today I'll be posting up more pics from this game, along with pics and a review from EsquE for Tales of Destiny. - GhaleonOne 2:30 PM EST
Wednesday October 21st, 1998
Xenogears released!
Yes!! Today was the day that Square's masterpiece (according to many), Xenogears, was released for Playstation in America. Most of you die-hard RPG fans already know this and are probably playing this game right now already instead of watching LunarNET but I thought I'd mention it anyway :-P. Expect to see some big coverage on Xenogears here on LunarNET in the next couple weeks. While we're at it, we might as well mention that Metal Gear Solid should be available starting tomorrow so pick up a copy of that game also because it kicks ass. It sure is a nice week for the Playstation with 2 big blockbuster titles like this coming out at the same time. - Rudo 10:30 PM EST
Y's Eternal Confusion (Help Wanted)!
Earlier today, we updated with Y's Eternal pics and we mentioned that it was for Playstation. It turns out that we're not exactly sure anymore. GhaleonOne received those pics from somebody who told him that he thought this game was the mystery RPG by Working Designs. GhaleonOne automaticaly assumed that it was for Playstation. However, when I looked at the pics, I noticed that the resolution seemed quite high for a Playstation game and it looked more like a PC game. I checked Falcom's homepage in hope of getting some information but with my limited knowledge of Japanese (actually, my LACK of knowledge), the only thing I was able to pick up was the words: "Win 95" on the page. This basically confirmed what I already suspected because I remembered Victor Ireland saying this game was for PC in Japan when we talked to him at E3. However, this does not mean that the game isn't being made for Playstation as well so the only thing we can do here is to ask YOU (the readers) about it and hope that one of you guys know if Y's Eternal is indeed coming to Playstation or not. Please contact us if you have any information on the matter. - Rudo 10:30 PM EST
Y's Eternal Pics!
Travis Lallman of The Mystical World of Ys sent us these awesome new pics of Y's Eternal for Playstation. This is thought by many to be the Working Designs Mystery RPG, but only time will tell that. I will have more pics of this game later in the week, as well as Tales of Destiny and Dragon Valor pics to give to you, sometime in the next few days. Click here for the pics. - GhaleonOne 12:10 AM EST
Tuesday October 20th, 1998
Breath of Fire 3 Review!
One of our reader sent us another review of Breath of Fire 3 for Playstation. It seems like whenever we get a new review of this game, the marks are going up. It just goes to show you that not everybody agrees on the merits of certain games which is why I urge everybody to write us with their own reviews if they don't agree with one of the reviews posted here on LunarNET. Thanks go to Nikhil Wagh for this review (I hope it's the correct name because that's the name that appeared on the e-mail I got). This is his first review and I'd like to congratulate him because it's a very well-written review in my opinion. Click here to check out this review. - Rudo 8:00 PM EST
Monday October 19th, 1998
Dreamcast RPGs and Updates!
The following news comes from Gaming Age. Capcom's Dreamcast RPG will feature 24 chapters (wow!), and each chapter will be released on a monthly basis, similar to what was done with Shining Force III on the Saturn (only with a lot more chapters of course). Gaming Age is also reporting that Virtua Fighter Team Battle will host a demo of Virtua Fighter RPG aka Project Berkeley. Go to their site for some pictures of the special ads for VF RPG. Also, I'll be putting up pics for Dragon Valor, Tales of Destiny, and Y's Eternal in the next few days! And we'll hopefully have a review of Tales of Destiny to put up soon, as well! - GhaleonOne 7:20 PM EST Source: Gaming Age
Chrono Trigger 2?
Rumor has it that Square finally started working on a sequel to Chrono Trigger. Of course, this could all be rumors but hopefully this one will turn out to be true. If that wasn't enough, Square is also apparently working on Brave Fencer Musashiden 2. According to the rumor, Chrono Trigger 2 would be released in the summer of 1999 and Brave Fencer Musashiden 2 sometime in the year 2000. - Rudo 11:30 AM EST Source: Magic Box
Sunday October 18th, 1998
New Ogre Battle 3 Pics!
We have some new pics of Ogre Battle 3 for the Nintendo 64 and they are sweet. As I said many times before, I'm not a big N64 fan but this game really looks like it kicks ass. The textures look great, the characters look great, the spells look great and since it's an Ogre game you know it'll have great gameplay as well. These new pics show a lot of different backgrounds in battle and they sure are very nice to look at. Click here for the Ogre Battle 3 pics page. - Rudo 11:30 AM EST
Saturday October 17th, 1998
Phantasy Star Nova!
I picked up the latest issue of Gamer's Republic today (the best mag out there in my opinion) and in an e-mail interview with Dan Stevens from Sega, Dave Halverson asked the following question: "If indeed Phantasy Star Nova for the Dreamcast is confirmed (the logo has already been spotted) will you localize it as it is being produced in Japan so that it can be released close to the import? Do you realize that if you do not, thousands of people will be extremely upset?" . The response from Dan Stevens was the following: "Sorry, no news yet on the U.S. lineup. But, we'll certainly take this as a strong vote for the game."

Okay, there are 2 important things in there to notice. First of all, Dave Halverson from Gamer's Republic mentions the fact that a logo has been seen for Phantasy Star Nova. That's news to me however since I haven't seen anything like that anywhere and usually the internet community jumps on stuff like that. Hopefully, the rumors of this game are true. The other important thing is the response from Dan Stevens. He never says that the game isn't in developement and he doesn't deny its existence (which is a good sign although it does not confirm anything yet). He says that they'll "take this as a stong vote for the game", if the game didn't exist and wasn't in development, I don't see why he would have said that as it makes it sound like there IS a game. Things are starting to look good for a Phantasy Star game on Dreamcast so let's just hope that Dan Stevens wasn't misquoted or made a mistake when he said that because Sega fans NEED a new Phantasy Star game (especially me :P). - Rudo 11:30 PM EST
Grandia 2 Pics!
Gaming Age has just put up a few new Grandia 2 pics. They came from a Sega Magazine in Japan. We put the pics on our pics page. - GhaleonOne 6:15 PM EST
Friday October 16th, 1998
Zelda First Impressions!
The Zelda Headquarters has posted some nice long detailed impressions from playing the first few hours of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It's an exciting read, be warned though, the impressions are a bit of a spoiler. Go here to read them.-Webber 9:00 AM EST
Wednesday October 14th, 1998
New Weekly Poll!
This week I set up a newer and much better(not to mention faster) polls script. The first poll to test the script will be titled "What already released RPG of 1998 has been your favorite so far?". As always, the results to last weeks poll have been placed in the past results page. - GhaleonOne 10:45 PM EST
New Saga Frontier 2 Pics!
We have some more pics of Saga Frontier 2 tonight thanks to Magic Box. The pics aren't as good as the previous ones we had but they do show some new locations so go check them out by clicking here. - Rudo 8:45 PM EST
Tuesday October 13th, 1998
TONS of new Real Videos!
We have a lot of new Real Videos for you tonight. If you ever wanted to download some of our videos on the site but thought they were too big, this is your chance because we're currently making Real Videos of all the videos on the site for all of you with slower connections who don't want to wait hours to see movies of your favorite RPGs. All the videos are under 1 meg with most of them being a mere 200k or less. Here is a list of all the games that we have new Real Videos of:

  • Xenogears (4)
  • Lunar: Silver Star Story
  • Lunar: Eternal Blue Remix (2)
  • Lunar: Magic School
  • Kartia
  • Grandia
  • Magic Knight Rayearth
  • Sakura Wars 2
  • Castlevania: SOTN

  • Click here to go to the movies page. - Rudo 8:30 PM EST
    Tales of Destiny AVI!
    Here is our long overdue update for Tales of Destiny. I uploaded the intro in AVI format of Tales of Destiny to the movies page. Later today I'll put up a FAQ for the game, and possibly artwork/screen shots if I have the time. - GhaleonOne 2:40 PM EST
    Message Boards and Polls!
    Sunday morning the message boards and polls stopped working. This is the reason we didn't update on Monday, due to the fact that we were fixing them. Apparently, we're limited to around 5000 files on our server, and the message boards were taking that limit to its boundary and finally hit it on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I deleted the archives, and we will no longer be keeping archives for now. Tommorrow I'll find something good to make up for it. But for now, continue to post on the boards again! Click here to go back to the message boards page. Also remember the polls are up again, so if you havent voted I'll be leaving that poll up until about Wednesday. - GhaleonOne 1:10 AM EST
    Sunday October 11th, 1998
    More Phantasy Star Midis!
    I just updated the Phantasy Star midi pack with 8 new midis. Thanks to Jason Walton for these midis. Click here to go to the Midi page. - Rudo 3:00 PM EST
    Castlevania 64 Preview and Pics!
    Today, we've got a big Castlevania 64 update for you. We have pics, artwork and a preview of this promising N64 game. I've yet to see a bad Castlevania games (except maybe for Castlevania 5 on Snes which wasn't all that bad anyway) and I'm sure this one won't disapoint either. Zone Pharaoh prepared this preview, pics and movie of the game for you after his trip to the ECTS show so go check it out right now. Click here for the pics page or here for the preview. - Rudo 3:00 PM EST
    Saturday October 10th, 1998
    Zelda 64 Pics!
    With The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarana of Time coming up on the release list, I decided we should update the The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarana of Time pics page. It's mostly artwork, but I also added 5 new screen shots. Click here to view them. Also, make sure to check out our Legend of Zelda series message board by clicking here! - GhaleonOne 3:40 PM EST
    Friday October 9th, 1998
    Grandia 2 Official!
    While gamers on this side of the world are awaiting confirmation of an english version of Grandia for Playstation, gamers on the other side of the world are already getting excited for it's sequel. Grandia 2 for Sega's Dreamcast has been officially announced by Game Arts for release sometime next year in Japan. The screenshots we posted a few days ago are the real thing. The game will be presented in full 3D, including the characters, no more sprites all polygons. All other upcoming Dreamcast RPGs really have some serious competition now. Grandia was nothing short of spectacular for the SS, and it's sequel for Dreamcast should set the standard for RPGs on the next generation of systems.-Webber 11:00 PM EST
    Thursday October 8th, 1998
    TONS of NAOMI Arcade Movies!
    Okay, this is the BIG update. We have movies of 5 Arcade games that will be coming to the Dreamcast since the NAOMI Arcade Board IS basically a Dreamcast. Those games are House of the Dead: Blood Bullet, Dead or Alive 2, Power Stone, SpikeOut (which isn't a NAOMI game but a Model 3 game) and the NAOMI Tech Demo.

    Some of you might have seen a HUGE 28 meg movie of this already on the internet. Zone Pharaoh got ahold of a Hong Kong Magazine which had movies of those Arcade games and I think they were all together in one big movie. I believe somebody took this movie and put it on the web without changing anything (I'm only guessing here since I haven't seen the 28meg movie yet). We've had this CD for about a week now and we decided to do some heavy editing in order to make separate movies of every game. Zone Pharaoh did a wonderful editing job and these movies are now extremely small and fast to download (compared to a huge 28 meg file). Most of the movies are between 1.5 and 2.0 megs with only the Tech demo being 3.4 megs. We've also added some music to these videos to make them more entertaining (like we did with the Sonic Adventure movie we put up a few weeks ago). At least, I THINK that ZP put those songs in because like I said I haven't heard the movie on the CD so I don't know if there was music or not. All I know is that the SpikeOut movie has Virtua Fighter music and I doubt somebody else put that in there (ZP loves putting songs in like that, like when he put Sonic CD music on that Sonic Adventure movie). Anyway, now we're really hitting ourselves hard for waiting to put those movies up because somebody beat us to the punch now. Fortunately for us, that 28 meg file is a bitch to download so hopefully you guys will appreciate the more reasonable downloads here. Click here for the movies page. - Rudo 7:00 PM EST
    Castlevania 64 Movie!
    We have a movie of Castlevania 64 coming from some footage our European correspondant (Zone Pharaoh) videotaped at the ECTS show. The quality isn't really very good so only download if you have the time or if you REALLY want to see this game in action. The damn lights at the show made videotaping this game quite hard. However, it is quite fun to see all the little extras that Zone Pharaoh put into this movie to make it more appealing. Castlevania characters flashes by on the screen in front of the movie at certain interval making a very cool effect and arranged music of classic Castlevania songs accompanies this movie. Click here for the movies page. - Rudo 7:00 PM EST
    Shining Force 3: Scenario 3 Movie!
    This is only the first of many movie update tonight. We have the Opening Movie of Shining Force 3: Scenario 3 up on the movies page. For those who don't know, Shining Force 3 (japanese version) comes on 3 scenarios, the first one being the one we got here in America and the last 2 are only released in Japan. It's a damn shame that we'll never see the other 2 scenarios here because this game is so great and for the full experience, you really need to have all 3 scenarios. So hurry to your import store and get those 2 scenarios because your American Shining Force 3 saved game is compatible with the Japanese Scenario 2 & 3. Click here to go to the movies page - Rudo 7:00 PM EST
    BIG Movie Page Update!
    We redesigned the entire movies page slightly so that we can now have Real Video files of a few of our movies on the site. This will allow people with slower connections to see our movies or if people want to preview the movie before they download the big version (AVI or MPEG). As such, you can now go and check out the Movies page and download a few of our Real Video files. These are really fast to download but they still offer a pretty good quality. - Rudo 7:00 PM EST
    Grandia 2 Pics!
    It seems like Grandia 2 pics for the Dreamcast have surfaced early this morning and we have them right here for your viewing pleasure. Now, before you get too excited, I just want to point out that these pics didn't come from GameArts' web page like what happened with Climax Landers so we have no way of confirming if these are INDEED from Grandia 2. I sure hope so because that would really be awesome. Unfortunaly, these pics could be from Evolution or Climax Landers and the guy who put them up just thought it was from Grandia 2. Only time will tell but in the meantime, hurry up and click here to check out those awesome pics. For your information, the site who put those pictures up can be accessed by clicking here. - Rudo 2:30 PM EST
    Wednesday October 7th, 1998
    Big Updates Tommorow!
    Sorry for the slow week so far, we've been busy with other stuff but we'll make it up to you guys tommorow with a BIG update on the movies page. The movies page has been redesigned and a lot of new movies will be added along with the introduction of Real Videos to the site. This will enable people to download the Real Video version of a movie so that they can see what the movie is like and if they like it, they can download the big file (which will be AVI or MPEG). This should be really helpful for people with slower connections. Also, if you're excited about the Dreamcast, you'll definately like tommorow's update. - Rudo 11:30 PM EST
    Weekly Poll Updated!
    I just updated the weekly poll entitled "What section of LunarNET do you like the most?". This poll is pretty much for us to use, to know what sections of our site you like the most, so we can try and spend our time giving you the type of updates that you want. Last week was similar with our poll "Have you ever Imported?" because it allowed us to see how much import coverage we should be doing. It seems people would be happy with a mixed amount of both import and domestic updates. - GhaleonOne 9:05 PM EST
    Tuesday October 6th, 1998
    Zelda preorder info!

    A lot of sites have been posting this preorder info but many people still seem to be confused about it, so I'll just post the info right here in this update. Electronic Boutique's preorder consists of the following:

    • A Gold Zelda cartridge
    • A Poster Map
    • A T-Shirt
    • Zelda Character Tattoos

    Also of note, according to the Zelda newsletter that Electronic Boutique has been sending out, this preorder deal is also in effect for those that already pre-ordered the game at an earlier date. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was also pushed back a week in Japan.

    - GhaleonOne 11:25 PM EST
    Monday October 5th, 1998
    Tales of Destiny!
    Last Wednesday, Tales of Destiny, an old-school styled RPG was released for the Playstation from Namco. Surprisingly, no one seems to be complaining about the 2D, old-school look (that's not a bad thing either). I've heard very good things about the battle system and its storyline. The only thing I've heard people complain about is that the difficulty is at a child's level, making it extremely easy. But it's also a very long RPG, so if you're a fan of this style of RPG, Tales of Destiny is certainly worth a shot. I'll be getting my copy soon, and some of the editors here on LunarNET have already purchased it, so I'm sure one of them will give you a review soon. Until then you can read the review of the import written by Commodore Wheeler by clicking here. He only gave it a 75%, but you can certainly give your opinion by going to the submissions page and sending a review of the game to Rudo. Later this week I'll have a bundle of screen shots for you from the game. - GhaleonOne 7:00 PM EST
    Lunar movie!
    Zone Pharaoh made a movie out of the bromides from Lunar Silver Star Story over the past week. It's fairly large at 12 megs, and it's in MPEG form, but it's a great movie for Lunar fans. If you're interested, then check out our movies page by clicking here. - GhaleonOne 6:50 PM EST
    100,000th Visitor will win BIG prizes!!!
    LunarNET is very close to getting his 100,000th visitor since we put up the counter (March-April). In order to celebrate this HUGE event, we will give out some big prizes to our 100,000th visitor. All you have to do is if you see 100,000 on the counter at the bottom of the page the next time you visit LunarNET, take a screenshot (press the Print Screen button on your keyboard and then open Paint and do Edit-Paste...) and send it to us. What do you get for this? Well, believe it or not but you will get..... NOTHING AT ALL!! That's right, the only thing you'll get is that we'll put your name on the main page along with whatever message you wrote us in the e-mail you sent with the picture. Isn't this just great? Hey wait!! Come back here... damn, I guess they didn't like my prize :). Oh well, even though we don't offer much, feel free to send us the proof if you're the 100,000th visitor and a big thanks to everybody who visits LunarNET for making this all worthwhile. - Rudo 3:00 PM EST
    Sunday October 4th, 1998
    Final Fantasy VIII Preview!
    Commodore Wheeler just made a preview of Final Fantasy VIII based on the demo that came with Brave Fencer Musashiden. There's really nothing else to say here except to tell you to go check it out by clicking here! - Rudo 2:00 PM EST
    Saturday October 3rd, 1998
    Blue Stinger Pics!
    The Dreamcast pics section is growing by the day! In addition to the 12 Blue Stinger pics we had already put up a few weeks ago, I've added a few dozen more! I also put up some awesome character pictures of the four characters. This game looks to be one of Dreamcast's hottest titles! You can click here for the massive pics page for Blue Stinger! - GhaleonOne 12:35 PM EST
    Evolution Pics!
    I put up about 15 of so pics and artwork of a new Dreamcast game from Stinger/ESP called Evolution We really don't know much about the game itself, but nonetheless we have a few screen shots and artwork of the characters for you to graze your eyes on. Click here to view them. - GhaleonOne 12:00 AM EST
    Friday October 2nd, 1998
    Lunar Silver Star Story Intro!
    Last night, Working Designs put up an avi of Lunar Silver Star Story Complete's intro. It's around about 11.6 megs zipped and can be retrieved from Working Designs website. One of our regular message board posters, Keith posted the Japanese lyrics, the English Lyrics, and the exact translated Japanese lyrics into English on our Lunar message board. You can view his post by clicking here. You can also discuss Lunar Silver Star Story on our Lunar and Working Designs message boards. - GhaleonOne 5:00 PM EST
    Saga Frontier 2 Pics!
    Square has recently announced that they were working on Saga Frontier 2 for the Playstation. The first Saga Frontier pretty much received mixed reviews but the general opinion was that the game was average at best. It seems like Square is once again going to give you the choice of several different characters at the begining of the game but one thing has changed from the first game. Saga Frontier 2 no longer has CG pre-rendered backgrounds. Instead, Square has decided to go all out with hand-drawn backgrounds. I don't think I remember EVER seeing this in an RPG before. Usually, traditional 2-D games uses sprites for the graphics or CG backgrounds (like Final Fantasy VII and Saga Frontier) but this time, Square decided to once again use static background but instead of being CG, they are completely hand-drawn. It is still a pre-rendered background but it is no longer CG. Because of this, don't expect to have a lot of interaction with the background like in Grandia or Xenogears because it is still going to be just as restrictive as it was in the first game. I could be wrong though as this is only my interpretation of what I saw from the pictures. If you disagree, feel free to let us know either by e-mail or on the message boards. From what I could see on the pics, it sure looked like that to me. Anyway, click here to check out those pics. - Rudo 2:15 PM EST
    Chocobo Mysterious Dungeons 2 Pics!
    We have put up a picture page for Square's Chocobo Mysterious Dungeons 2. The first Chocobo dungeon game wasn't exactly a really good game (see our review of it on the reviews page) so let's hope that Square made some much needed improvement in the sequel. Click here to go to the picture page. - Rudo 2:00 PM EST
    Thursday October 1st, 1998
    Climax Landers News and Pics!
    From the makers of Landstalker and Dark Savior comes Climax Landers, a fully 3D traditional RPG from Climax! We have 20 screen shots from the game, plus pics of all the characters(Ryle, Lady, Rao, Sword, Marion, and Marlin) from the game. The game is supposed to be out on the Dreamcast in Japan this year, hopefully it'll make it over here. Click here for the artwork and screenshots. - GhaleonOne 10:15 PM EST