News Archive: September 1998
Wednesday September 30th, 1998
Weekly Poll Topic!
The new weekly poll topic is now titled "Have you ever imported RPGs?". Also of note, on the last poll, titled "What do you think the Working Designs mystery RPG is?", alot of the titles listed were ruled out by Vic and WD. Grandia has been ruled out, as has Spectral Force II, and I remember Vic saying the Arc the Lad series was too old, which would probably make Langrisser 1 and 2 way too old to port(I could be wrong, but I doubt it). Speculation says Working Designs will announce it sometime after Magic Knight Rayearth is released. I guess we'll have to wait and see. - GhaleonOne 9:45 PM EST
Magic Knight Rayearth!
According to Working Designs website, Magic Knight Rayearth is in its final approval status. If all goes well with Sega, MKR should make it out in October as the planned release date on their website says. - GhaleonOne 9:35 PM EST
New Phantasy Star Midis!
I was fixing a lot of the midi packs today (removing duplicate midis) and I noticed quite a few new midis in the Phantasy Star midi pack that GhaleonOne uploaded last week which were zipped in .lzh format. Since a lot of people can't unzip this type of file, we fixed that up and I wanted to let people know about it cause those new midis are really amazing. Most of them are from Phantasy Star 2 but there's also an amazing new midi of the Phantasy Star 3 theme which just has to be heard by any PS fan. You can download the midi pack by going here or you can listen to a select few Phantasy Star midis in the Midi Selector at the top of the page. - Rudo 9:15 PM EST
Tengai Makyo: The Apocalypse IV Review
As promised on Monday, we now have a review of Tengai Makyo: The Apocalypse IV for the import Saturn. The Far East of Eden series is a popular series in Japan and if you've never heard of it, you must check out this review since E-Chan not only reviews the game but gives a summary of the history of this great series. The game itself is very good and I've heard only good things about it from the people I know who played it. Click here to go to the Tengai Makyo: The Apocalypse IV review. - Rudo 8:00 PM EST
Tuesday September 29th, 1998
Updates Archives
I updated the archives page to make it easier to view old archives of news and updates. The archives go back to early June, we'll continue to archive from there. Click here for the newest archives page. - GhaleonOne 12:15 PM EST
No developer for Star Ocean: Second Story?
It has been reported that Star Ocean: Second Story still doesn't have a US publisher. This HUGE Playstation hit in Japan from Enix would really be welcomed here since we all missed the first game in the series (on SNES) because it wasn't released in America. I've heard other reports however that this game DOES have a publisher for the US. We'll look further into this and ask a few of our sources to find out if this game has been signed on by a company for an American release. Expect an update on this in the next few days. - Rudo 12:15 AM EST
Final Fantasy VIII to use PDA!
Well, there's really nothing else to say here about the subject. Square has announced that Final Fantasy VIII will use the Playstation PDA. You think this is too short of a story? Okay, then I'll advertise some non-related stuff on the site to extend this news story. Feel free to come to our message boards to discuss this incredible announcement and dream about the possibilities that the PDA will give to the FF series (okay, okay, I'm overdoing it a bit but humor me, I'm trying to make this news story longer here :P). Click here to go to the Message Boards page where you'll find message boards for all the major RPG series. - Rudo 12:15 AM EST
New Thousand Arms Info!
Some new info about Thousand Arms has surfaced. For those who don't know, Thousand Arms is an RPG for Playstation by Atlus which will be released this December in Japan (expect a US version sometime in 1999). Here's the new info: The game has a special battle system, during the battle, one character is assigned as the front attacker, the other characters will stand back as supporters, only the attacker can use special techniques. There is a Command Cancel function which allows you to re-enter a different command / change your strategy during the battle. You can also summon spirit beasts for special attacks, just like FFVII. In this game you can date different characters, your sword will gain attributes and power from the character you dated with. Click here for pictures of this great RPG. - Rudo 12:15 PM EST Source: Magic Box
Sunday September 27th, 1998
Petitions Update!
I added a link to a petition for Secret of Mana 2/Seiken Densetsu III started by Brendan McGrath. To go to the petitions page, click here. - GhaleonOne 6:45 PM EST
Friday September 25th, 1998
Magic Knight Rayearth stuff!
We have a lot of Rayearth news and files for you tonight. As you may have guessed when you heard about Lunar SSS's delay, Magic Knight Rayearth has also been delayed (apparently) to November. Who wants to start betting if this is the last MKR delay or not? :).

Anyway, while this might be bad news to many people, we at least have some good news to report on this game. Okay, just to summarize everything here, Working Designs released a preview version of the english intro of Magic Knight Rayearth a while back and were flooded with negative response. In response to that, Working Designs decided to re-record the intro again and they put up an MP3 of this new english intro up on their site. Although people seemed to think it was better than the previous english version, many were wondering what the hell was going on with Jennifer Stigile (the singer) because of the ... "interesting" arrangements she made with the song. It sounded like she had way too much coffee that day. Anyway, it turns out that this "rendition" of the intro was intended as a joke by Working Designs (and a response to those who said the previous singer was not enthusiastic enough).

Working Designs has now released another version of the American intro with the new singer (Jennifer Stigile) but without the horrible arrangements this time around. While it may not please all the Magic Knight Rayearth fans who wanted WD to leave the Japanese lyrics in the intro, it is definately an improvement upon the first version they released a while ago. Go to the Movies page to download this new intro or to download the original Japanese intro. As a reminder, don't forget to check out our huge picture gallery of Magic Knight Rayearth by clicking here . - Rudo 10:30 PM EST
More on Playstation 2!
With yesterday's shocking news about Playstation 2 coming so soon, we decided to go to some of the game companies for any info. Sony is denying the rumor, as tons of other sites have reported. This should be expected, whether the rumor is true or not, because if the info is true, it would affect Playstation sales. We did contact some game development companies, and very few would say anything to us. I cannot reveal which companies did respond to us, but it would appear at this point, that they believe the info, or may have already known about it. To quote one source on how the PSX 2 release forecast may effect them, their release schedule, their game development schedule:

No real change at this time. PS has at least one more strong Christmas, though this (Christmas) year is the sales peak.

We still would like to recommend that our readers regard the PSX 2 info as rumor, and not fact.-Webber 9:10 AM EST

Grandia 2 for Dreamcast!
IGN DC stated earlier this week that a new Grandia game was in development for Dreamcast. We thought we'd clarify this information, as we've posted news about this before. Game Arts still has more that they want to do with Grandia, Grandia for PSX is a reality and will be officially announced soon(Japan). Again, as we've been saying for almost a year. A Grandia 2 for Dreamcast, as our source told us, is a game that is pretty easy to speculate on, meaning it's not to hard to guess that Game Arts will make it, or is planning it now. It is however, a long ways off.-Webber 9:00 AM EST
Thursday September 24th, 1998
Playstation 2??!
GameOnline reported today with information about Playstation 2. The news stated that there would be an April 1999 Import release date and the system would be in the hands of American gamers by Fall 1999. Also stated, was the idea that Playstation 2 would be backwards compatible with the original Playstation games, so that it would'nt seem Sony was trying to kill off the Playstation in its best days. - GhaleonOne 5:05 PM ESTSource: GameOnline
Wednesday September 23nd, 1998
Terra Phantastica Reader Review!
We've got a reader review of Terra Phantastica for you tonight. Terra Phantastica is a strategy RPG for Saturn available only in Japan so for all you importers looking for a game to import, check this review out because it will give you a good idea of what the game is all about. Besides, this is a rather old game so you can easily get this game for cheap from import stores. Click here to go see the review. - Rudo 9:00 PM EST
Weekly Poll Topic Changed!
The weekly poll has been changed to the title "What do you think the Working Designs Mystery RPG is?". With alot of talk about the "Mystery RPG" I figured we should make a poll out of it. If you want to view back results, just click here. - GhaleonOne 12:15 PM EST
Lunar SSS Delay!

Yesterday, Working Designs delayed Lunar Silver Star Story Complete til December 98. Vic posted a small message explaining why:

"Just that it's taking a while, since we haven't yet received all the data from Game Arts for various things, and once we receive it, it will take a while to convert it. Things are still coming along nicely, however.".

Added to that, the Working Designs webmaster posted more:

"I'd just like to add that we are really working hard on Lunar right now. Several of us here at WD are putting in 12 plus hour work days because of the work we're doing on this title. There's just so much work that goes into a game as deep as Lunar...(just compare the times that regular townsfolk in Lunar will say different things based on events that have happened in the game to a regular townsfolk in just about any other RPG) There's quite a bit of text in the game.

Maybe it's because I'm still relatively new here (and naive), but I 'm still hoping for a November release for Lunar. We don't see it happening, but I would love for it to be in stores for Black Friday."

To add to that, there is alot of speculation as to whether the delay had anything to do with Lunar having to go head to head with the hype Square will most likely give XenoGears. - GhaleonOne 11:45 AM EST

Tuesday September 22nd, 1998
Final Fantasy VII Review!
We have to admit, we were kinda missing a big piece in our review section without an in-depth review of Final Fantasy VII. Well, not anymore. Commodore Wheeler decided to go back and review this somewhat overhyped yet excellent RPG. Head over to the Review section to check it out. - Rudo 10:00 PM EST
SegaCon Information!
In December, a fan based convention for Sega fans alike will be held. SegaCon as its called, will be a Sega fan's dream come true! They are hosting gameplay tournaments, art contests, and will have a big anime theme to the whole convention. They also have playable DreamCast launch titles up and running for play. If you are anything of a SEGA buff, you'll want to go to their site at for information on this convention. Also, I put up the SEGACON banner in the links page and I posted the SegaCon press release on the Special Features page. - GhaleonOne 11:15 AM EST
Yet another MIDI update!
After updating earlier I found a few new MIDIs. 3 new MIDIs have been added to the Lunar series, 3 new Tales of Phantasia MIDIs, and 2 new Illusion of Gaia MIDIs have been added. I also added the two new Illusion of Gaia MIDIs and three new Lunar MIDIs to the background music selector on the top of the page. It's been a long time since we updated all these MIDI packs, but with the huge updates of MIDI's tonight I'll try and keep them updated more regularly. Click here for the MIDIs page. - GhaleonOne 12:40 AM EST
Monday September 21st, 1998
Shining Force III: Scenario 3 Released for Saturn!
Another excellent RPG has been released for the Saturn in Japan. Shining Force III: Scenario III, the third and final installment in the Shining Force trilogy for the Saturn. The Saturn's light is still shining brightly, pun intended, even in the twilight of its lifespan. - Webber 11:15 PM EST
New FFVIII Character Revealed!
Square has revealed yet another character for Final Fantasy VIII. A female character named Edea, who is also a princess. She is a magic user, and opposes Squall in the game. However, she appears to be Squall's enemy by force, not by choice, and may be controlled by others. - Webber 11:15 PM EST
New Playstation RPG Announced From Enix(Japan)!
Enix has announced a Playstation Sequel to their popular Super Famicom RPG Mystic Ark. Title and release date are unknown at this point. - Webber 11:00 PM EST
Suikoden Released for Saturn in Japan!
Genso Suikoden has been very quietly released for the Saturn in Japan. Konami seems to have snuck it out without much hype, which is unfortunate considering the quality of this game. - Webber 10:30 PM EST
Updated Midi Packs!
Here is a list of all the Midis that have been added to the site: 3 midis for Albert Odyssey, 1 for Arc the Lad, 3 for Bahamut Lagoon, 21 for the Breath of Fire series, 37 for the Dragon Quest series, 13 for Final Fantasy VIII, 11 for the Fire Emblem series, 14 for the Langrisser series, 44 for the Lufia series, 1 for Panzer Dragoon Saga, 1 for Parasite Eve, 10 for the Phantasy Star series, 18 for Saga Frontier, 9 for the Secret of Mana series, 1 for Suikoden, 1 for Tales of Destiny, 1 for Tales of Phantasia, 6 for Treasure Hunter G, 8 for XenoGears and 13 for the Y's series. Click here to go to the Midi page where you'll find Midi packs for all those games. - GhaleonOne 10:15 PM EST
New Background MIDIs!
I added quite a few new MIDIs to the background music selector on top. Later, either tonight or tommorrow, I'll put them in the respective MIDI packs along with alot more MIDIs from various games. The MIDIs I put in the MIDI selector as follows: Wild Arms Adlehied Castle Remix, Parasite Eve theme, Lunar The Silver Star Second Overworld Theme, Final Fantasy VIII Battle Theme, and Albert Odyessy Eka's Dance and Lulu's Theme. - GhaleonOne 12:40 PM EST
Updated Sonic Movie Info!
Our editor who made the movie e-mailed me with more info and it turns out that some of my assumptions were wrong when I updated with the movie. It turns out that the movie was indeed taken with a camera at the Sonic unveiling in Japan. Since you could see the edges of the screen on the original movie, our editor decided to edit the movie so that it looked better (cleaner and no screen edges). While he was at it, he decided to change the music from the video since what was there before on the video was just some weird music with japanese voices commenting on the action. Kudos to him for choosing music that goes very well with the movie (the music from the good future of Palmtree Zone in Sonic CD). The Sonic footage was part of a larger movie on the CD which was about 300 megs and included videos of other games as well such as Sega's Saturn RPG Wachenroder (expect some movies from this game soon). We're sorry about any confusion that might have resulted from my assumptions about the movie when I didn't have enough info on it (I just wanted to put that baby up as soon as I got it). - Rudo 12:15 PM EST
Saturday September 19th, 1998
AMAZING EXCLUSIVE Sonic Adventure Movie!
Yes, you read that right, an exclusive Sonic Adventure movie. This is NOT the same movie that was posted before on the internet. The movies we've been seeing before were low quality and very small (160 x 120) and seemed to have been taken from a videotape or something. The one we have here seems to be more like a video promo of the game because the quality is high, it has music, the frame rate is great, it is a lot bigger (288 x 216) and has a begining and an ending (which means it wasn't just taken from a show with a camera). This movie was not shot without permission at a show (at least we don't think so) because it was included with a magazine that came out in Hongkong. If the magazine was allowed to put this movie on the CD, I don't see why we can't put it on the web for everybody to see. Anyway, I'm pretty sure this movie will blow you away (I'm so glad that Sega is back in force) so stop reading this and go to the Movies page and start downloading. If you have trouble downloading the movie, go to our good friends over at Dreamcast Extreme as they will host this movie as well.- Rudo 7:00 PM EST
New Wild ARMs MIDIs!
Alot of people EMailed me saying the Wild ARMs MIDI pack had a broken link, so I fixed it and to make up for the broken link I added 12 new MIDIs to the MIDI pack! I should have new MIDIs for other games here in the short future. Games like Lunar, Brave Fencer Musashi, XenoGears, and others will have new or updated MIDI packs in the near future. - GhaleonOne 1:00 PM EST
Langrisser 3 Review!
With reviews of Langrisser IV and Langrisser V under his belt, E-Chan thought he would complete the Saturn collection of Langrisser by reviewing Langrisser III, the first Langrisser game on Saturn. If you read the previous Langrisser reviews by E-Chan on LunarNET, you should know how much he liked those games but that is not necessarily the case with Langrisser III. Actually, most die-hard fans of the series were disapointed by this title and if you want to know why, you'll have to head over to E-Chan's review by clicking here. - Rudo 1:00 AM EST
Friday September 18th, 1998
Release Dates Updated!
I modified the release dates a bit to reflect the latest delays and such. Nothing of huge value. - GhaleonOne 3:00 PM EST
Thursday September 17th, 1998
GameArts Announcement!
Sega X reported last night that GameArts is now confirmed to be producing games for the Dreamcast. That isnt much of a surprise though, as GameArts has been a pretty loyal developer with Sega of Japan. The three most likely titles for a Dreamcast release would be Grandia Remix, Grandia 2 and Lunar 3. Personally, I want Lunar 3 alot more than any other title GameArts(or anyone for that matter) could produce, but I would still love to get my hands on something out of the Grandia series. - GhaleonOne 2:15 PM EST
Top 10 Polls!
The Top 10 and Top 10 Most Wanted have been reactivated. I could not find a script to run this automatically so for now it will just be EMail based. Click here for the Top 10. - GhaleonOne 2:05 PM EST
Wednesday September 16th, 1998
Another Parasite Eve Review!
With Parasite Eve released just last week, we thought that a second opinion would be a good idea. As such, Esque sent us his review for Square's latest game. Of course, you can expect this review to be just as long and thorough as all of his previous reviews. Click here to check out Esque's review and go to the Reviews page to check out E-Chan's previous Parasite Eve review. - Rudo 10:30 PM EST
Weekly Poll updated!
I've been listening to a lot of game music over the past two weeks, so I figured I'd make a poll out of it. The title for this week's poll is "How Many Game Soundtracks do you own?". Just click here to go straight to the polls on the right. - GhaleonOne 5:40 PM EST
Monday September 14th, 1998
EXCLUSIVE N64 Rare Movies!
Okay, this is not RPG related but these will be really big games for the N64 (god knows they need more games like that) so we thought we would put those movies up for you guys to check out and drool over (if you own an N64). These movies are for the games Jet Force Gemini and Perfect Dark from Rare (the company who brought you the amazing GoldenEye). After Zelda, those 2 games are probably the 2 most awaited games and for good reasons. These games are good enough to make you forget all the other lesser games on the system. I'm not a big fan of Nintendo but I know good games when I see them. Jet Force Gemini and Perfect Dark are definately 2 top quality games that no hardcore gamers should go without. Click here to go to the movies page and if the links don't work, try again later, it might just be the Simplenet server going down (like usual). - Rudo 10:30 PM EST
Shining Force 3 Reader Review!
We have a second opinion of Shining Force 3 for you tonight. After Esque's editor review last week, we bring you a first reader review of the game courtesy of Jason Walton. Just like me and Esque, Jason really liked this game and I'm not surprised because the Shining Force series has always been one of the top Strategy RPG series along with the Ogre and Langrisser series. Click here to check out the review. - Rudo 10:30 PM EST
Sunday September 13th, 1998
MKR Packaging!
Although it cant compare to the packaging of Lunar Silver Star Story(what can?), Magic Knight Rayearth, most likely the last Sega Saturn game released has some packaging goodies of its own. Vic posted this on Working Designs own message board: "MKRE is coming with a couple pages of stickers, both regular and memory card. Very cool.". - GhaleonOne 10:15 PM EST
Saturday September 12th, 1998
Search Engine Added!
If you look just below the weekly poll you'll notice I've just added a new search engine in. I havent found any bugs with it yet, but if you find any, report them to us at I'll try and seperate the script so it puts all the message board posts at the bottom, below normal LunarNET pages as soon as I work on the script some more(the message board posts take up 9/10ths of the files you search for usually). - GhaleonOne 4:30 PM EST
Friday September 11th, 1998
Amazing New Message Boards!
This update took ALL day and part of yesterday to put up, but it's well worth it. LunarNET has some new message boards that are TEN times better than the old ones. You have to go check them out at the message boards page. Thanks to SineSwiper, the creator of the script, for letting us use them and helping us to set them up and test them. Check out Resonator Soft for all sorts of assorted RPG goodies, including his very own PC RPG game company! ^_^ - GhaleonOne 11:50 PM EST
LunarNETwork news!
Because of that crappy SimpleNet server, the LunarNETwork kinda died off somewhat, but there are still some sites left in it. Fanfic Paradise moved to GameNETs server, and two of the sites, RPGWorld and Umaro's Cave have combined for the RPG Cave! Check 'em all out. - GhaleonOne 11:30 PM EST
Links page back up!
Due to a bad script, the links page went down a week or so ago. It's now up again and won't fail again either. Next up in the scripts are the Top 10's, a search engine and some other nifty stuff. Click here for the links page. Also added was a banner for Resonator Soft. - GhaleonOne 10:55 PM EST
Magic Knight Rayearth Delayed...for a good reason!
Working Designs has announced a new October 98 release date for Magic Knight Rayearth. The reason is simple, they redid the intro song because of all the complaints they have gotten about the first one they did. To get an MP3 of it, go to Working Designs Homepage and check the new updates. It's about 1.5 megs in size I believe, and it's zipped. - GhaleonOne 10:50 PM EST
New Lunar EB Artwork!
Zone Pharaoh has uploaded some new Lunar: Eternal Blue Remix character artwork. Click here and head for the character artwork. Also uploaded by ZP was some artwork from an artbook from the series. It's in the same page than the Character Artwork is (since I had no better category to put it in). - GhaleonOne 10:40 PM EST
Thursday September 10th, 1998
Blue Stinger Dreamcast Pics!
Okay, this game might not be an RPG but god damn it this game looks too good so I had to update with pics of it anyway. Blue Stinger is from Climax (of Landstalker and Dark Savior fame) and it looks like it will be very similar to Resident Evil but in full 3-D and with incredible graphics and special effects. I haven't really been that impressed so far with Dreamcast games (except for Sonic) but this one kicks major ass. Stop reading this right now and check out the pics by clicking here. - Rudo 11:45 AM EST
Dreamcast Rumors?
The following information should be regarded as rumor only at this point:

Capcom- is under development with approx. 5-6 DC games, one of which may turn out to be a continuation of the Resident Evil/Biohazard series. Also, don't forget about Capcom's supposed specially designed RPG series for Dreamcast, rumored to take advantage of Dreamcast's internet capabilites.

Square- Gamers may eventually see Final Fantasy VIII on Dreamcast. Since it's a synch the game will be ported over to the PC at some point, or as speculated the PC version is being done simultaneously with the Playstation version. A further port of the game for Dreamcast should be no problem.

.-Webber 12:00 AM EST

Wednesday September 9th, 1998
Virtua Fighter RPG for Dreamcast?
Many sites around the internet are reporting that Sega has announced three launch titles for the Dreamcast in Japan. They are Sonic Adventure, Sega Rally 2, and Virtua Fighter RPG. Unfortunately we've had to un-confirm several titles over the last few weeks, let's hope Virtua Fighter RPG isn't one of them. The other two titles, Sonic Adventure and Sega Rally 2 seem like a safe bet. - Webber 11:30 PM EST
Lunar Packaging Pics!
Lunar SSS packaging pictures have been put up. Only 4 have been shown by WD, but the packaging looks marvelous in my opinion. Check it out by clicking here! The packaging of Lunar SSS for American gamers includes:

  • Special glossy cardboard "shell" box with art all around and foil stamping that flips open to show screenshots, etc.
  • Standard sized double jewelcase containing 4 CD's:
    - 2 game CD's.
    - 1 music CD soundtrack with select arranged tracks.
    - 1 video CD for PlayStation with a "making of" movie created
    for the US release with interviews of the actors, Japanese
    development staff, etc.
  • Cloth map.
  • Cloth hardbound artbook/instruction manual weighing in at over 100
    pages that will include about 20% of the official hintbook as well.
  • MSRP of $69.95
- GhaleonOne 6:20 PM EST
Weekly Polls!
Thanks to a friend of mine, Iceman, from Enterprise Gaming, LunarNET has its weekly polls back up. He modified the script for me this morning and our first poll with the new script is titled 'What is your most wanted RPG coming in 1998?'. - GhaleonOne 6:25 PM EST
Brigandine Movie!?
We're in a Brigandine mood today so we decided to give you the intro of Brigandine as a bonus. This game will surely kick ass when it's released in November so check out the very first movie of Brigandine to appear on the internet (to my knowledge) by clicking here to go to the Movies page. - Rudo 2:15 PM EST
New Brigandine Pics and Artwork
We have more pics of Brigandine for you tonight. For those who don't know, Brigandine is a Strategy RPG from Atlus for the Playstation coming this November. It borrows some aspect from top strategy RPGs like Dragon Force and Shining Force. We have 24 new pics along with 2 box art and 3 artwork of the characters. If that's not enough for you, you can check out our 25 existing pics on top of that. Click here to go to the Brigandine picture page. - Rudo 12:55 AM EST
Tuesday September 8th, 1998
Shining Force 3 Review
We have our first review of Shining Force 3 for you tonight. I'm currently playing this game and I must say that I REALLY like it and it seems like Esque did also. However, don't base yourself on his marks alone because the marks don't really tell the whole story. As he mentioned in his review, Shining Force 3 is possibly the best Strategy/RPG of all time but the reason for the relatively low marks are explained inside the review so check it out. Click here to go to the review. - Rudo 9:30 PM EST
Message boards fixed!
It seems someone was screwing around in LunarNET's FTP again. This "hacker" (we know who he is and something is being done about it as of now) as he thinks of himself, decided he needed to kill off some of our message boards because he doesn't like the posters at them. Well, I find it kinda "chicken shit" (pardon my language but enough is enough!) that someone would attack a website he doesn't even have any quarrels with just because he doesn't like some of the posters at their message boards. We never did anything to him, but he had to be a jackass and attempt to destroy our message boards using his little warez programs. More will probably become of this, but in the meantime, the message boards that went down (Lunar, Working Designs, and ACO) are now back up. Also, the Help Wanted Message Board is back up as well due to high demand! ^_^ Later today or tomorrow I'll do some MIDI updates for alot of RPGs and I believe Rudo is putting up EsquE's new Shining Force III review tonight so check back later! - GhaleonOne 3:30 PM EST
Monday September 7th, 1998
Parasite Eve ships tomorrow!?
A friend of mine that works at Electronics Boutique has just slipped me some info that Parasite Eve should be in EB stores nationwide TOMORROW. Katie is given credit for this. Tomorrow I'll have alot more updates, including new EB Remix stuff. - GhaleonOne 8:45 PM EST
Friday September 4th, 1998
Sonic Adventure Streaming Video!
Sega of Japan has posted the press conference introducing Sonic Adventure on their website, in streaming video format. It's available in two versions, 28.8k and ISDN. Go here to watch it.-Webber 11:00 AM EST
Background music fixed?!
Some of you reported to us that the music in the top frame was not working. We forgot to change the code to reflect the new address here at instead of the old SimpleNet address, so whenever that server was down at SimpleNet you were not able to retrieve the music. I just fixed it, so you should have no trouble playing music now. - GhaleonOne 2:15 PM EST
Parasite Eve Pre-launch?!
Fastest Gaming News Online has reported that some gamers were surprised to see Parasite Eve sitting on a Best Buy store shelf earlier this week. Somehow, Square EA accidentally sent out 248 copies to various Best Buy locations. This is one freaky mix-up, but it left some gamers with a large smile on their face. The game is still set to ship on the 15th. - GhaleonOne 2:10 PM EST Source FGNOnline
Thursday September 3rd, 1998
Working Designs Release Dates!
If you look at Working Designs' site, you'll notice that Magic Knight Rayearth has a release date of "Late September" and Lunar SSS has an October/November release date. After checking out EB's (the store, not the game :P) release dates, I've noticed that Magic Knight Rayearth had a release date of October 14th and Lunar SSS one of November 3rd. EB has never been the most accurate when it comes to release dates but since Working Designs is not reliable either, I guess we'll just have to come up with our own conclusions. Personally, I expect MKR to appear sometime during October and Lunar SSS near the end of November. - Rudo 11:30 AM EST
Sonic/Knuckles RPG?
Those guys at sure have created a lot of controversy with their first updates. We already reported on their claim that a 3-D remake of Lunar 2: EB was a confirmed title for Dreamcast (which we confirmed through a source that it was totally untrue). Well, another title that they put in their "confirmed" list was Sonic/Knuckles RPG. I'm not exactly sure what to think of this but given the site's track record (which is basically only 1 day), I can't say that I trust that claim. If it's true, it would be great but I personally won't bet any money on that until Sega officially announces the title. - Rudo 11:30 AM EST
Phantasy Star V Rumor!
Sega X has a juicy rumor on their site about Phantasy Star V for Dreamcast. As most of you already know, rumors have been flying for months about the possibility of seeing Phantasy Star V on Sega's new machine. Of course, all of it is pure speculation for now since nothing has been confirmed but this recent rumor states that Sega of Japan plans on making Phantasy Star V the best RPG ever and reportedly gave it a budget of 100 million Yen. Like I said before, take this rumor with a grain of salt because this is after all a rumor and PS5 hasn't even been announced. However, you can't help but imagine what it would be like to have Sega bring back this remarkable RPG series. Just the thought of seing a Phantasy Star game released in America near the launch of Dreamcast is enough to make me drool and think back with fond memories of the time I bought a Genesis just so I could play Phantasy Star 2. Let's just pray that this rumor turns out to be at least half true because Phantasy Star fans really deserve another installment of what many consider to be one of the best RPG series ever made. - Rudo 10:30 AM EST
Zelda TOot Japanese Release Date!
Nintendo has finally revealed the release date for their eagerly awaited RPG flagship title Zelda: The Ocarina of Time for the N64 in Japan. We've known for a while now that the game would be released here in America on November 23rd but the Japanese release date was still unknown. With the date finally set, we can breath a little more easily since rumors had been doing the rounds lately saying that the game might be delayed. We can't wait to get our hands on it and will bring you extensive coverage of the game once it's released in November. - Rudo 10:30 AM EST
No Eternal Blue Remake for Dreamcast!
The new IGN Dreamcast site, Dreamcast.IGN, has a confirmed list of games for the upcoming system, some of which seemed unconfirmable and non-sensable. I am speaking specifically about the 3D remake of Lunar:Eternal Blue that they mentioned on the list. I was able to confirm last night that no such game is under development for Dreamcast. GameArts will not remake the title for a third time, hehe. In fact GameArts may have even been a little insulted with the idea, as they have plenty of new games they'd like to create, instead of continually remaking older ones. - Webber 9:15 AM EST
Wednesday September 2nd, 1998
New RPG Releases(Japan)!
Slayers 2, from ESP, has been released for the Saturn in Japan. This is the sequel to the S-RPG Slayers Royal released for the Saturn awhile back, in Japan, and just recently released for the Playstation in Japan. Finding it to import shouldn't be much trouble.-Webber 11:00 AM EST
Grandia is Coming Soon?
To the Playstation in Japan, to be more specific. That appears to be what the big "Coming Soon" sign on their website signifies. We'll have more info as it becomes available.-Webber 10:00 PM EST
New Reader Editorial!
Somebody finally decided to supply us with an editorial (we haven't had one in 3 months). Feel free to do like him and send us some more editorials because you will be immortalized in the pages of LunarNET forever and will gain instant fame!!! (okay, maybe not but send them anyway :P). This editorial deals with the upcoming release of Lunar: Silver Star Story for Playstation and at the same time with system bias and system bashing (you'll understand when you read it how Lunar and system bashing are related). To read this editorial by Jason Walton, click here. - Rudo 5:00 PM EST
Tuesday September 1st, 1998
Star Ocean 2 Petition!
A petition has been started by to get Star Ocean 2 released in the United States. Click here for the petitions page. - GhaleonOne 11:35 AM EST