News Archive: July 1998
Friday July 31st, 1998
Another Lunar Silver Star Story Review!
E-Chan gives us a second opinion of Lunar SSS for the Playstation. He mostly seems to agree with Commodore Wheeler's review except for one aspect: the music. My opinion about the music of Lunar SSS is very similar to E-Chan's so go check out his review here and see if you agree with both of us about the music (if you've played it). - Rudo 4:30 PM EST
Release Date List Updated!
Well, as the title say, the release date list has been updated so go check it out to see when your favorite RPGs are coming to US shores! Click here to see the list. Thanks to RPG Advocate for the release list. - Rudo 4:30 PM EST
Even more Lunar 2 EB pics!
More pics were added to the Lunar 2: Eternal Blue monthly special page. These new pics are from Meribia and a bit of Taben's Peak. Click here for the pics. - Rudo 11:30 AM EST
Thursday July 30th, 1998
2 Reader Written Reviews!
We've got 2 reader-written reviews for you today. One for Grandia and another for Breath of Fire 3. The BOF3 review was written by a good friend of all the editors on the site (Renn Shion) and he's unhappy with the reviews that Breath of Fire 3 has received from magazines and internet sites so go check what he has to say in his review or else he'll turn crazy and try to take over the world (I've seen it happen before to my friend Steve from GameNET) :P. Anyway, click here for Michael Tham's review of Grandia and click here for Doug Hott's BOF3 review. - Rudo 5:00 PM EST
2 Tail Concerto Reviews!
E-Chan and Commodore Wheeler both sent their reviews of Tail Concerto at the same time so we might as well put them up together. Interestingly, both of them were surprised by this title but not for the same reasons. Apart from the fact that they both liked the game, their opinion on its merits are quite different. Check out E-Chan's review by clicking here and Commodore Wheeler's review by clicking here. - Rudo 1:00 AM EST
More Lunar 2 EB pics!
We've got another batch of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue pics up on the Lunar EB Special Section. These latest pics are from the village Zulan and the horrible Snow monster. Click here for the pics. - Rudo 1:00 AM EST
Wednesday July 29th, 1998
New RPG Releases!
A couple new RPGs have been released in Japan, sorry for the slowdown on this info in the last few weeks.
  • Star Ocean: The 2nd Story from Enix, has been released for the PSX in Japan
  • Backguner: Act 1 has been released for the Saturn in Japan.

  • Star Ocean 2 should be widely available at import stores in the next few days, Backguner may be harder to come by.-Webber 12:30 AM EST
    Tuesday July 28th, 1998
    Lunar 2 EB pics update!
    Yet another Lunar 2: Eternal Blue update has been finished. If you dont like spoilers, this isnt gonna be your day, and I will advise you not to look at these pictures. They are from Note(Nota in the English version), the Carnival, and the Mystic Ruins. Tommorrow expect pics from Zulan and the Snow Cave. Click here for the pics. Also, a first impression was added. One last note, I changed my LunarNET face to a better looking Ghaleon picture. - GhaleonOne 5:20 PM EST
    Monday July 27th, 1998
    Lunar 2 EB pics update!
    Another Lunar 2: Eternal Blue update has been added. This section is for Lemina and the Haunted Mansion. Tommorrow I'll post the a new pics section for the Mystic Ruins, and a certain persons intro! ;) Click here for the pics. - GhaleonOne 8:30 PM EST
    Zelda MIDI added!
    Thanks to Kizyr for sending me this great Zelda 1 Intro MIDI that is now in the MIDI Selector. - GhaleonOne 8:20 AM EST
    Breath of Fire 3 Review!
    Esque is back with another one of his great reviews. This time he takes a bite out of Breath of Fire 3 for the Playstation and comes back with a somewhat bitter taste in his mouth. If you're curious to see what he thought of it, follow the link right here. - Rudo 2:30 PM EST
    Sunday July 26th, 1998
    Lunar Eternal Blue MASSIVE update!

    Four big updates to the Monthly Specials section have been put up.

    1) A scanned map of the overworld has been put up. Thanks to the owner, Blake, of the Flying Dragon Homepage for the scan!

    2) MASSIVE pics update for the Illusion Woods. Careful though, there are some mini-spoilers in this section of pics, so I will start marking each pics section with the word SPOILER for those who would rather not see the spoiler pics.

    3) A bromides section has been set up. I have found two of the bromides. One for Lucia, and the other for Jean. If you find any before LunarNET does, let us know so we can slap more of 'em up on the bromides section. Thanks!

    4) Another first impression has been added, written by Dragonmaster Dan. Keep those first impressions coming in. You can send them to me.

    Also, one note, this update WOULD have been up last night, but my Sega Saturn bit the dust, and I had to replace it. =( But I got a new one, and pics will keep coming at an average of 1-2 sections per day. ^_^ Remember, if your having trouble with the import, just head down to the import board at our message boards section! - GhaleonOne 7:15 PM EST
    Saturday July 25th, 1998
    Lunar Eternal Blue pics!
    Yes even more pics! Click here to see them. These pics come from when you are escaping the Blue Spire all the way to the rescue of Lucia at Dalton. Either tonight or tommorrow I shall have pics for the Great Forest and farther up. - GhaleonOne 5:00 PM EST
    Lunar Eternal Blue first impressions!
    E-chan and myself have written first impressions on the Monthly Specials page. Also, if you imported the game, and want to send us your impressions to be put up on the impressions section, EMail them to me. - GhaleonOne 3:20 AM EST
    More Dragon Quest VII Pics!
    We've got some more pics of Dragon Quest VII for the Playstation. Seems like Enix is trying to keep that same Dragon Quest look as the previous games in the series. Thanks go to Magic Box for those pics. Click here to check out those new DQ7 pics. - Rudo 12:45 AM EST
    Friday July 24th, 1998
    Lunar Silver Star Story Review!
    Commodore Wheeler has written a great review of Lunar SSS for the Playstation. Wanna know how this version compares to the classic Sega CD Lunar? Well, click here to find out. - Rudo 11:30 PM EST
    Release Date List Updated!
    Well, as the title say, the release date list has been updated so go check it out to see when your favorite RPGs are coming to US shores! Click here to see the list. - Rudo 11:30 PM EST
    Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Remix!
    More Lunar 2 Eternal Blue pics have been added! This time they are pics from the Blue Spire area of the game. There are alot of anime scenes with Lucia in this batch of pics, but there are also some decent battle scene pics, and first boss pic. There are over 50 pics in this batch. Later tonight I'll try and have more up. Click here to see the new pics. - GhaleonOne 7:45 PM EST
    Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Remix and new updates!
    LunarNET has had a small remodeling. First off, we will be doing a monthly special every month. A piece of artwork with the games logo on it will be displayed on the startup page for LunarNET, and we will cover each game that makes it into our monthly special VERY intensely during its stay as our monthly special. This month (August, I know, it's a little early, but ah well), we are featuring the import Lunar 2 Eternal Blue. I have played some of this game, and it is absolutely breathtaking. We will cover this game more in depth starting tommorrow. But I have already spent the last 5 hours getting pics from the game for you, and now it's up! The first segment of our huge Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Blowout! Click here to proceed! Keep in mind I spent ALOT of time on these pictures, and I want this game to be fully credited like it should be. A lot of gamers don't realize how truly awesome this series is. For that reason, if you want to use any of these pics that I will be posting over the next few weeks (and I'll be posting in the thousands), then feel free to snag them and let people know about this splendid masterpiece. - GhaleonOne 3:45 AM EST
    Thursday July 23rd, 1998
    Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Remix!
    I just got to play some of Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Remix, I cant even begin to describe how impressed I am. I'll post a first impression later tonight, with pictures of the intro and some other early parts of the the game. - GhaleonOne 8:20 PM EST
    Kartia Press Release!

    Atlus CO., LTD. signs exclusive agreement with Blockbuster Video.

    Irvine, CA (July 22, 1998) Through an exclusive agreement with Blockbuster Video, Kartia will be available for rental only starting August 7, 1998 for a two week period prior to this title’s retail release. Kartia will become available for purchase from your local retailers across the country on August 17, 1998.

    Kartia, visualize the images in your mind…they will become reality… This summer dreams will become reality as Atlus is proud to present the first collaborative effort between the character designer for the Final Fantasy games, Yoshitaka Amano and Cozi Okada, the creator of Persona, Soul Hackers, and the Megami Tensei series in Japan.

    Kartia, is the RPG/Strategy game, fans have been waiting for. Look at these features:

    • Fully interactive terrain! Burn down trees and freeze entire rivers to turn the tide of battle!
    • Create your own weapons, armor, magic, and monsters using Kartia!
    • Trade special items with your friends via the memory card and use them in your own game!
    • An RPG/Strategy first! Fight to the death with your friends in the unique Versus Mode!
    • Fully rotatable 3-D battlefields!
    • Two different story lines complete with computer generated FMV sequences spread over 30 hours of tactical gameplay!
    • Use over 150 spells to destroy your enemies!
    - Rudo 5:00 PM EST
    Weekly Poll Change!
    The weekly poll has been rotated. The results from last week can be found here. The new poll is titled, "What is the most important aspect of an RPG?". - GhaleonOne 4:00 PM EST
    Zero Alpha reopened!
    After a month of being down, Zero Alpha was reopened. They were taken down because of similiar reasons to why we were knocked down in April for the MP3s on our site. - GhaleonOne 2:00 AM EST
    Petitions updated!
    Two petitions have been added, for Snatcher and Dragon Ball Z. These petitions are reader developed and are not made by LunarNET. Also, a note, the Final Fantasy 2/3 petition last week was put up by Enterprise Video Gaming and NOT LunarNET. - GhaleonOne 2:00 AM EST
    Links page updated!
    The following sites had links added: UsagiWorm: Online- RPG Domain, Lost Universe, RPG REALM, Estpolis Biography, Kou's Complete Gamest Mook ,EB2 - Lunar 2 Eternal Blue, Video Game World, FX Generation, FFVIII World, DreamCast Forever, Extreme Edge, PSX World, Playstation World, Grandia Translation, Nall's Cave of Lunar Stuff, and The OFFICIAL Crysalis Homepage. Click here to go to the links page. - GhaleonOne 12:15 AM EST
    Wednesday July 22nd, 1998
    Eternal Blue Released!
    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue(Remix) has been released for the Saturn in Japan, the game comes on 2 cds. Import game stores should start to recieve the game in the next few days.-Webber 8:00 AM EST
    Tuesday July 21st, 1998
    New DQVII Pics!
    Three new Dragon Quest VII pics have surfaced. Click here to view them. - GhaleonOne 11:55 PM EST Source: Gamespot
    Suikoden 2 Info and Pics!
    Some pictures have finally been revealed for Genso Suikoden 2 and it's good news for all the 2-D fans out there. Yes, Suikoden 2 is still in 2-D hand-drawn goodness (and looks a lot better than the first). A demo of the game will come with Metal Gear Solid which is set to be released on September 3rd in Japan. Genso Suikoden 2 is set to be released this winter in Japan. Click here to check out the pics. -Rudo 10:30 PM EST Source: Gamespot
    Shining Force 3: Scenario 3 Info!
    Shining Force 3: Scenario 3 is set to be released before the end of this summer in Japan so here is some info on it courtesy of Magic Box: This time the main character is a soldier called Julian who was in Scenario 1 & 2, the story will take place at the Evil Palace in the north which you weren't able to enter in the last two scenarios. An interesting note is that the story in Scenario 3 will differ according to what you've done in the last two scenarios. -Rudo 10:30 AM EST
    Shadows of Reality Update!
    It's been awhile, but it finally happened, the Shadows of Reality webpage received a major update. The people behind the game have posted the first installment of a designers diary, complete with new development screenshots. In case you've forgotten, SoR is an Online Cyberpunk RPG, which we did an interview about a few months ago. The idea is to create a fully functioning cyberpunk metropolis, with players deciding there own path whether good or bad. Everytime I read new info about the game I get excited for it all over again. Go here to see the first Designer's Diary installment.-Webber 12:00 AM EST
    Sunday July 19th, 1998
    Lunar SSS Promo and delay!

    Lunar SSS has been delayed, until somewhere around October, but when you read why, you'll be glad! This was posted by Vic(president of WD) on Usenet:

    "Our packaging and "extras" agenda got a LOT bigger, as we want to make this a really special release. As of right now, we have:

    A> A special glossy cardboard "shell" box with art all around and foil stamping that flips open to show screenshots, etc.

    B> Double jewelcase inside said box with 4 CD's in it.

    C> 2 game CD's

    D> 1 music CD soundtrack with select arranged tracks.

    E> 1 video CD for Playstation with a "making of" movie we're creating for the US release with interviews of the actors, Japanese development staff, etc, etc.

    F> Cloth map.

    G> And, NEXT to the double jewel case in the cardboard shell is a cloth hardbound artbook/instruction manual weighing in at over 100 pages that will include about 20% of the hintbook as well.

    All of this takes time, and we still don't have a firm handle on all aspects of the packaging (like the book) and the "making of" movie's production times. 10/16 is EB's guess, but we'll put our best guess on the webpage soon.
    Don't Believe the Hype -
    Vic" - Vic Ireland, President of Working Designs

    Thanks to for showing us to the postings. - GhaleonOne 10:45 PM EST

    Shining Force III Delayed!
    Unlike what I reported 4 days ago, Shining Force III Part 1 has NOT been shipped. It was delayed until sometime during August. Sega is becoming as hard as Working Designs to predict when their latest games will be out. - GhaleonOne 10:05 PM EST
    New Final Fantasy VIII and Dragon Quest VII characters!

    Three new Final Fantasy VIII characters and three new Dragon Quest VII characters have been discovered. Click here to view the newest Final Fantasy VIII characters. Click here to view the Dragon Quest VII characters. The three Final Fantasy VIII characters are listed below with breif character descriptions:

    Rinoa Heartilly: She is said to be a very happy girl. And most likely the girl Squall is holding in the FF8 logo.

    Seifer Almasy: A very experienced fighter who loves to win. He is very competive with his rivaly of Squall.

    Zell Dincht: Zell is searching for an old man who knows of the Garden Force.

    The Dragon Quest VII characters have no profiles, but the names were given. From right to left(according to the picture): Marabelle, Juu Jin Kou, and Kiefer Gran.

    Thanks to Gokou3, the owner of Paozu Yama for these pictures and character information. - GhaleonOne 10:00 PM EST

    Two new Chocobo titles are on the way!
    RPGamer has reported that Square has announced two new Chocobo titles in addition to the Chocobo Racing and Chocobo Mysterious Dungeon Adventures titles. Also reported, in CMDA, the chocobo will have a moogle sidekick named "Mowgli". The two mystery Chocobo titles are still unknown. Thanks to RPGamer for this info!- GhaleonOne 6:30 PM EST
    Lunar 2 EB Remix Coverage begins!

    LunarNET, Rightstep, and Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Gamest Mook are joining forces to cover this game in depth! A message board for Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Remix has been set up at Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Gamest Mook. Also, Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Gamest Mook has updated this past week with lots of new info. A few screen shots are below and the game is going to turn out VERY well.

    Features in their update include:

    The new Message board for discussion about the import.

    The new dash option has been enabled on the world map so you dont have to walk at a snail's pace like in the Sega/Mega CD version.

    Loading time in battles has is almost NOTHING! With only 2 or 3 seconds of loading after each battle.

    AI options have been improved in the battle scenes to allow "no magic/items", so that magic points and items are not waisted during battle.

    Other features include, the return of the bromides, more game save slots, and most importantly there is a HUGE interview with the creators of Lunar 2 EB Remix, a list of the cast of characters(and for those wondering, they DID get Megumi Hayashira back for Lemina's voice!), and even a little tidbit of info about Lunar 3.

    Click here for the message boards.- GhaleonOne 6:20 PM EST

    Final Fantasy VIII Movie!
    The second half of the FFVIII intro has been put up. Next we will put up the Levathian movie. We should be getting a copy of the demo of FFVIII soon, so we'll have our own movies and screen shots soon to go along with the coverage of Lunar 2 Remix import. Click here for the movies page. - GhaleonOne 6:15 PM EST
    Final Fantasy 2(4j) and 3(6j) petition added!
    Petition added for FF2/3 to be brought out on the Playstation. The link is contained at the petitions page. - GhaleonOne 1:15 AM EST
    New Final Fantasy VIII movies!
    Two Final Fantasy VIII movies are now up, courtesy of GameFan. The first half of the demo intro and a battle scene have been put up. Tommorrow I will upload the second half of the intro, and the totally awesome Levathian spell movie. Also, tommorrow, new screen shots will be put up. Click here to goto the movies page. Also, we will probably be getting this demo ourselves in the very near future and will do alot of coverage on it. - GhaleonOne 12:30 AM EST
    Friday July 17th, 1998
    New Lunar movies!
    A movie of the Lunar SSS Japanese TV Commercial in MPEG format was put up. Also, the Lunar Magic School intro was put up in AVI format. These movies came from Zone Pharoah at the Lunar Threads here on LunarNET. Thank ZP! ^_^ Click here to go to the movies page. - GhaleonOne 1:00 AM EST
    Wednesday July 8th, 1998
    LunarNET layout change!
    Unfortunately, I found out the flames that were next to the LunarNET logo were copyrighted and we were not allowed to use them, so I had to replace them with something new. I added in a cool looking guy that swings a sweet looking sword. I have no clue what game he comes from, but nonetheless he looks pretty cool, so until we find some sharp looking Ghaleon and Sephiroth animated graphics, the sword guy is there to stay! ^_^ Also, the Katana's on the subpages have been replaced with a new sword. - GhaleonOne 10:30 PM EST
    Wheel of Time Update!
    The official website for Wheel of Time received its weekly update a couple days ago. There isn't anything too groundbreaking to report, just a little bit more on development and gameplay. Glen feels that the game plays extremely well in a one on one situation, as opposed to an action game like Quake. Go here to see the update.-Webber 9:40 PM EST
    NEC Confirms Dreamcast RPGs for US!
    NEC has confirmed that both RPGs recently announced for Dreamcast, Sengoku Turb & Seventh Cross, will be released in the US.-Webber 9:30 PM EST
    Suikoden 2 in the US!
    According to RPGamer, Konami has confirmed that they would release Suikoden 2 in North America. This isn't really a surprise since Suikoden fared pretty well here when it was released in 1996. The game will be released in japan under the name: Akatsuki Teikokugawa, which translates in English to "Red Moon: The Emporer's Countryside. No release date has been given yet. - Rudo 2:30 PM EST Source: RPGamer
    New FF8 Info!
    We have some new information about Final Fantasy VIII from our friends at Magic Box:

    • Draw System - The Magic will be replaced by the Draw System, which allows you to draw magic spells out of the enemies, you can use the magic a number of times before it is used up.  The odds of drawing a magic spell from enemy depends on you and your enemies' strength, and how well you mastered the Draw technique.
    • Double - Allows you to cast certain draw magic together to cause double or more damages to the enemies, but it will cost twice or even more energy.
    • Guardian Force - The Summon spells are replaced by the Guardian Force, they are beasts that you can summon to protect you, some will take up the damages for their master, some will give special abilities or magic to their masters or attack the enemies on their own, when their HP reaches 0, you will not be able to use them for a while.
    • Gunblade - weapon used by Squall, it is both a gun and sword, by holding R1 when attacking, you will have higher attack power (but Squall will pause for a while to gather his energy).  Squall can also perform combo moves after a certain point in the story, he can continue to attack until his combo gauge runs out.
    • Dual Shock - FF VIII will support the Dual Shock controller, vibration will enhance the gameplay in many different ways.
    • Sony PDA - a rumor said that you can use Sony's PDA on breeding Chocobos and other creatures in the game.
    - EsquE 12:00 AM EST
    Tuesday July 7th, 1998
    Tales of Destiny Review!
    Commodore Wheeler is back with a review of Tales of Destiny for the Playstation. This is a review of the import but expect to play an english version of the game when it's released here sometime in August. You can check out the review here. - Rudo 9:30 PM EST
    Monday July 6th, 1998
    Final Fantasy VII PC Update!
    As you all know, Final Fantasy VII for the PC has been released. Thanks to Video Game Music Archive we now have 4 different Final Fantasy VII MIDI Packs. There are a total of 385 combined MIDIs in four seperate MIDI pack types. Click here to go to the MIDIs page. If you want more information regarding the PC version of Final Fantasy VII, or you're looking to test a demo out, go to Eidos Interactive's Final Fantasy VII page. - GhaleonOne 9:40 PM EST
    Lunar SSS English Promo Revealed!
    Victor Ireland recently posted on Usenet about the promo for Lunar Silver Star Story in America. Here was his qoute:

    "The US version will be 3 discs (!), because we are planning to include a CD soundtrack disc that is exclusive to the US release." - Vic Ireland, President of Working Designs.

    Furthermore, he ads this:

    "Part of the reason we wanted to add the disc for the PS version is both the PS and Saturn versions did NOT use Redbook audio, so you can't hear the tracks outside the game..." - Vic

    Lunar Silver Star Story is set to be released in September! - GhaleonOne 2:30 AM EST

    Sunday July 5th, 1998
    MIDI Selector Update!
    New MIDIs have been added to the MIDI selector at the top. The MIDIs added include: Winland(BOF), Katt(BOF2), Kiki(BOF2), Overworld(BOF3), Battle Theme 1(BOF3), Battle Theme 2(BOF3), Jenova Remix(FFVII), Seto(FFVII), Mystic Stones(Lufia2), Sad Theme(Lufia2), Iris Theme(Lufia2), Sad theme(Lufia1), Ending Theme(Lufia1). Peaceful Theme(Lufia1), Carnival Theme(LunarEB), Alex/Luna(LunarTSS), Overworld Theme(Secret of Mana), Zettia(Saga Frontier), Dragon Knights(Suikoden), Town Theme(Wild ARMS), Overworld Theme(Wild ARMS), and Battle Theme(Wild ARMS). Most likely, you havent heard these MIDIs yet, because they came from Japanese sites. I scanned for MIDIs on as many gaming based pages as I could find. I have alot more where these came from, and I will update the MIDI packs with new MIDIs from games like Bahamut Lagoon, Breat of Fire, Crystalis, Dragon Quest, Faxanabu, Final Fantasy(1-7), Fire Emblem, Langrisser, Lufia, Lunar, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Saga Frontier, Suikoden, Sakura Taisen, Secret of Mana, Treasure Hunter G, Tales of Destiny, Tales of Phantasia, Wild ARMs, Y's, and XenoGears! - GhaleonOne 3:30 PM EST
    New message boards!
    I have just set up message boards for both the Phantasy Star and Shining Force series. The Shining Force board will hopefully become a haven for game help and counseling when Shining Force III Part 1 is released here in the United States later this month. I also deleted the Final Fantasy, Dragon Force, and Chrono Trigger message boards since they were not in use. And I did add a Squaresoft RPG board, so if you want to discuss Final Fantasy VIII, Brave Fencer Mushasiden, Xenogears, and other great Playstation Square games or the many great SNES classic RPGs from Squaresoft, this is the board to do it on. In case anyone is still working through Panzer Dragoon Saga, I also put up a board for it. Click here for the message boards page. - GhaleonOne 2:00 PM EST
    Saturday July 4th, 1998
    Final Fantasy VII Icon Set!
    I have uploaded a Final Fantasy VII Icon Set to the Utilities Page. Click here to go to the utilities and download the icons. - GhaleonOne 2:40 PM EST
    Marie Atake from I-Motion recently e-mailed me about an upcoming RPG/Adventure game to be released on August 31st on PC called Hexplore. Here are some of the features of this game:

    • Totally new isometric 3D concept, made with voxel rendering and called 'VoxIso', allowing :
      • Zoom in and out on the universe at any moment of the game.
      • Free 360 rotation of the background, in real time, allowing traps, objects, characters or secret passages hidden behind walls or cliffs, etc...
    • The 1st real Adventure/arcade game playable in both modes : off-line and on-line, with total cooperating system in multiplayer mode : up to 4 players, local network, modem or internet.
    • More than 10 universes with specific and various graphics : forest, mountains with snow, deep dungeons, desert, lost temples, oriental palace, etc...
    • More than 250 maps to explore, with a minimum of 70 hours of gameplay.
    • 13 cinematic movies, explaining the scenario and illustrating the countries you'll have to cross, with 13 original music scores with CD quality.
    • Basic " point'n click " controls, usable with mouse or mouse and keybord.
    Adventure Features :
    • Exploration system allows you to only see where you have explored: the rest of the environment is shrouded in fog.
    • Dialog with the characters evolves over time, creating a dynamic universe.
    • Take, use and exchange objects that will help you in your quest.
    • Secret areas to find, hidden chests and treasures to discover.
    • Complex puzzles and traps to solve in order to advance in your journey.
    • Original scenarios mixing history and heroic fantasy , leading you to the goal of your multiple quests
    RPG Features :
    • Characters gain experience during their travels..
    • Inventory system and organization of your equipment.
    • Choose between 16 characters with specific capabilities to join your party.
    • Play different classes of character like Warrior, Magician, Adventurer and Archer, possessing their own unique skills.
    • More than 120 weapons with individualized powers keyed to specific character classes.
    Action Features :
    • Fight with more than 7000 monsters, including more than 15 bosses.
    • Various and numerous weapon types that you'll have to obtain during your travels allowing real arcade action and fights.
    • 3 difficulty levels that you can change at any time of the game.
    Real-time strategy system :
    • Automatic group configuration system, allowing you to move your characters and keeping the same positions one to the others.
    • Stand/Ground option allowing heroes to help the others during the fight, by firing automatically at the enemies with a sniper mode.
    • Independent or group movement with your 4 adventurers..
    • Artificial intelligence and automatic character fighting when you are not controlling them.
    • Immediate selection of weapons, allowing the use of several weapons at the same moment, on the same character.
    You can check out the site for the game and pick up a demo Here -Rudo 1:30 PM EST
    Friday July 3rd, 1998
    New Dreamcast RPG a hoax!
    Last night we told you about a new RPG from Edge Creation called Nightmare Saga. We later learned that this company doesn't even exists and that this information was coming from a guy who's been e-mailing Dreamcast fan sites pretending to be from Edge Creations. Since we never got the e-mail from the guy ourselves, there was no way for us to figure out it was a hoax. After seeing the content of the e-mail that those sites received, I can't understand how they could fall for it. First of all, why would somebody working for a game company e-mail fan sites with exclusive information and not the big sites like Next-Generation? Also, the e-mail was full of spelling mistakes and bad grammar. However, maybe that's just me. I've always been pessimistic and suspicious so I can understand how people could have fallen for the hoax since it was great news to hear. If you want to tell the guy who started this hoax what you think of people like him, head over to Dreamcast Extreme where they posted the guy's e-mail address. -Rudo 1:00 PM EST
    Thursday July 2nd, 1998
    KOEI games on Dreamcast!
    Rumors say that Koei is working on two new Dreamcast titles: Romance of the 3 Kingdoms 6 and New Horizon III (Uncharted Waters). This wouldn't be surprising since Koei has developed for almost every major platforms so far. Koei (for those who don't know) are known for their great War/Simulation/Strategy/RPG series. - Rudo 10:45 PM EST Source: Magic Box
    New Dreamcast RPG Announced!
    Edge Creation has revealed a new Action RPG for Dreamcast entitled Nightmare Saga. Reportedly the game will have a horror-type theme similar to Resident Evil.-Webber 9:30 PM EST Source: Magic Box
    New Slayers RPG Announced!
    Banpresto has announced a new RPG for Playstation based on the Slayers Anime series entitled Slayers Wonderful, the game is scheduled for release in September.-Webber 9:30 PM EST Source: Magic Box
    Lunar 2 EB pics!
    New LUNAR 2: Eternal Blue pics have been added. These pics come from SegaNET. Click here to go to the pics pages. - GhaleonOne 6:30 PM EST
    More FAQs!
    More FAQs have been added for Dragon Force I and II, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Sakura Taisen, and Shining Force III part 1. Click here to view the FAQs page. - GhaleonOne 1:15 AM EST
    Lunar Manga Translation!
    I put up a translation of the Japanese Lunar Manga. It is supposedly set somewhere in between the end of the normal EB game, and the epilogue and stars a girl named Alice. Click here to go to the FAQs/Cheats/Translations page or click here to view the Lunar Manga Translation. - GhaleonOne 12:50 AM EST
    Huge FAQs update!
    I have put up FAQs for Final Fantasy Tactics, Kings Field, Kings Field 2, Quest 64, Rurouni Kenshin RPG, Samurai Showdown RPG, Tactics Orge, and Tales of Destiny. Click here to go to the FAQs page. - GhaleonOne 12:45 AM EST