News Archive: June 1998
Tuesday June 30th, 1998
Legend of Legaia Info!
Videogamespot has just put up a large article on an upcoming RPG from Sony for the Playstation entitled Legend of Legaia. The game looks very promising, here is a small exerpt from the article:

This time around, there will be no such conundrum as Legend of Legaia follows its own distinct path into the increasingly crowded world of RPGs. The theme of the game is set in the future, where the state of the world is turning for the worse. Man, of course, hasn't been treating the planet so well, and as a result, curious things are starting to happen. A strange mist is beginning to blanket over Earth, and wherever it goes, normal people are starting to turn into killers and monsters are creeping out from the shadows. Three young heroes emerge to confront the situation - they are Vann, Noa, and Gahra. Vann is a 15-year-old boy with a quiet disposition and a dislike for fighting. Like each of the characters, he has his own original style of kempo. Noa, who is younger than Vann, was raised in the wild by wolves. Despite this, she speaks very well, and as the others would discover, she has a very big secret. Gahra is the oldest of the group and grew up in a monastery. The temple where he was taught focused on the strengthening of the body through a grueling regimen of physical labor. As one would expect, his demeanor is usually very serious.

Seems good so far, let's hope it gets translated for english audiences. Go here to view the rest of the article.-Webber 9:45 AM EST

Grandstream Saga is Out!
Grandstream Saga, an Action-style RPG for the Playstation has been released in the US.-Webber 8:45 AM EST
Wheel of Time Update!
The official website for Wheel of Time has receieved it's weekly update, and this one is pretty interesting. This time Glen speaks about actually playing the game against another person, and he seemed to have had a very good time(hehe). He also talks a bit about character design. Lastly, he posted 3 excellent looking new screenshots of the game. Go here to view the update.-Webber 12:10 AM EST
Monday June 29th, 1998
New Skies Pics!
Segasoft & Paradigm released some incredible new screenshots of Skies, their upcoming Online PC RPG a few days ago. And when I say incredible, I mean incredible, these shots will make your jaw drop they look so good. I just hope the average gamer's PC can run the game with this kind of graphical level, which I doubt. Get your butt over to the website and check these out. Go here to view the pics.-Webber 11:50 PM EST
New Zelda Info!
Shigeru Miyamoto revealed some new information on upcoming Zelda games in an interview with EGM. First, playing time in LoZ: The Ocarina of Time will be at least as long as LoZ: A Link to the Past, but he said with the added freedom and liberties of Loz: The Ocarina of Time the game will provide much more in volume.

Next, he spoke on a sequel for the 64DD, by confirming it's development and then saying:

"When you play the initial disk version of Zelda after finishing everything you can enter into a different world, though the design is the same"

Next, he said that Nintendo is developing more Zelda games for Gameboy, a color version of Link's Awakening, and another Zelda adventure. Thanks to EGM for this great info.-Webber 10:00 PM EST

New RPG Releases(Japan)!
Several new RPGs have been released in Japan over the last couple days, all for Playstation, here is a list:
  • Shadow Tower
  • Slayers Royal
  • Legend Of Heroes Compilation: Legend of Heroes 1 & Legend of Heroes 2
  • -Webber 9:30 PM EST

    New Dreamcast Game Announced!
    A new Adventure game has been announced for Dreamcast from Revolution entitled Blackout. The game is supposedly a mix of Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid type gameplay. Blackout is expected for release sometime in summer 1999.-Webber 9:00 PM EST Source: Magic Box
    I'm back!
    Some of you may have noticed my absence in updates the past 3 days. I lost my internet connection for that period of time, due to circumstances beyond my control. Updates will return tonight at our normal rate, sorry for the slowdown.-Webber 8:00 PM EST
    Huge MIDI packs update!
    MIDI Packs have been updated for the following games: 9 new MIDIs for the Breath of Fire series, 2 for Dark Wizard, 1 for Crystalis, 11 for Dragon Warrior/Quest, 6 for Earthbound, 24 for Final Fantasy Tactics, 1 for Landstalker, 21 for Ninja Gaiden, 15 for Phantasy Star, 8 for Saga Frontier, 17 for Super Mario RPG, 3 for Snatcher, 2 for Secret of Evermore, 1 for Suikoden, 4 for Sword of Vermillion, 10 for the Y's series, and a whopping 58 new MIDIs for the great Zelda series! Click here to go to the MIDIs page. - GhaleonOne 6:30 PM EST
    Langrisser V!
    Another awesome E-chan written review! This time he reviews the fifth installment of one of the best import series available, Langrisser! Click here to see the review of Langrisser V: End of Legend! - GhaleonOne 1:00 AM EST
    Sunday June 28th, 1998
    Drakan confirmed for Dreamcast!
    Surreal Software's Nick Radovich has confirmed that Drakan will be coming to the Dreamcast. This is great news since this PC game was one of the most impressive title at E3 this year. Just in case you've forgotten, we posted a Movie of the game a while back so go check it out in our Movie section. - Rudo 7:00 PM EST
    Working Designs Release List!
    Working Designs have recently re-shuffled their release list and not surprisingly, Magic Knight Rayearth is one of the titles that got delayed.

    Elemental Gearbolt Playstation July 13, 1998
    Thunder Force V Playstation August 13, 1998
    Magic Knight Rayearth Saturn August 1998
    Lunar: Complete Playstation September 1998
    Silhouette Mirage Playstation October 1998
    RPG ??? Playstation December 1998

    At least Working Designs has pushed back Silhouette Mirage so that they can concentrate their efforts on bringing Magic Knight Rayearth and Lunar sooner. - Rudo 7:00 PM EST
    Saturday June 27th, 1998
    Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden series!
    I recently contacted Tecmo to find out any information on a possible Ninja Gaiden sequel. They responded with a "...for Ninja Gaiden, this subject is currently under investigation."! I will post more information on this subject within a week hopefully. - GhaleonOne 7:30 PM EST
    Friday June 26th, 1998
    Massive Lunar: Eternal Blue Remix website!
    At there is a massive preview for Lunar 2 Eternal Blue for the Sega Saturn. LunarNET plans to cover this game extensively when it is released on July 22nd, 1998. - GhaleonOne 3:30 PM EST
    Thursday June 25th, 1998
    FFVII for PC is Out!
    Final Fantasy VII for PC is out and should be available for purchase everywhere.-Webber 10:10 PM EST
    Earthbound 64 Cart Only!
    As we reported a month ago, Earthbound 64 has been confirmed by Nintendo of Japan to be a 256 megabit cart, just like Zelda. It will not be released for the 64DD.-Webber 9:50 PM EST
    New Zelda Movies!
    We've just put up two new movies of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. The first AVI shows link approaching Hyrule Castle. The second AVI shows Link riding his horse, he starts out at Lon Lon Ranch, and then he heads of towards Hyrule Castle. Go here to view the movies.-Webber 9:50 PM EST
    New Castlevania 64 Pics!
    Game Online has just posted several new pics of Castlevania 64. The game looks incredible, and these screenshots show an excellent level of detail. They also show that Konami will not be abandoning side-scrolling platforming completely in this game. Some of the shots show Schneider Belmont, the game's main character, working his way up the gears in a clock tower, and the view is from the side. Go here to view the pics.-Webber 9:35 PM EST
    Square developing for Sony's PDA!
    At the 33rd Squaresoft stockholders meeting last Sunday, Square announced that they will be developing for the upcoming Sony PDA(Personal Digital Assistant). The press conference also brought the good news that, despite a bad Japanese economy, Square's net sales actually increased! - GhaleonOne 3:30 AM EST Source: Game Busters
    Wednesday June 24th, 1998
    Climax to work on Dreamcast?
    Andreas Tunek got an e-mail back from Climax stating that they were working on an RPG that *might* be released on Dreamcast. We can only hope that they do release it because just the thought of a Landstalker-style RPG for Dreamcast brings a smile to my face. Thanks to Eclipse Gaming for the info. - Rudo 11:30 PM EST
    Dragon Quest VII on Dreamcast?
    Gamers Republic are hinting that Dragon Quest VII might be coming to the Dreamcast from Enix. Considering that Enix was reportedly at the Dreamcast launch, this rumor could turn out to be true. However, something tells me that this is too good to be true (but then again, I've always been a pessimist). Thanks to Dreamcast Extreme for pointing this out, go check them out. - Rudo 11:30 PM EST
    2 NEC RPGs for Dreamcast?
    It seems like 2 RPGs might be coming to the Dreamcast from NEC according to sources in Hong Kong and Japan. This would of course make sense since NEC is responsible for the Graphic chipset in the Dreamcast and have always been close with Sega. Sega X reports that these two games are Seventh Cross, a strategy RPG, and Senngoku TURB, an action RPG. Seventh Cross seems to be further along in development with a release date of around November 20th (right at the launch of Dreamcast... interesting). Senngoku TURB is pretty early in development and should launch later this winter. - Rudo 11:30 PM EST
    AM2 RPG for Dreamcast?
    There are rumors flying around saying that AM2, best known for their racing and fighing games in the Arcades, are working on an RPG for Dreamcast. This is only a rumor at this point and quite frankly, I wouldn't put any money on that one. - Rudo 11:30 PM EST
    Lunar, Lufia and Grandia MIDIs!
    I have just added a Grandia MIDI pack to the MIDI's page, along with updating the Lufia and Lunar MIDI packs. I added the Lunar MIDIs and the Grandia opening theme to the MIDI Selector at top. I'll add some more MIDIs tonight with the other updates I have planned. Click here to go to the MIDIs page. - GhaleonOne 10:25 PM EST
    Shining the Holy Ark Review!
    Thanks to Gabe Carter we now have a reader written review for Shining the Holy Ark. This is a great Sega Saturn classic RPG, and you can now view a LunarNET review of it by clicking here. If you would like to review a game for LunarNET, its simple, just click here! - GhaleonOne 7:35 PM EST
    Final Fantasy Tactics Review!
    Esque strikes again with another review, this time for Final Fantasy Tactics. This might be an old game by now but since we didn't have a review of it yet, we decided to fix that and give you one now (better late than never). It is a mighty fine review if I may say so myself so go check it out here. - Rudo 1:00 PM EST
    Tuesday June 23rd, 1998
    Thousand Arms Pics!
    We've just put up a small pic Gallery for Atlus's upcoming PC RPG Thousand Arms. The gallery only contains four pics, any info on this game is extremely hard to come by. Go here to view them.-Webber 11:35 PM EST
    More Dreamcast Info!
    Game Online has just posted part 3 of the great interview they did with the President of Sega Shoichiro Irimajiri. It's got even more great info on Sega's next system Dreamcast. According to Mr. Irimajiri, Yu Suzuki is very impressed with the new system:

    SSM: Sega's arcade division has many top producers renowned world-wide for their quality games. What part do they have to play in the overall software strategy for Dreamcast?

    SI: This architecture is very powerful. Already arcade developers are using the coin-op version of the Dreamcast architecture, called Noami. Yu Suzuki, the Virtua Fighter 3 producer, told me yesterday that he has already achieved 3.5 million polygons on it - this is much, much higher than the figures for Model 3. We expect that lots of arcade titles will appear on the Naomi boards in arcade centres. Consequently if we decide to do it, lots of arcade titles will be easily ported to Dreamcast. On the other hand the demand for quality titles from consumers is much higher than before. They will not necessarily be satisfied with the quality - they will want much more consumer-oriented titles so this is a good thing and a bad thing. We need to carefully select the titles from the arcade side and add some taste of home games. That's our business strategy.

    That is some mighty boastful stuff, let's hope Dreamcast delivers. Go here to view the rest of the interview.-Webber 11:15 PM EST

    Asherons Call Preview!
    OGR has just put up a massive preview of Asherons Call, an upcoming Online PC RPG developed by Turbine and published by Microsoft. They've got some extremely detailed info in their preview, including impressions from playing the game. Go here to view the preview.-Webber 11:00 PM EST
    Final Part Victor Ireland E3 Interview!
    Here it is, the fourth and final part of the interview myself and Rudo did with Victor Ireland at E3. This is the best part! We get into some real potty talk with Vic, and don't worry cause it's nothing profane, hehe. So here it is without further ado, the thrilling climax(JK) of our Victor Ireland E3 Interview, go here to read it.-Webber 12:05 AM EST
    Ogre Battle 3 Pic Gallery
    We've just posted a large Gallery of brand new pics from Ogre Battle 3 for the N64. The pics are large and very high quality. They include both artwork and shots of the game in action. Go here to view the Gallery.-Rudo 12:00 AM EST
    Monday June 22nd, 1998
    FFVIII Information From Demo has just posted some information about the Final Fantasy VIII demo that was shown to Square shareholders this past Sunday. Here is what was reported:

    There is a strange-shaped building in the game that serves as a school for soldiers like West Point. It's called Garden. Squall is one of the trainees of the school. It is a private school for kids from six to 19 years of age. If a kid doesn't pass the graduation exam during the ages of 15 to 19, the kid will be expelled from Garden.

    There's no magic shop in FFVIII. Basically, normal people cannot use magic, but Garden graduates are exceptional and can.

    A much harder goal than passing the graduation exam is to become a member of SeeD. SeeD is a special force like the Green Beret or French Foreign Legion. Highly capable trainees have a chance to try out for SeeD. Squall is hoping to become a member of the squad.

    There are several new features for battle mode:

    1) Among the commands like Fight, Magic, and Item, there is a new command called Draw where you can "draw" magic from the monster you're fighting. After selecting Draw, you choose Use or Stock. Stock means you can save it for another battle. If you draw magic, you can use it only once. Currently, it is not known how much magic you can save. And of course, you can't always draw magic from anything.

    2) The second new feature is Guardian Force. It's much like summoning a monster, but this time the monster evolves as it gains experience in battle. You select command then you select your monster. It clearly shows that you can have several monsters as guardians.

    3) On the demo disc, Squall's gunblade is available. As Squall turns, there's a gauge for the gunblade. If you pull the trigger (R1 button) at the proper time, it will bring bigger damage for the opponent.

    Other tidbits: Square said that the Chocobos will be a little different this time to give them a more realistic feel.

    Laguna will not be included on the demo disc.

    Despite the previous reports, Biggs and Wedge will have cameo appearances in the game. Square had second thoughts and decided to include them.

    Pretty cool stuff, we'll have tons of pics and movies as soon as the demo is released with Musashiden next month. Thanks to for providing this great info.-Webber 11:00 PM EST

    Playstation 2=DVD?
    PSM Online is reporting that the Playstation 2 may be a DVD based console. Sony will keep it completely hidden until sometime early next year, when it will reveal it to counter Sega's Dreamcast.-Webber 10:30 PM EST
    Atlus Prepares Thousand Arms(Japan)!
    PSM Online has reported that Atlus's long-in-development Playstation RPG Thousand Arms, is nearing completion, and is planned for a November release in Japan. This game has no US release date yet, but Atlus has an excellent track record of translating nearly all their games for english releases. So, hopefully a US announcement is forthcoming, and as with Atlus's other games a fairly quick translation.-Webber 10:20 PM EST
    Sega's President on Dreamcast & RPGs!
    Sega Saturn Magazine, based in the UK, recently did an interview with Shoichiro Irimajiri, the President of Sega. They asked him a question about the Dreamcast and RPGs. Here is what was said:

    SSM: Role-playing games very important for the Japanese market. How will Dreamcast address this?

    SI: As you saw yesterday the biggest benefit of Dreamcast is to provide the almost movie-like graphics. So when you think about role-playing games, it's kind of a story, like the movies. In the past, even though the graphics movies ahead of the gameplay are very attractive, when you go into the game itself the graphics suddenly change but with the performance of the Dreamcast, the graphics will be exactly the same quality as the movies - the movies and the gameplay will be seamless. This machine is the most exciting platform for role-playing games.

    Let's hope they continue to pay as much attention to a game's story as much as it's graphics. Go here to view the rest of this excellent interview, and thanks again to Game Online for this great info.-Webber 10:00 PM EST

    Core Develops for Dreamcast?
    Core has apparently already started developing for Sega's Dreamcast, here is some info from Game Online about what Core is preparing for the system:

    Core have remained tight-lipped, but our spies inform us that the product of their three Dreamcast kits is unlikely to be the speculated Tomb clone. In fact, Core already have a previous project which they are using to 'roadtest' the system. Herdy Gerdy, from what we can glean, is an ambitious attempt to create a 3D world with animated characters of cartoon quality.

    The source of the animation is ex-employees of Cosgrove Hall, a mainstay of the children's cartoon industry in this country, and responsible for hits like Dangermouse.

    Apparently, the animators are experiencing the theorised 'enablement' that Dreamcast offers: the machine has the power to handle 'whatever they can throw at it'.

    Not an RPG, but it sounds like a good start. Thanks to Game Online for this great info.-Webber 9:50 PM EST

    Revenant Website!
    Eidos has just put up a website for their upcoming PC RPG Revenant. It has a lot of great information about the game, including new screenshots. Go here to view the website.-Webber 9:40 PM EST
    FFVII for PC Available on the 26th!
    Final Fantasy VII for PC is expected to ship on the 24th, and should be available in most stores nationwide by friday the 26th. Although plenty of gamers will be able to purchase it before then.-Webber 9:30 PM EST
    New RPG Releases(Japan)!
    A few new RPGs have been released in Japan, unfortunately we don't know much about them, but here they are anyways.

    For Playstation:

  • Princess of Darkness
  • Yuna Final Deitin
  • For Saturn:

  • World Soccer RPG
  • -This is the Soccer RPG co-developed by Sega and Enix, actually Enix's only Saturn RPG. It may prove to be a very interesting game, we'll just have to wait and see.

    -Webber 9:15 PM EST

    Network News!
    This is just to let people know that the Network part of the site (as it currently is) will be going down in the near future because we have decided to take a new approach to the whole network idea. Let's just say that the new Network will be more ambitious and the criterias for entering the Network will be different from the current ones. Watch out IGN and UGO, here we come! (okay, maybe not but a guy can dream). - Rudo 3:00 PM EST
    Monday and Tuesday bring some great updates!
    Tommorrow will mark the end of our interview with Victor Ireland as part four will be released. Also to be updated in the next two days will be a plethora of new MIDIs, from Lunar to Grandia to Crystalis to Lufia. I will be doing an article/update about the making of Lunar the series by GameArts, with pictures and names of the staff of the Japanese series, and even a few pics of the screen play. Besides these updates, I'll have some other great items, from a set of Final Fantasy VII icons, a translation of the Lunar Manga, and a new games listings directory so you can find all the info on your favorite games quicker. - GhaleonOne 5:00 AM EST
    New Site Hosted!
    A codes site, named Warp has been added. Click Here to view it. - GhaleonOne 4:55 AM EST
    Editorial on World Charts!
    An editorial written by M. about the Internet World Video Games Top 100 Chart has been put up. Here is a sample clip of the article:

    "The entire point of this protest is that Jurgen Appelo has admitted to rigging the Internet Video Games Top 100 chart. I and many others find this action absolutely unacceptable. In Appelo's response to people's complaints he posted his editorial explaining that he is trying to reflect the "true" worldwide popularity of a title, and then links to a page of algorithms designed to address varying issues of statistical anomalies. And I find it even more despicable that he is hiding behind these very valid algorithms because they are not the algorithms he is using."

    Click here to go to the editorials page. - GhaleonOne 4:45 AM EST
    MASSIVE pics update!
    Secret of Mana, Dark Savior, Shining Wisdom, Final Fantasy III(6j), Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger and Legend of Oasis pics were put up. Click here to see them. I'll be updating with ALOT of stuff all through the night and tommorrow afternoon. - GhaleonOne 2:25 AM EST
    Sunday June 21st, 1998
    Victor Ireland E3 Interview Part 4!
    This is the fourth and final part of the Vic Interview, and we've saved some of the best for last. This final section talks about Grandia for Playstation, Gamearts and their bathroom, and voices Vic has done in games. We will post it sometime tomorrow night.-Webber 11:15 PM EST
    June 20th, 1998
    Lunar pics!
    After finding the Lufia 3 movie I searched for some Japanese Lunar websites, and low and behold came across a lot of cool stuff. I found tons of fanart, artwork from GameArts, and a lot of other cool stuff. And this is just the first half of my Lunar finding. Tommorrow I will have a special feature with pics of the Lunar series developers and the staff that made the Lunar series happen, along with a few new Lunar MIDIs to go onto the MIDI Selector and an updated MIDI Pack. Aside from Lunar, I found a ton of Grandia pics and MIDIs, among other RPGs, I'll be reporting this stuff all through the week. Click here to go to the pics pages, and select either Lunar SSS or EBS to view the new pics. I put up everything from little animated GIFs like this little Nall: and fanart, to a cartoon and tons of box art. Expect more tommorrow evening and Monday. - GhaleonOne 11:30 PM EST
    Lufia III Movie!
    I searched some Japanese sites and came across this Japanese Lufia III movie, better known as Estopolis in Japan. Click here to go to the movies page. - GhaleonOne 11:30 PM EST
    June 19th, 1998
    Koei Plans Dreamcast RPG!
    Koei has confirmed development for Sega's Dreamcast, and one of the first titles expected to come from them will be a historical/sim. RPG. Gamers can possibly expect a continuation of the excellent Romance of the Three Kingdom's series. Koei shows no signs of stopping this series, versions of it have made appearences on all the current systems, except the N64.-Webber 10:00 PM EST
    D2 Music CD Released!
    Warp & First Smile Music have released a music CD in Japan entitled D2: Sketches, which contains music from D2. This is not a game soundtrack, it seems to be a prelimnary "sketch" of music for the game, possibly some of the same music heard at D2's press conference.-Webber 9:50 PM EST
    FFVII for PC Goes Gold!
    Eidos Interactive has indicated that Final Fantasy VII for PC has gone gold, and will hit stores sometime next week.-Webber 9:30 PM EST
    New Dreamcast Demo Movies & Pics!
    Sega of Japan just posted a couple movies for Dreamcast. These are Quicktimes of the Demo which was shown to the press when the system was first announced. Both movies are a little wacky, but very fun to watch. Go here to download them. In addition, Sega of Japan has also posted a bunch of new pics, we've taken all the new pics and created a gallery. Go here to view it.-Webber & Rudo 12:25 AM EST
    June 18th, 1998
    Lots of Lufia III!
    I've written a small preview of Lufia III, with new storyline information. I've also set up a pics page for Lufia III. The new information confirms that Natsume will be publishing this game for the Sony Playstation, in the US. Thanks to RPGamer for info on this great RPG, assuming it is anything like past games in the Lufia series, it will be great! Also, we've added a Lufia Message Board, to discuss this game. - GhaleonOne 9:45 PM EST Source: RPGamer
    Square Investors View FFVIII Demo Early!
    Square will show a Final Fantasy VIII demo to those invested in the company this Sunday in Japan. This is the same demo which will be packed in with Brave Fencer Musashiden, when it is released next month.-Webber 9:00 AM EST
    Quest 64 Movie!
    We've just added a new movie of Quest 64. It shows an area in the game called Dondoran Castle. Go here to download it.-Webber 9:00 AM EST
    June 17th, 1998
    New Saturn RPG Releases(Japan)!
    Two new RPGs have been released for the Saturn in Japan. The first is Langrisser V: The End of the Legend, a strategy RPG, and the last, at least for now, of the excellent Langrisser series. The second game is Princess Maker: Fairy Tales Come True, which is really more of a simulation with RPG elements. Langrisser V should start appearing at import shops immediately, Princess Maker may be tough to find.-Webber 10:45 PM EST
    Quest 64 Strategy Guide!
    Need some help with Quest 64? Nintendo has justed a nice comprehensive strategy guide for the game. Go here to view it.-Webber 8:30 PM EST
    Polls Updated!
    Top 10 and Top 10 most wanted have been updated. Click here to go to the polls page. - GhaleonOne 6:20 PM EST
    New webring added to the webring page!
    The Dragons of Lunar webring has been added to the webrings page. If you run a Lunar based website, or even an RPG based website with some emphasis on Lunar, then check this webring out! Click here to go to the webrings page. - GhaleonOne 6:10 PM EST
    New LunarNETwork site!
    The Next Level has been added to the core LunarNETwork sites list. - GhaleonOne 6:00 PM EST
    Mario Bros. added to the arcade!
    A Mario Brothers Java based game has been added to the LunarNET Arcade. This game is NOT located on LunarNETs server, rather a link to it. Click here to go to the Arcade. - GhaleonOne 5:50 PM EST
    Shining Force III: Scenario 2 Movie!
    We have a brand new AVI of the game intro for Shining Force III: Scenario 2, the second game in the three part series for the Saturn(Japan). It's quite spectacular, go here to download it.-Webber 8:15 PM EST
    June 16th, 1998
    Panzer Dragoon Saga Review!
    Only days after his first review on the site (Saga Frontier), Esque is back with another of his HUGE reviews. This time he takes a look at the amazing Panzer Dragoon Saga for Saturn. I don't think I've ever seen so many people agree on the merits of a game as it's the case for Panzer Saga. This game truly is great. Go here to check out the review.-Rudo 11:30 PM EST
    More Deus Ex Info!
    Ion Storm has just posted another interview with several of their designers of Deus Ex. Here is some info from the interview:

    Haskins: What will Deus Ex offer that other games don't in terms of playability?

    Marshall: There will always be several ways to get through any obstacle. One person can use a keycard to get through a door and another can pick the lock. Most RPG's you have to use a skill to open a door, but with ours you don't have to. You can use a skill if you want, but there will always be 2 to 3 other ways to get through the same door.

    Dan: Most games are based around a few simplistic design elements. Typically there are switches, keys, and doors, and that tends to be all. We are designing not just "levels" to run around and kill shit in, but game worlds. These maps won't feel like a run to point a, then b, and get the key along the way, but like you're actually there. They will be living breathing counterparts of the real world.

    Harvey: Mark these words--the game will be an rpg. Travel map, conversation system, inventory, multiple ways to solve problems, skill system, useful allies, etc. we are not making a shooter. Those games are great, but we are trying to create an experience that provides players with exploration, atmosphere, freedom of choice and depth. Each player's experience will be somewhat different.

    The interview also discusses the issue of Real World creation, meaning the creation of a game world which mirrors real life settings, and the difficulty in doing so. As with the first interview, there is a lot more to this one, go here to view the rest of the interview.-Webber 10:20 PM EST

    Deus Ex Interview!
    Ion Storm has just posted a nice big Interview with Warren Spector, the main man behind Deus Ex, their upcoming PC RPG using the Unreal engine. The interview sheds a lot of light on the game's plot, and the choice of Deus Ex for the name. Here is some info from the interview:

    Haskins: Tell us about the name Deus Ex. What is its origin and why is it an appropriate name for your game?

    Warren: Okay, at risk of opening myself up to major ridicule from grammarians everywhere, I'll tell you where Deus Ex comes from. I wanted to play off the literary term "Deus Ex Machina," which is Latin for "God From a Machine." And, yes, I know that means the name of my game translates to "God From," and, yes, I know I'm ending the game name with a preposition, and yes, I know that's not grammatical so sue me!

    Anyway, Deus Ex Machina goes back to ancient Greek and Roman Theatre where an actor portraying one of the gods would be lowered to the stage by means of machinery pulleys and ropes and such to provide resolution to the plot and to solve the problems of mere mortals. In literary criticism, it's come to mean a person or event in a work of fiction that comes out of nowhere other than the writer's fevered imagination to solve seemingly unsolvable plot problems. It's a device typically used by bad writers who've written themselves into corners.

    If fits Deus Ex for a couple of reasons. First of all, there are several forces in the game who aspire to God-like powers or actually end up having them. But it also refers to the fact that so many computer game plots are so hopelessly lame. We're all still trying to figure out how to tell stories in this relatively new medium we're no more sophisticated in the use of the tools of our medium than the Greeks and Romans were in theirs.

    We always seem to resort to brute force, Deus Ex Machina storytelling and I liked the kind of self-referential, we're-doing-the-best-we-can-even-when-we-suck aspect of the title.

    Finally, isn't the computer you're playing the game on just a God-in-the-Machine, in a sense? Deus Ex just worked for me on every level except pronouncability. And, by the way, it's pronounced "Day-us-Ex," not "Do Sex!"

    Cool info, and thanks for clearing up the pronunciation. Go here to view the rest of the interview, and expect plenty more info on the game this week.-Webber 10:10 PM EST

    Victor Ireland E3 Interview Part 3!
    Here is part 3 of the interview myself and Rudo did with Victor Ireland of Working Designs at E3. Tonight's section mainly covers Lunar 3 and WD's switch from Sega to Sony. Go here to view part 3 of the interview.-Webber 12:00 AM EST
    June 15th, 1998
    More Blaze & Blade Busters Info!
    Blaze & Blade Busters will have some very interesting features when it comes out in Japan this september for the Playstation. First, the game will feature a four-player multitap mode. Additional players will be able to join the game and play as characters raised in the game. The game will also feature many scenarios, tried unsuccessfully by several RPGs this year, hopefully Blaze & Blade Busters will succeed.-Webber 9:30 PM EST Source: PSM Online
    Wheel of Time Update!
    Legend Entertainment has just updated their website for Wheel of Time. The update is the screenshots from E3 which we posted a few weeks ago. Go here if you wish to view them again.-Webber 9:00 PM EST
    Correction on Blaze & Blade Info!
    Last week I reported on an RPG from T & E Soft, and named it incorrectly. The game was Blaze & Blade, and I used an incorrect subtitle of Eternal Quest. The correct title should be Blaze & Blade Busters, the sequel to Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest. Blaze & Blade Busters is expected to be released September of this year in Japan. Rumors suggest Activision is planning a US translation. Thanks to reader Scott Dilley for first pointing this out.-Webber 9:00 AM EST
    June 14th, 1998
    Part 3 Victor Ireland E3 Interview Tomorrow!
    Tomorrow night we will post part 3 of the interview myself and Rudo did with Victor Ireland of Working Designs, at E3. Tomorrow's section will cover Lunar 3 and WD's switch from Sega to Sony.-Webber 11:50 AM EST
    Sunday Afternoon Matinees!
    Five new AVIs are up to download, all footage taken at E3. Here is the list:

    We have an AVI of Alien V.s Predator from Fox Interactive. This game is a first person shooter for the PC, and it looks really hot. Go here to download it.

    We have an AVI of the upcoming Duke Nukem game for Playstation, being published by GT Interactive. It's a pretty cool download because of the song recorded, entitled "Duke Nukem, he's the man!" Its hilarious to listen to. Go here to download it.

    We have an AVI which gives you a nice 360 degree pan of the Show Floor. In it you can see Sega's booth, GT Interactive's booth, Power VR's booth, and lots of showgoers. Go here to download it.

    Lastly, we have two AVIs of Sony's upcoming platformer Spyro. The game looks decent, with a suprisingly large field of vision for a playstation game. Go here to download it.

    We still have plenty of RPG movies to post, I'm just doing the movies in the order in which they appear on our tapes. Expect a lot more movies all this week.-Webber 2:50 PM EST

    June 13th, 1998
    Lunar MIDI Pack updated!
    Two new MIDIs of Lunar Eternal Blue overworld music have been added, we will also put them on the MIDI Selector at the top of the page later. - GhaleonOne 11:50 PM EST
    Messiah Movie!
    We've just posted an AVI of Shiny's Messiah, an Action game where players possess the bodies of other characters in the game. Go here to download the movie.-Webber 11:40 PM EST
    Saga Frontier Review!
    A long overdue review of Saga Frontier has been added to the site. This is Esque's first review for the site and it is a whopper believe me. Go here to check out the review. -Rudo 11:15 PM EST
    LunarNET's newest editor!
    We have a new editor on the site who goes by the name of Esque. I think you're going to enjoy his writing style a lot since he'll be doing lots of reviews for us and he likes to be very thorough. Go here to check out the staff page. -Rudo 11:00 PM EST
    Half Life Movie!
    Slow news day, so we've taken the opportunity to make some movies. Here is a QT of Sierra's upcoming first-person shooter for the PC Half-Life. This game has some awesome looking 3D accelerated graphics, and as you can tell from this mvoie, a real sci-fi style to it. Go here to download the movie.-Webber 9:30 PM EST
    June 12th, 1998
    Castlevania 64 Movie!
    We just added an AVI of Castlevania 64 from E3. The quality isn't the best since it was taken on a giant screen in Konami's booth but it gives you an idea of what to expect from the game. This is probably one of the most anticipated N64 game after Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Go here to download the movie.-Webber & Rudo 11:00 PM EST
    Mask Of Eternity Preview!
    Next Generation Online has just posted a preview of Sierra's upcoming PC RPG King's Quest: Mask of Eternity, the latest in a long line of King's Quest games. The funny thing is, if you pay attention to what they say in the preview, there is almost no info on the game in there. I'm not kidding. I bet you want to know why you should bother checking the preview out? They did put up three new pictures of the game, which are real easy on the eyes. Go here for the preview(cough cough) and the pics.-Webber 10:20 PM EST
    Everquest Interview & Preview!
    If your looking for Everquest info, than Desslock's RPG Guide has all you want. Desslock has just posted a nice big preview complete with some new screenshots, and also an interview with the game's producer Brad McQuaid. Go here to view the Everquest articles.-Webber 9:45 PM EST
    More Hybrid Heaven Info! has just posted a large preview of Konami's upcoming N64 RPG Hybrid Heaven. They have a lot of info on the games storyline, which is very sci-fi and involves the president being kidnapped. The game will feature much exploration, in addition to its RPG elements. If you downloaded our E3 video of the game the other day, which you can find here, then you would have been given a glimpse of the games main characters. Go here to see's preview.-Webber 9:45 PM EST
    Slayers 2 Info!
    Slayers 2 is a semi-sequel to the mediocre Saturn Strategy RPG Slayers Royale. The biggest different for Slayers 2 from the original is the fact that it is not a Strategy RPG, but is a traditional RPG. The game will also allow players to assign an AI to other members of their party so they can fight on there own. A Playstation version of the game is expected, and if you're hoping to see it in the US from Working Designs, forget it! They are not considering it, as we confirmed in our E3 interview with them.-Webber 9:00 PM EST
    3D Sonic Confirmed for Dreamcast!
    Not RPG news, but important none the less. Sega of America has confirmed that a 3D Sonic game is in development for Dreamcast, and will be a launch title for the system in the US.-Webber 9:00 PM EST
    Lunar SSS box cover!
    I just put up the front and back cover's of Lunar Silver Star Story, for both the Saturn MPEG version, and the new Playstation version. Click here to go to the Lunar Silver Star Story pics pages. - GhaleonOne 3:15 PM EST
    June 11th, 1998
    New Thief Shots!
    Its been a long time, but Looking Glass Studios has recently updated their webpage with some new pics of Thief: The Dark Project, their upcoming PC RPGs. The pics show you a shot of an underground city and also confronting an enemy in the game.
    Pic 1
    Pic 2
    Webber 11:45 PM EST
    Grandia: Digital Museum pics!
    A pics page for Grandia: Digital Musuem has now been added, click here to see them. - GhaleonOne 11:15 PM EST
    Quest 64 Released!
    The earlier Quest 64 story seems a little bit premature, since I forgot to mention that Quest 64 is out. It already appeared in some stores today, and it will show up in all the rest tomorrow and over the weekend into Monday.-Webber 11:00 PM EST
    Links updated!
    Links for 64 Interactive and A Choatic Place have been added to the links page. Also, the link on the hosted site side bar section to Fanfic Paradise has been fixed. Click here to check out the Fanfic Paradise. - GhaleonOne 11:00 PM EST
    Quest 64 Review!
    The first true RPG for the N64 is out, and has just posted a review of the game. Unfortunately, according to faithful RPG gamers aren't going to get much satisfaction from this title. Here is a small part of the interview:

    Almost two years after the system's release, the RPG genre finally debuts on the N64 with THQ's Quest 64. has been monitoring game's progress for a while and although the game certainly had all the potential to succeed, the finished product seems to be lacking that spark of ingenuity that attracts many gamers coming back to the genre.

    We should have a review of the game ourselves shortly. Go here to see the rest of's review.-Webber 10:30 AM EST

    See D2 for Dreamcast with your own eyes!
    Warp has posted the entire streaming movie of their D2 press conference, which features plenty of game footage. The only drawback is the size of the movie, it is around an hour and a half. If you've got some time, and a decent internet connection kick back and watch it. The movie is available in two speeds:

    28.8k Connection for D2 movie
    64k connection for D2 movie

    Webber 8:50 PM EST

    Lunar Eternal Blue Saga pics!
    Thanks to SegaNet, we now have more Lunar II: Eternal Blue Saga pictures for you to check out. We also have two large logo's of the game that are absolutely stunning, and are great for desktop wallpaper for Lunar fans. Click here to see the gorgeous pics and artwork! We plan on fully covering this game when it comes out for import next month, with TONS of pics, movies, and artwork, and of course, a new message board so importers can help each other through the game. - GhaleonOne 4:10 AM EST
    New Zelda 64 Pics!
    Nintendo released some new Legend of Zelda: Ocarana of Time pics a few days ago. We put them up at the Legend of Zelda: Ocarana of Time pics page! - GhaleonOne 4:10 AM EST
    DreamCast News Update!
    There is rumor that Sega is going to release a few series of their classic Model 2 games again on DreamCast. Some titles include Virtua Cop 1 & 2, Virtua Fighter 2, Daytona USA, Sega Rally, Last Bronx, Virtual On and others. The DreamCast can handle perfect arcade ports of Model 2 games. Also rumored to be first generation titles are a soccer, a racing game, a 3D Sonic game, a 3rd person adventure game, a 4 player shooter, and a Lost World Jurassic Park game. - GhaleonOne 4:10 AM EST Source: Magic Box
    New Japanese Strategy RPGs!
    Here is some info on a couple upcoming Japanese Strategy RPGs courtesy of The Magic box.

    The first title is called Epica Stellar, and is coming via Human. It is a fully 3D Strategy RPG for the PSX, with a free scenartio system, whereby players decisions effect the game's story and how they advance through the game. Battles are in giant mechs, with a camera switch like that in Shining Force III. Players will also have the ability to upgrade their mechs with all sorts of powerups and special abilties.

    The next game entitled Black Matrix is coming from NEC interchannel, and it is for the Saturn. it is again a 3D Strategy RPG, featuring five female heroines. Not much else is known about the game at this time.-Webber 1:00 AM EST

    Hybrid Heaven Movie!
    We've just posted a new movie of Hibrid Heaven in the movie section, This AVI is from E3, and is a little rough, but it should give you a glimpse of some of the characters, and some gameplay. Hybrid Heaven is definately an RPG, with turn-based battles. Hopefully we will have more info on the game soon. Go here to view the AVI.-Webber&Rudo 12:30 AM EST
    Hidden Contest in Tactics Ogre!
    Atlus has revealed a hidden contest for the PSX RPG Tactics Ogre. To be eligible for the contest, players must complete the game's regular quest, and then they must embark on the quest for an item called the Fireseal. Once players have completed the quest for the Fireseal, which will take approx. 40 hours, players need to take a picture of the item in their inventory. Then players must submit the picture with a proof of purchase for Tactics Ogre to Atlus. Entries can be mailed to:

    Atlus Co., Ltd.
    Quest for the Fireseal
    5255 Alton Parkway
    Suite 100
    Irvine, CA 92618

    The only thing we do not know about the contest is how Atlus will pick a winner, assuming they recieve multiple entires. The winner will recieve an Authentic Medieval Helmet engraved with the Tactics Ogre logo. We'll post more info about the contest as soon as possible.-Webber 12:00 AM EST

    June 10th, 1998
    Blaze & Blade in the US?
    Fastest Game News Online is reporting this morning that Activision may be bringing T&E Softs 3D Action RPG Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest for the Playstation in the US, a game we reported on in yesterday's Japanese RPG Info. The game is very anticipated in Japan, as a large press conference was held for it recently. Hopefully this information turns out to be correct.-Webber 9:30 AM EST
    Weird Japanese Gaming News!
    Each time you think you've heard of everything as far as what Japanese gamme developers will come up with, they come up with something even stranger. The latest game on this list is Cocktail Harmony from Astoll. It is a Simulation Game, where players will be serving cocktails in a hotel, which appears to be in Las Vegas. You've got to manage the money, remeber how to mix the drinks, and conversation with your customers will be important as well. Cocktail Harmony is expected to be released in Japan this September and retail for 5,800 yen.-Webber 9:30 AM EST
    New Everquest Movie!
    Sony has just put up a nice size movie of Everquest on the games official website. The file is zipped and compressed, but it still weights in at a large 14.8 megs. It shows off several aspects of gameplay. Go here to get the movie, and remember you must have an .mov player to view it, like QT 2.0/3.0. We will be putting up shorter AVIs of the game in action shortly.-Webber 1:15 AM EST
    June 9th, 1998
    RPG Awards Winners!
    There are quite a few major upsets and suprises in the RPG Awards, including a neck and neck finish for overall RPG. Click here for the results. GhaleonOne 9:40 PM EST
    Japanese Playstation RPG Info!
    T&E Soft has announced a new 3D RPG for the PSX in Japan entitled Blade & Blaze: Eternal Quest. Not much is none abbout the game at this point, except that it will feature anime cutscenes. The game is coming up for release very soon, possibly sometime later this month. We should be able to dig up some screenshots soon.

    Yakata a traditional RPG for the PSX has been released in Japan. We don't know much about this game, and also finding it to import is probably going to be pretty tough.-Webber 9:30 AM EST

    Highlander: The Quickening!
    A new shockwave based game has been added to the LunarNET Arcade. If your a Highlander fanatic, check it out. - GhaleonOne 4:30 AM EST
    Dragon Force pics!
    I got some very high quality Dragon Force pics captured. Expect pics pages for LOTS of older RPGs in the next few weeks, as I'll be going through all my previously beaten RPGs and making pics pages for each of them. Expect pics from NES to Playstation RPGs and everything in between. - GhaleonOne 4:30 AM EST
    June 8th, 1998
    Wheel of Time Update!
    Legend Entertainment has done their weekly website update for Wheel of Time. In this update they discuss the game license, and remaining faithful to it while producing a groundbreaking game. From what I've seen of Wheel of Time, and all that we will reveal in the interview we had, this game is groundbreaking, and will stay true to the spirit of the books. Go here to view the website.-Webber 11:00 PM EST
    First Zelda Price!
    I don't want to advertise for Electronic Boutique, but they have the first official pricing for The Legend of Zelda:The Ocarina of Time. They will be charging $59.95 for the game, and the price is currently being offered for all who wish to preorder it.-Webber 9:30 PM EST
    Deus Ex Preview!
    Gamecenter has posted a preview for the upcoming PC RPG Deus Ex, being developed by Ion Storm. They have some pretty detailed info on the game. Here is a small part of the preview:

    Deus Ex is set on earth approximately 50 years in the future; it's a world continually complicated by conspiracy and intrigue. In fact, modern-day conspiracy buffs might have a hard time differentiating fact from fiction, because the game's premise is founded upon certain presumptions that inevitably start to ring true the minute the player delves deeper into the story. The game is also set in a real world, replete with notable landmarks, such as the White House and Statue of Liberty, and other familiar environs ranging from the streets of Hong Kong and Washington D.C. to New York.

    However, unlike typical RPGs, Deus Ex will reportedly contain no monsters or aliens. Instead, it will be populated solely by human characters. "That's a big risk," Spector admitted. "A lot of people just sit around and go, 'where are the monsters and where do I shoot.' But that's not the point. It's a game of interacting with people and a real-world environment."

    Sounds like something different, but something very cool. Go here to view the rest of the article.-Webber 9:20 PM EST

    Victor Ireland Interview Part 2!
    Here is part 2 of the interview myself and Rudo did with Victor Ireland at E3. Tonight's section mainly covers Lunar:Complete for the PSX and clearing up some rumors about the upcoming unannounced RPG for this winter. Go here to view part two.-Webber 8:00 PM EST
    Suikoden And Wild ARMs pics pages!
    Suikoden and Wild ARMs pics pages have been added, and the Lunar and Zelda pics pages for individual games have been added to the games list on the pics page. I will put up Final Fantasy VII, Dragon Force and Alundra pics tommorrow, with more to come later in the week! - GhaleonOne 5:30 AM EST
    RPG Awards winding down!
    Only a few days until the RPG Awards Form will be taken down and the responces tallied, if you havent voted you had better go vote now! - GhaleonOne 5:30 AM EST
    June 7th, 1998
    Kartia Pic Gallery!
    A picture page has been added for Kartia, the strategy RPG from Atlus. Go here to see the pics. And while you're at it, check out all of our other picture page which I have redone to fit with the new look. Go here to check out the other picture pages.-Rudo 7:30 PM EST
    Legend of Heroes III Review!
    E-chan has just written a review for Atlus's PSX RPG Legend of Heroes III. He isn't very impressed with it, go here to read the review.-Webber 5:40 PM EST
    Part 2 of Victor Ireland Interview Tomorrow!
    Part 2 of the Victor Ireland Interview will be posted sometime tomorrow.-Webber 5:00 PM EST
    June 6th, 1998
    New Prince of Persia 3D Movie!
    Here comes our first exclusive E3 movie! We were able to tape lots of games at E3 with our camera and in the next few weeks we'll be putting lots of movies up on the site. This one is from Prince of Persia 3D for the PC. Even though this game is not really an RPG, we think that it's a game well worth covering and we'll be doing the same for many other non-RPG games in the next few weeks (after all, we don't want all that E3 footage we got to go to waste). Keep in mind that those movies are from the show floor so don't expect the same quality as the other movies on this site. And of course, none of this would be possible without Webber's video capture card so you better all be thankful :). Click here to check the movie out. - Rudo 3:00 PM EST
    New Drakan Movie!
    We have added a movie of Drakan from Psygnosis for the PC. I don't even think this movie was taken from a good 3-D card because I remember the game looking better than this at E3. Nevertheless, the game still looks absolutely gorgeous! Click here to check the movie out. - Rudo 3:00 PM EST
    New ODT Movie!
    A movie of ODT from Psygnosis has been added. I think the movie is from the Playstation version but I'm not sure. It could also be from the PC version. Go here to check the movie out. - Rudo 3:00 PM EST
    Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Pics redone!
    The picture page for Indiana Jones and the Incredible Machine has also been redone since the pictures were also too big and took too much time to download. Go here to check them out. This game is DEFINATELY 3D-accelerated and it looks amazing! - Rudo 2:00 PM EST
    Brave Fencer Musashiden Pics redone!
    The picture page for Brave Fencer Musashiden has been redone since the pictures were too big and took too much time to download. Go here to check them out. This game looks sooooo good! - Rudo 2:00 PM EST
    PS site added to LunarNETwork!
    LunarNETwork now has a core Playstation site, Playstation Interactive. You can also join the LunarNETwork by going to the Network page and signing up. - GhaleonOne 2:50 AM EST
    Topic based message boards!
    The multiboard has been quite popular here on LunarNET lately, so we're setting up some more boards. Check the message boards page for a complete listing of our boards. The new boards include Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Lunar, Breath of Fire, Dragon Force, The Legend of Zelda, and PC RPGs - GhaleonOne 2:45 AM EST