Mike Salbato
E3 2019: Editor & Show Awards
AKA the one where we heap praise upon games with "7" and "VII" in their titles.
06.29.19 - 3:54 PM

E3 2019 turned out to be a more exciting show than some of us had expected. With plenty of surprise reveals, well-structured press/public hours, and some really great booth setups, even the lack of Microsoft and Sony on the show floor made for a good time.

You may have an idea of what is to come in our E3 awards if you listened to our E3 2019 Random Encounter, but there's still plenty to see in these awards (and if you didn't listen yet, you'll get plenty of behind-the-scenes as we debate awards, so you should!).

Enough from me, though. Check out both our attending staff's own personal awards on the Editor Awards page, and our overall debated/voted on Show Awards below!

E3 2019 Editor Awards Banner

E3 2019 Show Awards Banner

Finally, if you haven't been checking it over the past couple weeks, we are continuing to keep our Complete Coverage page updated, which currently features E3 coverage - previews, hands-on, news, galleries, videos, and more - from over 60 titles that featured at this year's show! Even though the Awards are now live, there's still a few more things coming soon in our E3 coverage as well, so you won't want to miss any of it.

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