Peter Triezenberg
Sega Announces ActRaiser Spiritual Successor SolSeraph
And it's out really soon!
06.27.19 - 1:36 PM

Sega has announced a new fantasy action game called SolSeraph, which bears a striking resemblance to the Quintet classic ActRaiser. Developed by ACE Team, who previously worked on Rock of Ages and Zeno Clash, the game sees players assume the role of a divine being named Helios, whose mission is to rebuild civilization while protecting it from encroaching monsters.

  • Restore Humanity Back to Prosperity — Balancing side-scrolling action and top-down strategy elements, carefully guide each tribe from the clouds above in order to help expand their territory and dispel the dark fog that shrouds their lands. Once each of the creatures' lairs have been exposed, you must take the role of Helios to fight the monsters head on.

  • Take the Fight to the Enemy — Armed with his sword, shield, and magical archery, Helios will need to confront a range of enemies including goblins, beastmen, bat riders, and more on his way to facing the Younger God that controls them. Defeating these challenging foes will grant Helios new magical powers such as healing herbs and ice shards.

  • Protect the Homeland — Help each tribe determine how to shape their village by utilizing a range of different units, from houses and farms to support the growing population, to building warrior barracks and archer towers to defend themselves against the waves of monster attacks.

  • Help from the Highest Powers — Yuzo Koshiro, the legend behind many classic video game soundtracks, has composed the opening theme to SolSeraph. Additionally, acclaimed writer Jonas Kyrazes (The Talos Principle, The Sea Will Claim Everything) has lent his talents to craft the game's compelling narrative.

SolSeraph Screenshot

SolSeraph Screenshot

SolSeraph Screenshot

You can find more screenshots from SolSeraph in our brand-new gallery. The game will be launching on July 10th, 2019 for PS4, XB1, Switch, and Steam, retailing at $14.99 USD. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more info!