Peter Triezenberg
More Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Details Revealed in Famitsu
What's new in this updated classic.
06.21.19 - 10:03 PM

Yoshinori Kitase recently revealed some new information about Final Fantasy VIII's remaster in Famitsu Magazine. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was announced this past E3, finally filling in the missing link in the recent string of Final Fantasy remakes and re-releases.

Final Fantasy VIII Remaster Screenshot

One thing that fans immediately noticed about Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was the apparent high quality of the models. This is because a number of the original staff are back on board for the remaster: character model designer Tomohiro Kayano, battle programmer Hiroshi Harada, and of course, Tetsuya Nomura. Kitase attributes the level of refinement seen in the trailer to the presence of the original staff members.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will feature all of the assistance options present in the recent ports of Final Fantasies VII and IX. This means the ability to speed up the game, fully heal the party, make Limit Breaks available at all times, and turn off random encounters entirely (which ought to make low-level runs of VIII really interesting). The Chocobo World feature, regrettably, didn't make the cut for the remaster: according to Kitase, the items obtained in this mode will instead be accessed via a new ability Rinoa has.

Final Fantasy VIII Remaster Screenshot

Kitase did reminisce on the making of Final Fantasy VIII a little bit. "Final Fantasy VIII was the first work that we've used motion capture on. At the time we didn't know how things worked, so we made the actor use a heavy gun. Looking back now, I get the cold sweats thinking about any worst case scenario accidents that could've happened." Additionally, Kitase mused that Final Fantasy VIII has been an influential game in popular culture, " it a game screen shown in a Hollywood movie or an offer we got last year from a major video game-related film that wanted to use the Gunblade."

Final Fantasy VIII Remaster Screenshot

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