Peter Triezenberg
Tetsuya Nomura Sheds More Light on Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC
Final Mix is coming, y'all.
06.19.19 - 10:48 PM

In the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura offered more information on the upcoming Re:Mind DLC for Kingdom Hearts III. According to Nomura, the team is aiming to provide an amount of new content on par with Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, with new bosses, scenarios, and more.

Kingdom Hearts III Screenshot

As seen in the recent trailer, Sora's Oathkeeper Keyblade and new form will be available as a free update around the same time as Re:Mind's release. As for when that release will be, Nomura doesn't want to say just yet, but he is looking to avoid releasing it alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake. The window given was "Winter," so hopefully we'll know more soon.

New characters will be playable in the Re:Mind scenario, including Roxas, and the player will be able to take control of them in a manner similar to Aqua and Riku's segments. The additional scenario in Re:Mind is "standalone" and can be played after clearing the main game, which is good for fans who have already finished and want to dive into the new content.

Kingdom Hearts III Screenshot

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