Hilary Andreff
Twitch Sunday: Trials of Mana
Getting this game in the West is basically a dream come true...
06.16.19 - 1:27 AM

I'm beside myself. I heard the news from the Nintendo conference, and there were at least a handful of RPGFan staffers that had no words as well. The direct follow up to much-beloved Secret of Mana is not only getting localized, but a remake of it is also in the works! For those who are new to the six adventurers in Trials of Mana, it'll be quite the experience when we stream it this weekend. Expect an improved version of Secret's gameplay with robust character choice and even a bit of a job system. The replay value is astounding because you can choose a different set of 3 from the 6 heroes, or different jobs...so seeing it streamed should not interfere if you choose to give it a try later.

Join us at the Twitch channel with Scott tomorrow (6/16) for a stream of this very special game. It starts at 10am PDT/1pm EDT; get there at the start to see him choose his party!

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