Keegan Lee
E3 2019: Dragon Quest Zooms Into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Two new fighters join the brawl!
06.11.19 - 1:35 PM

Nintendo began their E3 2019 presentation with a "smash" by introducing the newest fighter coming to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, The Hero from Dragon Quest! Which hero? Why don't you check out the reveal trailer and see for yourself!

That's right folks, not only will we be able to play as The Luminary from Dragon Quest XI, we can also smash around with the heroes from Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest VIII, and the legendary hero Erdrick from Dragon Quest III! Along with these playable characters, the DLC will also include a new playable stage, and a slew of music from the Dragon Quest series. No official date has been given, except that the DLC will release this summer!

While they may not be from an RPG, it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention the second fighter announced for Ultimate. Take a look!

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