Corey Hall
Citizens of Space Beams to Earth on June 18th
Uncover the mysterious circumstances of the Earth's disappearance in this new single player RPG.
06.06.19 - 11:25 PM

Sega has announced that Citizens of Space, the sequel to the EarthBound-inspired Citizens of Earth, will make contact on June 18th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam. Featuring a new combat system, deeper recruitment mechanics, and a galaxy of new worlds to explore, this follow-up to the 2015 cult favorite certainly has its phasers set to "fun." Check out the reveal trailer below to see the game in action!

Constituents — er, players — will take on the role of the newly elected Ambassador of Earth to the Galactic Federation of Planets, only to arrive at their first assembly to find that the Earth has gone missing. In order to save the planet, and your now-nonextant job as ambassador, players must recruit citizens from across the galaxy to uncover who is behind the mysterious disappearance — after all, you just want to get back to that cushy desk job as soon as possible.

Citizens Of Space Screenshot

Recruit over 40 citizens from different planets, enjoy a new combat system which leverages your timing and reflex-based skills during battles, and explore new worlds brought to life in the game's signature vivid art style when Citizens of Space arrives on June 18th.