Alana Hagues
Dragon Star Varnir Review
Join forces with a band of witches in Compile Heart's latest!
06.06.19 - 1:27 PM

Just because it's E3 next week, doesn't mean you get to take a break from the latest new releases! Compile Heart's next game to make its way to the West is Dragon Star Varnir, which sees the developers step away from their fan-favourite Neptunia series in a world where humans are battling against witches and dragons.

Dragon Star Varnir Screenshot

With deep turn-based combat full of unique skills, systems and magic, Zach Wilkerson decided to take the plunge and visit the world of Varneria. How does this stack up against Compile Hearts other series' and games? Find out in Zach's review of Dragon Star Varnir right here, out on PS4 on June 11, and coming to Steam sometime this year!