Corey Hall
Catherine: Full Body Gets New English Gameplay Video
Enjoy plenty of new footage from the upcoming remaster!
05.25.19 - 9:50 PM

A new gameplay video for Catherine: Full Body has arrived — complete with English voiceover! This trailer shows off 11 minutes of the upcoming title, including some interactions with Rin, the latest addition to the cast of characters around Stray Sheep. Check out the gameplay for yourself below if you're dying to see more of what this game will have on offer (courtesy of IGN).

Including over 500 puzzles, a new remix mode, over 20 new animated cutscenes, new endings and characters, and more, Catherine: Full Body will easily exceed returning player's expectations, while also offering the perfect opportunity for newcomers to join in on the intense puzzling action.

The following information may be considered by some to be spoilers, despite attempts to keep it as harmless as possible, so proceed with caution!

Catherine Full Body Screenshot

Fans following the controversy surrounding Catherine: Full Body may be excited to hear that steps have been made to rectify an unfortunate decision made in previously released versions of the game. Without revealing too much, these changes include correctly naming a character who was mislabeled during the game's credits and altering offensive lines in reference to a specific character.

Catherine: Full Body will be bringing a heap of new content to PlayStation 4 owners when it arrives on September 3rd, 2019!