Marcos Gaspar
RPGFan Music: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly OST Review
The colors!
05.24.19 - 6:40 PM

One particular trinket that I find fascinating is kaleidoscopes. As a kid, I usually enjoyed their rich colors and captivating spinning imagery. It kept me busy for a solid 10-15 minutes, or until my mind wandered to something else more interesting. Much like my time with kaleidoscopes, I find myself giving roughly the same amount of time to new game OSTs and arrangement albums. While it's not ideal listening conditions, it's a restraint that I work with because of so much music releases. If it doesn't catch my interest right away (or holds my attention for long), then I have to move on. However, I don't find that happening too often (thank goodness!).

It's reasons like this that I highly value music reviews not only from our editors here but from other game music news/review websites. Today, Patrick Gann shares his thoughts on Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Original Soundtrack and whether it's worth a pickup or possibly a pass. Enjoy the read and samples within, dear readers.