Peter Triezenberg
Nippon Ichi Software in Serious Financial Trouble
Company unable to pay employees after failure of mobile game.
05.19.19 - 12:34 PM

In sad news for RPG fans, it appears that famed Disgaea developer Nippin Ichi Software (NIS) is currently undergoing some major financial trouble. This news comes to us from DualShockers, as well as various Japanese news outlets and Twitter user HDKirin.

Disgaea Developer NIS Financial Trouble

In brief, NIS' titles have evidently not been selling well in Japan in recent years, and with the failure of mobile title Disgaea RPG (which had to be pulled from Japanese storefronts due to its abysmal launch), the company has had to issue a Moving Strike Warrant in order to raise funds to pay for the development team's labors. Without the MS Warrant (which is used to gather funds by selling their stocks at a cheap price, which ultimately leads to a loss for investors since the stock they own loses value), the company would be unable to pay their employees.

NIS has a place in the heart of many an RPG fan, and it's sad to see the studio going through such a rough patch. We'll keep you posted as we learn more about the future of the company.