Hilary Andreff
Twitch Sunday: Zanki Zero: Last Beginning
Garage island and goats (and Mirai the sheep) await.
05.19.19 - 12:54 AM

Fans of Zero Escape and Danganronpa won't want to miss this Sunday (5/19) at 10am PDT/1pm EDT on our Twitch channel. Scott is bringing us Spike Chunsoft's latest with Zanki Zero: Last Beginning. Join us for the survival mechanics and to learn the tales of some less than ideal people. The game itself released outside Japan only last month, so the time is definitely right to have a look! You can also mull over our review or our BRAND NEW VIDEO REVIEW. We're looking forward to streaming this one, and it looks like we'll be starting at the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy of needs here. Please make sure your characters have food and toilets, Scott!

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning