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New Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters, Gameplay Details, and More
Perhaps the largest information release yet on this stunning and innovative entry.
05.17.19 - 1:56 PM

A new feature published in Famitsu magazine has illuminated many new features, characters, and gameplay details, including crests, battalions, character growth, and more for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. You can read on to see all of the new faces and to get the details on the exciting new details surrounding this hotly anticipated SRPG.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Rhea - Voiced by Kikuko Inoue

The supreme leader of the Church of Seiros, which invited the protagonist to the Officer's Academy. She has the loving heart of a mother and a gentle personality, but also ruthless in that she shows no mercy to those who go against the church.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Hubert - Voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi

Hubert has worked for Edelgard since he was a child. He will take ruthless measures if it means protecting her life.

Personal Skill: Staff Officer – Gambit Might +5

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Dorothea - Voiced by Juri Nagatsuma

Before becoming a student, Dorothea was an opera troupe songstress. While the Black Eagles has many students who come from distinguished families, she is the sole commoner.

Personal Skill: Songstress – Recovers up to 10 percent of HP for adjacent allies at the start of the turn.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Dedue - Voiced by Hidenori Takahashi

A servant of the Blue Lions' class representative Dmitri. He has a scary face, but actually has a gentle personality.

Personal Skill: Lord's Shield – Defense +4 for one turn if user stands by without acting.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Felix - Voiced by Yuichi Hose

A sarcastic young man who calls his childhood friend Dmitri "Inoshishi," which means "boar." He is always polishing his skills to improve his swordsmanship.

Personal Skill: Lone Wolf – Damage dealt +5 when a battalion is not deployed or when battalion HP becomes zero.

Crest: Crest of Fraldalius – A crest handed down by Fraldalius of the Ten Greats of Fodlan.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Lorenz - Voiced by Hiroshi Watanabe

A man of great nobility. He approaches multiple women within the academy, but his results are poor.

Personal Skill: Great Nobility – Damage dealt +2 when a battalion is deployed.

Crest: Small Crest of Gloucester – A small crest handed down by Gloucester of the Ten Greats of Fodlan.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Hilda - Voiced by Yuuki Kuwahara

The sole daughter of the duke, she is a spoiled noble. She loves stylish and flashy things.

Personal Skill: Persuasion – When adjacent to male ally in battle, damage dealt to enemies by ally +3.

Crest: Small Crest of Goneril – A small crest handed down by Goneril of the Ten Greats of Fodlan.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Hanneman - Voiced by Kenji Hamada

A teacher and scholar researching the power of crests. He tends to get excited whenever it comes to crests.

Crests and Skills in Fire Emblem: Three Houses:

In this title, some characters bear crests which are handed down through their families. These items are important in influencing the course of family succession. One such example is the throne of the Adrestian Empire which has been handed down for generations to one who bears the crest of Seiros. These crests also entitle their holder to unique abilities such as increased talents such as superior magic, arts, or physical abilities.

The protagonist also bears a mysterious crest, though you will have to play the game to uncover its properties.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Crests

Skills in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are heavily impacted by each unit's individual personality and training. There are three main categories which house skills, which are as follows:

Personal Skills: Inherent skills available to each unit from the start. These cannot be replaced and possess unique abilities.

Class Skills: Inherent skills available for each class. These are skills only available as a specific class, and are not available when changing a different class.

Professor Skills: Skills that are learned based on Professor Level. Unlike Class Skills, these can be set at any time once learned.

The Personal Skills and Crests of the Protagonist and the Three Class Representatives:

Protagonist: The wandering mercenary. Recognized for their abilities, they became a teacher at the academy.

Personal Skill: Teacher's Guidance – Increases the EXP gained by user and adjacent allies by 1.2.

Crest: Crest of ??? – An unidentifiable crest shrouded in mystery.

Edelgard: The Black Eagles student representative. The next in line to become emperor of the Adrestian Empire.

Personal Skill: Emperor's Lineage – Increases EXP by 1.2.

Crest: Small Crest of Seiros – A small crest said to have been carried by the holy Seiros.

Dimitri: The Blue Lions student representative. The next in line to become king of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.

Personal Skill: King's Lineage – Increases EXP by 1.2.

Crest: Small Crest of Bladud – A small crest handed down by Bladud of the Ten Greats of Fodlan.

Claude: The Golden Deer student representative. The son of the leader of the Lecester Alliance.

Personal Skill: Leader's Lineage – Increases EXP by 1.2.

Crest: Small Crest of Regan – A small crest handed down by Regan of the Ten Greats of Fodlan.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Abilities are customizable with players able to assign up to five Proficiency Skills to their units. When assigning these skills, it is best to take into consideration the role and current class of the unit in order to achieve the best results.

At the beginning of the game, the Protagonist will select one of three classes and will teach members of that class how to succeed in battle. Each class, represented by one of the monastery's three houses, will feature unique characters, each with their own unique personalities and abilities. As their teacher, you will need to identify and help hone each student's unique talent in order to gain the edge in battles.

Battalions, Gambits, and Battles:

Unlike previous Fire Emblem titles, battles in Three Houses will take place between many on-screen characters at once. Players can rent battalion units through the Knights Guild which will offer invaluable help throughout their campaign. Battalion units will take damage along with their leader, and will no longer offer the increased battle benefits to their leader once the squad’s HP reaches zero. Battalion HP can be restored at the Knights Guild, and can also be leveled up through battle. Renting a unit will carry a high price, so it's best to frequently replenish their HP rather than allowing them to fall in battle.

Players can hone and increase the protagonist's "Authority" skill through training, allowing skilled tacticians to deploy larger battalions onto the battlefield.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Battalion units will allow access to skills called gambits which can unlock additional abilities such as enemy-attacking gambits, ally-supporting gambits, and more. Attacking gambits cannot be counterattacked, and can also attack multiple enemies simultaneously. Though gambits can only be used a limited number of times in battle, but don't consume items, so players should feel free to utilize them as needed.

Introducing a New Weapon Class — Gauntlets

Appearing for the first time in the series, gauntlets are capable of dealing two hits in a single attack. If a unit’s attack speed is more than four greater than their opponent’s, pursuit will automatically be engaged, and that unit will be able to unleash four attacks in a single turn. However, mounted classes such as those who ride horses or Pegasi will not be able to equip the gauntlets.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gauntlets

Classes and Class Changes:

Once a unit reaches Level 10, that character will be eligible to undertake the certification exam for an intermediate class such as the Mercenary, Cavalier, Brigand, Fist Fighter, Mage, and Dark Mage classes which are detailed below.


A class that excels in both power and speed, and can easily develop its sword and axe Professor Levels.


A balanced class that utilizes hit-and-away style tactics.

Class Skill: Canto – If there is remaining movement after performing an action, you can use up the rest of your movement.


A class with high HP and power parameters. In addition to axes, it also specializes in gauntlets.

Fist Fighter

A male-exclusive class. It uses gauntlets to attack enemies swiftly.

Class Skill: Weaponless Fighting – User can fight when a weapon is not equipped.


A class able to use magic that makes it easy to attack even enemies with high defense.

Class Skill: Fire – Enables the use of Fire. Once learned, it can be used twice.

Dark Mage

A male-exclusive dark magic class.

Class Skill: Miasma Δ – Enables the use of Miasma Δ. Once learned, it can be used twice.
Class Skill: Curse – Evade -20 to adjacent enemies.

Training, Tutoring, and Interacting with Students:

As mentioned in our previous coverage, gameplay parts in Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be split between battles and Officer's Academy sections. During the latter, the protagonist can train and interact with students to develop their abilities as well as your own Instructor Level. In addition to Training Power, the instructor will also have Strolling and Sortie Powers. Increasing the Instructor level will increase the action count for each, allowing players to do more each week.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

During Officer's Academy sections, time will pass systematically, even featuring a calendar for planning lessons. The Fodlan calendar divides the year into twelve seasons, much like the months of the Gregorian calendar, with each season comprising one in-game chapter. The story will progress as players complete challenges assigned during each season.

While training with students, instructors will need to take into consideration the talents, characteristics, and their motivation. Maintaining a student's motivation level will be crucial to success in their training periods. Interacting with the protagonist and fighting in battles can boost motivation.

Players can increase individual Professor Levels for each student through tutoring. This will not only allow them to use higher quality weapons but will also present the instructor with new Professor Skills. There are four kinds of training results, ranging from Perfect to Bad, which will determine the amount of acquirable experience. Depending on the results, instructors can give their students a pep talk to raise their motivation.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Each in-game week, instructors can gain up to two Professor Levels through self-study. As your Professor Level increases, the protagonist will be able to take more certification exams to undergo various class changes. Set goals for your character based on the desired class change for best results.

Additionally, instructors will be able to assign a weekly group task for up to two students. If the task is successful, players can develop their Professor Level, while also increasing support levels. Depending on the level of success, players may also receive additional rewards. As deeper bonds form between students and their instructor, players may also see an increased level of participation from their students.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

That's all the news for now, students! Check back soon for more information as it arrives. Fire Emblem: Three Houses will release on July 26th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.