Alana Hagues
Brave Hero Yuusha EX Review
Move aside, 16-bit tributes.
05.14.19 - 6:06 PM

The indie scene is full of titles dedicating to honouring and celebrating the 16-bit era. This golden era is so often championed, but what about the NES era? Before 16, there was 8, and every RPG series had to start somewhere, and for games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, the NES was their starting point. Brave Hero Yuusha EX looks back at those 8-bit games, taking great inspiration from the very first Dragon Quest games, but with a modern story twist.

Brave Hero Yuusha EX Screenshot

Instead of simply going out and saving the princess in Brave Hero Yuusha EX, your job is to save and rebuild the very story you're in! Curious? Zach Wilkerson has a review for you, so you should check out what he thought of the game right here!