Peter Triezenberg
Studio Istolia's Project Prelude Rune Seemingly Cancelled
Another one bites the dust.
05.13.19 - 10:18 PM

Following the departure of Hideo Baba from Square Enix, it would appear that the game he was working on, Project Prelude Rune, has been quietly cancelled. While this currently is unconfirmed, the website, Twitter profile, and YouTube channel for Studio Istolia have all been shut down.

Project Prelude Rune Studio Istolia Square Enix Cancelled Hideo Baba

Studio Istolia's apparent purge from the Internet is disheartening, and bodes ill for Project Prelude Rune. Hopefully, we'll know more from Square Enix soon. Personally speaking, I was kind of looking forward to this one, so I would be sad to see it go. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more info!

EDIT: Square Enix has confirmed the cancellation of Project Prelude Rune and the closure of Studio Istolia. According to the company: "Studio Istolia is no longer in operation and we have been taking appropriate steps to assign studio staff to other projects within the Square Enix Group."