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Spike Chunsoft Details New Characters Within Upcoming ARPG Crystar
Revenants and Purgatory await!
05.07.19 - 9:00 PM

Spike Chunsoft and developer Gemdrops have recently updated the official website for their upcoming action-rpg Crystar, showcasing artwork and lore for five new characters. Check them out below!

Rei Hitada

crystar screenshots

English Voice Actor: Brianna Knickerbocker

The protagonist of Crystar, Rei Hitada fights to bestow Revival to the sister she killed. The pursuit of her sister's Revival isn't to save the world, but for her own ego. Facing despair, she weeps and finds herself uncertain, but still presses on regardless.

Usually quiet and serious, when she becomes emotional, she demonstrates an intensity that belies her often soft-spoken demeanor. She is capable of doing whatever she needs to do for those she loves.

Mirai Hatada

crystar screenshots

English Voice Actor: Michelle Marie

Mirai and Rei, her sister, are dragged into Purgatory by an unknown assailant. Rei, shocked and traumatized by the event, loses her sense of self, and kills Mirai. It is this event that Rei atones for, and works to reverse within Crystar.


crystar screenshots

English Voice Actor: Cassandra Lee Morris

Mephis serves as a manager of Purgatory, collecting crystallized form of teardrops, known as Idea. Speaking oddly and in archaic phrasing, Mephis is dogmatic in her goals and aims.


crystar screenshots

English Voice Actor: Jackie Lastra

Pheles acts as a manager of Purgatory, unstable in her ideals and mannerisms towards those she encounters.


crystar screenshots

English Voice Actor: Laura Post

A humanoid Revenant responsible for the tragedy that befell Mirai and Rei Hitada. Anamnesis combats against Rei, entwined by threads of fate throughout Rei's journey within Purgatory.

All in all, it seems Crystar is twisting the threads of angelic theology and mythology in interesting ways.

Crystar is avaliable now within Japan, and will launch within North America and Europe on August 27th for PlayStation 4 and PC, via the Steam Marketplace.

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