Alana Hagues
Arcade Spirits Review
Without your love / It's a melody played in a penny arcade
05.05.19 - 4:12 PM

If you're a regular listener of Random Encounter, you may have heard me talking about Arcade Spirits on Episode 163 - Bonds of Crystal and Light. Arcade Spirits is a visual novel that really surprised me. It's a dating game where you don't have to date, and you have the freedom to pick how you play the game.

Arcade Spirits Screenshot

The game lets you live out your fantasy of working in an arcade, along with a side order of romance if you so desire. Steam has become a hub for so many great visual novels, and Arcade Spirits is another name to add to that list. It's not genre-defining, but it leaves you with a warm feeling at the end of it all. To check out my complete thoughts on the game, you should check out my review right here!