Marcos Gaspar
RPGFan Music: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly / Eiko Shimamiya Review
Far out.
05.03.19 - 10:23 PM

Financially speaking, the last two years have been a little tight, so I haven't been able to blindly purchase soundtracks or pick up small vocal albums like if ~Hitori Omou~ / Renka. It's during times like this where I search for music reviews of certain albums that strongly have my attention so I can get a second opinion if it's worth investing $20 bucks on a possibly lack-luster release. That's why I appreciate Patrick Gann's venture into the musical unknown, offering his thoughts on whether I should I pass or buy. As for Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly / Eiko Shimamiya, you'll have to read Patrick's review and see if this vocal album receives his yea or nay!