Mike Salbato
Feature: Akitoshi Kawazu and the Non-Linearity of SaGa Frontier
Venture to the frontier... however you'd like to.
05.01.19 - 10:42 PM

With more RPGs embracing open world and non-linear concepts these days, it's easy to see it as a current trend, when in fact this method of gameplay predates most of video gaming. It is certainly becoming more common as hardware has allowed developers to create sprawling landscapes, but the idea of strong non-linear elements has been around awhile. While more commonly seen in Western RPGs for many years, there's one key Japanese RPG series that has been dabbling in such storytelling for awhile now, and today we're going to look at Square Enix's 1997 RPG, SaGa Frontier, and one of the key minds behind it.

Kyle Seeley has written a short piece on what SaGa Frontier set out to do, and how, while not a perfect game, it accomplished something rarely seen in RPGs at the time. Give it a read, and let us know how you feel about this PSone classic:

Akitoshi Kawazu and the Non-Linearity of SaGa Frontier Banner