Peter Triezenberg
NIS America Releases New Details and Screenshots for Destiny Connect
This upcoming RPG looks kind of promising!
11.29.18 - 1:27 PM

Nippon Ichi recently opened up the official website for their recently announced new RPG entitled "Destiny Connect". The game, which will be hitting Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on February 28th in Japan, comes to us courtesy of director Yoshihiko Toda, art director Yu Inaba, and scenario writer Jun Yokota.

New NIS RPG Destiny Connect Artwork

Destiny Connect takes place in the town of Clocknee, a place with a "nostalgic" atmosphere and rendered in full 3D, with the intent of offering the player a sense of comfort only possible through these stylized graphics. The residents of Clocknee believe that a person's precious belongings will one day be imbued with a soul, and place special importance on the preservation of old tools and "Cog Products." The story revolves around time and "the bond between generations," with protagonist Sherry travelling through time to get to the bottom of a crisis that has struck Clocknee.

Destiny Connect Screenshot Destiny Connect Screenshot


Destiny Connect Sherry

My name is Sherry Oldies, 10 years old. I'm an ordinary girl who loves cute things and adventures.

Sherry lives in Clocknee, and is very curious. When disaster strikes at a festival to ring in the New Year, and the entire town of Clocknee stops moving, Sherry resolves to find out what happened.


Destiny Connect Isaac

A robot with a time-travel function, Sherry found Isaac in her papa's room. Isaac claims to know Sherry's father, but whether or not this is accurate remains to be seen, as the robot's memory has been damaged.

Isaac can be modified using an in-game "Gear" system, granting him new abilities in battle.


Destiny Connect Pegreo

Sherry's friend who loves to tinker with machines. He is described as being "at Sherry's mercy," possibly due to his shy nature.

The goal of the game is to restore the present-time Clocknee to its original state. Violent machines roam the present time, so Sherry and the gang will have to travel to the past to uncover clues.

Battles in Destiny Connect are turn-based, and begin when the player enters a symbol on the field. The turn order is based on each character's agility. Each character has their own unique roster of skills that can be powered up with items.

Destiny Connect Machines

Destiny Connect Battle Screenshot

Check out our updated gallery for more screenshots from Destiny Connect. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more info on this delightful-looking game!