Derek Heemsbergen
Random Encounter 154: Light Extinguished
Righteous gloom and dreadful doom.
11.25.18 - 10:13 AM

On this episode of Random Encounter:

- We've got a glut of new features headed to RPGFan this holiday season, including Top 20 lists, video content, and hot takes on the hottest RPGs eight-year-old's perspective?! Greg has all the details.
- Derek's freshly back from a trip to Las Vegas for Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2018. We've got the scoop on what to expect from the game's next expansion, Shadowbringers.
- Before dawn breaks, Derek spends a Night in the Woods with Mae Borowski, meditating on the game's themes of aimlessness, depression, and millennial humor.

Featuring: Derek Heemsbergen, Greg Delmage

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