Hilary Andreff
Top 20 PlayStation Vita Games
Join us as we recount 20 of our favorite RPGs and visual novels that you can get on Sony's beloved handheld.
11.18.18 - 9:33 PM

When we decided to compile a list of the best games for the PlayStation Vita, we didn't intend it to be a farewell to the much beloved handheld console, yet not mentioning its actual discontinuation next year (when Sony will cease manufacturing the handheld) would be thoughtless. We'll miss it a lot. Many of us have found ourselves circling back to it not only for the welcome cross-save features, but to try older games we may have missed. The Vita allows us to collect games from many different sources, and it was one of the first systems with hardware that really made console-level gaming portable. The Vita had a bit of an identity crisis early on: The variety of non-gaming apps that were being developed suggested Sony wasn't sure what they wanted the Vita to become. This provides an interesting context for our choices, which span this console's production lifetime.

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Like our Nintendo 3DS feature, there were many games to work through and several that were close in ranking. We hope you find this compilation useful and that it may be an introduction to some unfamiliar games, especially since recent years has seen the Vita become a go-to system for visual novels and indie games. Hopefully, some third party developers will continue to be interested in making new games available there.