Peter Triezenberg
New Kingdom Hearts III Screenshots Show Off Tangled and Winnie The Pooh Worlds
Don't trust the pink-haired man in the black coat, guys.
11.17.18 - 12:47 AM

As we draw ever nearer to the game's release date, Square Enix has released a bunch of new screenshots for the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III. These include official character artwork, images from the Kingdom of Corona and Hundred Acre Wood worlds, and much more. You can check out the whole lot in our freshly updated gallery, but let's go over some of the highlights.

Kingdom Hearts III Marluxia Meets Rapunzel

Kingdom Hearts III Rapunzel Hair Battle

It looks like Marluxia (the antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) is up to his old tricks and trying to tempt poor Rapunzel over to the darkness. Come on, Rapunzel... don't fall for it! Also, I love how Rapunzel can use her hair to assist Sora and company in battle. It's neat.

Kingdom Hearts III Rapunzel

Kingdom Hearts III Lantern Festival From Tangled

I'm just putting these here so we can all appreciate just how gorgeous this game looks. Seriously, these worlds look like they'll perfectly capture the style of the movies they're based on.

Kingdom Hearts III Winnie The Pooh

Kingdom Hearts III Winnie The Pooh Minigame

It's good to see you again, silly old bear. The Hundred Acre Wood world will once again play host to a number of mini-games featuring Winnie the Pooh and friends. I've got a little... something in my eye looking at these images. Yeah. That's it.

Kingdom Hearts III Maleficent And Pete

Kingdom Hearts III Sora Donald And Goofy Fight Maleficent And Pete

Hey, look, Maleficent is back! And more importantly, Pete is, too. The Disney villain duo were last seen in mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Union X, which takes place hundreds of years before the original Kingdom Hearts... given that time travel is a thing in this series now, one wonders how that will all factor into Kingdom Hearts III. Man, but this series makes my head hurt...

Kingdom Hearts III Hayner Pence And Olette

Come on, Hayner, what's the point of all those Struggle battles if you can't handle a few Heartless? Okay, that's quite a bit more than a few Heartless, but still. Your spiky haired anime pretty boy brethren expect more from you.

Kingdom Hearts III Sora Fights Nobodies With 100 Acre Wood Keyblade

Kingdom Hearts III Sora Fights Nobodies With 100 Acre Wood Keyblade

I'm going to close us out with a couple of combat screenshots, with Sora getting ready to lay down the hurt on a group of Nobodies with what is (presumably) the Keyblade from Hundred Acre Wood. No wonder the Nobodies hate Sora so much, he gets honey in their zippers!

As mentioned previously, you can find many more new Kingdom Hearts III screenshots in our gallery. Kingdom Hearts III hits PS4 and XB1 on January 29th, 2019 and I. Cannot. Wait. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more info!