Alana Hagues
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11.14.18 - 6:18 PM

One of the benefits of modern gaming is if the developer wants to improve their game, rather than release an entirely new version of it, they can just make those tweaks and create a patch! Obviously it isn't that simple, but so many games have improved as a result of these updates, so it's only right we go back and look at those that have benefited.

The Swords of Ditto Screenshot

You'll remember back in May that Greg Delmage had a good time with The Swords of Ditto, but he felt that "there is a lot more under the surface that could leave players feeling very frustrated." So, with two big patches out of the way, and half a year later, has The Swords of Ditto improved? Greg's back with his updated review on the game, and maybe these new additions might be just what The Swords of Ditto needed!