Derek Heemsbergen
Random Encounter 153 - It's Only You
Despite everything.
11.07.18 - 9:14 AM

On this episode of Random Encounter:

- Like a bolt from the blue, Toby Fox teased and released his first follow-up to Undertale with only 24 hours of warning. Deltarune took us all by surprise. (Note: Even acknowledging what Deltarune is constitutes something of a spoiler, but we did our best not to delve too heavily into the game for the time being. We'll revisit this one somewhere down the line!)
- The PlayStation Classic is out next month. We give our unfiltered thoughts on its game lineup.
- Greg's finally gotten around to one of this year's first big hits, Monster Hunter World. How does it hold up at the tail end of 2018?
- October may be over, but between season 2 of Netflix's Castlevania and Alana's dive into Castlevania Requiem, there are plenty of ways to stay spooky well into November.
- Robert Fenner, resident expert of the bleak and esoteric (among other things--we love a multifaceted boi!), returns with his evaluation of Death Mark. A macabre stroll through dilapidated Japan, this first-person adventure released just shy of Halloween. Is it a trick or a treat? Tune in for the spoopy scoop.
- Our enthusiasm for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mounts with the November 1st reveal of its full roster and RPG-adjacent collectible Spirits. But woe! Why couldn't Chocobo's Dungeon Chocobo have made the cut? Well, there's always DLC.

Featuring: Derek Heemsbergen, Greg Delmage, Alana Hagues, Robert Fenner

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