Mike Salbato
RPGFan Hiring Updates
Welcome our new additions!
04.29.18 - 1:44 PM

We have recently had a rush of good luck with random applications here at RPGFan. While we haven't recently held a full-on hiring drive — and not for lack of interest, I assure you — our generally open call has resulted in five new team members over the last several weeks, and I want to quickly introduce you to each them today.

Katherine is probably the first new person you may be most familiar with, as she joined husband Kyle on his Secret of Mana Remake Twitch stream, and is now hosting both Super Mario RPG and Earthbound streams for us, on Mondays and Fridays, respectively. In the short time I've known her, I quickly learned that Kat is the concept of "delight" bottled into a human being. Her positive and outgoing attitude coupled with her love and knowledge of classic RPGs made her an easy choice to bring on board. If you haven't joined us for her streams yet, give a past episode or three of Super Mario RPG or Earthbound a view on our Twitch page. Kat has several games lined up after these two, and it's safe to say they are favorites of many of you, so I look forward to debuting those in the coming weeks and months!

Tina approached us a few weeks ago with interest in general writing and feature articles, which is something we're constantly trying to deliver more of around here. Along with our next hire, she's helping make RPGFan even more Canadian, but more importantly, she's a great writer, with a flair for being interesting, educational, and entertaining. We liked her writing samples wright right away, and her bevy of ideas for articles and features and general excitement to be part of the team have me excited for the future. You'll see the first of her work in an upcoming feature next month, and hopefully many more contributions as we move forward.

Greg is, like all of our new hires, a delightful human being. You may already know that, if you caught his debut on Random Encounter Episode 142. Greg approached us interested in podcasting and other contributions — you will also see his name on some upcoming features, and retro reviews. He is also notable for being possibly the first currently-sitting* RPGFan team member with their own IMDb profile, having appeared in TV shows such as The Magicians, Timeless, and more. And now he wants to write and chat about RPGs with the lot of us? I'm not sure we're worthy, but we're super happy to have him here.

* It's worth noting that our dear friend and former RPGFan Music Managing Editor Stephen Meyerink also nabbed himself an IMDb profile due to his work on Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound, something you absolutely need to check out if you have any interest in game music.

It's really handy that amongst staff discussions about how we need more social media editors, we had TWO people reach out to us. It's even more handy that their attitudes and drive have already resulted in positive impressions on our social channels. Anthony is half of the new social folks, and his background in gaming and love of games like the MegaTen and Pokémon series gave us a good first impression, and his commitments to helping us reach more people via social channels has been admirable. That he's a Disneyland regular also makes him a Cool Guy™ in my book.

Jesse is the other half of our new social team, and is helping keep us more timely and relevant on our various social fronts. His spiffy and dare I say, dapper Prinny avatar makes a statement, that's for sure. Seriously though, both Anthony and Jesse have quickly become part of the team, and weigh in on features and offer ideas, and I personally love that kind of initiative.

Part of that initiative, especially from Jesse, was to help buff up our Steam Curator page. Did you even know we had one? Probably not. One of our editors set it up a few years ago, but it was, sadly, something we neglected for a long time. Along with social media posts, Jesse has been busy bringing our Curator page up to speed, so if you're a Steam user, please give it a look, and follow us there! We plan to continue updating it, so there's plenty of recommendations waiting for you.

To the Future
So there you have it. Five great new team members. They've already helped out a lot, both in front-facing parts of the site like our streams, podcasts, and social media, but getting some new personalities has also served to liven up our internal staff discussions, and serve as inspiration, seeing the energy and great ideas each of them is bringing to RPGFan.

I've been aiming to kick off an official hiring drive for awhile now, and we finally will do that in June after E3 madness gives us the time to dedicate to it, as it takes time and effort to sort through a bunch of applications. But I'll give prospective parties a heads-up right now: We will be looking for a few things:

  • Reviewers (especially those interested in PC and/or WRPGs)
  • News Writers (in general, but if you know Japanese, we definitely want to hear from you)
  • Staff/feature writers: Not everything we do needs to be news and reviews, and we want to hear from people interested in things beyond those areas.
  • Music staff. A large part of this is music reviews, but it also includes sharing music news, and feature articles and interviews. RPG music passion and knowledge will get you far.

Again, we'll be posting applications and more details on these positions in June. If you feel that you're a good fit and really want to talk to us now though, get in touch! We have big plans around here, and the more talented people we have, the better we can realize that, to continue being — in our biased opinion — one of the best RPG sources on the internet.