Gino DiGioia
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Gets Version 1.4.0 Update, New Blades Included
T-elos is coming! And she will have a higher drop rate than KOS-MOS!
04.25.18 - 1:12 PM

Well, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is still chugging along. On April 27th, the game will be upgraded to version 1.4.0. As always, we here at RPGFan will give you the knowledge needed to... sorry, I'm just so excited. We get another Xenosaga character!

T-elos Re:

XB2 T-elos Re:

KOS-MOS's rival is making her way to Xenoblade Chronicles 2. While she has appeared in games like Project X Zone in recent years, this time she will be fully featured. Character designer CHOCO mentions that this version of T-elos is designed a bit more cute but wants players to focus on her visor. Players who finished the game once and are in New Game+ can obtain T-elos Re: through Blade Resonance. And don't worry, her drop rate is much higher than most blades, so getting her won't be as difficult as her rival.


XB2 Poppibuster

T-elos Re: isn't the only new blade. Players who bought the expansion pass can gain access to Poppibuster, a blade that is only available through a new quest. Unlike Tora's Poppi, this new blade is to be used by everyone else. While many questions may be floating through your mind (like why does Poppi have yellow hair?, you won't be able to find the answers until the quest. Also, yes, this is a play off Marvel's Hulkbuster Iron Man costume. Sorry, the nerd in me couldn't stay quiet.

XB2 Poppibuster

Besides new blades, version 1.4.0 will have other additions. On your second playthrough forward, Traveling Bards will be able to exchange EXP for Poppi Parts. Also, new sorting options will be added to the menu.

Nintendo also offered a taste for updates in May forward. This includes more Rare blades, challenge battles, an "Extreme" difficulty mode, and more content for those who bought the Expansion Pass. They have also teased a Rare Blade designed by a new illustrator and played by a new voice actor (the recording is already done too.) This blade will be only available in the Expansion Pass.

XB2 Poppi

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is currently available on Nintendo Switch. The 1.4.0 update will release on April 27th. Please check out our review and gallery for the game while you wait.