Mike Salbato
Twitch Schedule Updates, Ahoy!
A new day for Alundra, and new streams on Fridays and Tuesdays.
04.24.18 - 11:50 PM

We have a handful of notable and exciting Twitch updates, so let's get to 'em:

Alundra Moves to Wednesdays

First, as you likely know by now, Maxx hasn't been able to stream Alundra regularly on his typical Tuesday time slot. So starting today, Alundra will be every Wednesday at 12pm PST/3pm EST.

Guild Wars 2 Chill Stream

If you've been watching Scott's streams or hanging out on our Discord (wait, are you not? Well, you should be), you may have caught wind of an experimental stream Scott is going to run this week with Guild Wars 2: This Friday at 7pm PST/10pm EST, he's going to hop on the MMO with his guildmates and... do stuff. It won't be a serious raiding stream, but more of a chill, "come hangout" stream, with Scott, Guild Wars 2 shenanigans, and music. You'll have to bring your own liquor, but otherwise, we've got the entertainment covered. If everyone has fun, our plan is to make this a weekly thing, so definitely come by!

And yes, Earthbound will still continue as usual at its regular 3pm PST/6pm EST timeslot, so Kat isn't going anywhere!

New Tuesday Stream

Finally, with Maxx's move to Wednesday, we didn't want to leave a gap in our streaming days, so Kyle is stepping in with...

What's that, Kyle? Don't tell them yet?

Okay, well unless he spills the beans during the MS Saga or Earthbound streams, it's a secret for now, but all will be revealed on Saturday, so stay tuned!