Peter Triezenberg
Square Enix Intends to "Surpass the Original" with Final Fantasy VII Remake
A new job posting says that you, too, can bring this reunion to fruition.
04.22.18 - 9:31 PM

According to a new job posting by Square Enix, the company is looking to "surpass the original" with the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The job posting is for battle and level planners, with the intent of designing a "new Final Fantasy VII" that is more than "a simple remake."

Battle Planner:
  • Planning and specifications creation of a battle system that combines commands and action.

  • Devising of ideas such as enemies and bosses.

  • Construction of environments including setting parameters aligned to the player’s growth

Level Planner:
  • Construction of a workflow for location production.

  • Devising of ideas for the level designs of each location.

  • Implementation of data in Unreal Engine 4.

final fantasy vii remake

What's interesting about this posting is that it highlights how development for the Final Fantasy VII Remake is "starting full-scale," after recently being moved to an internal production at Square Enix. We know that outsourced development for the game was scrapped a while ago, so this only confirms that, whatever Square Enix's intentions are for the remake... it's going to take a while.

final fantasy vii action combat

Square Enix seems dedicated to creating a new Final Fantasy VII experience, rather than simply recreating the 1997 classic from scratch. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on this, readers: sound off on the boards, social media, and Discord, and stay tuned to RPGFan for more details.