Trent Argirov
Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition Heading to Nintendo Switch
The more for the Switch, the better!
04.20.18 - 2:16 PM

Developer Acquire has announced that their dungeon-crawling RPG series Class of Heroes is set to make a splash in Japan, on the Nintendo Switch, come April 26th, with the release of Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition.

class of heroes screen

Revealed via a recent issue of Famitsu Weekly, Class of Heroes: Anniversary edition is set to bring the original PSP base game to a modern audience, at the retail price of 2,759 yen. The game is also set to feature a new mode that sports unique artwork and background music not present within the original title.

class of heroes screen

Class of Heroes follows a group of students centered in the machinations and academic regime of Particus Academy; an institution designed to train individuals in the abilities and knowledge to brave the labyrinths that lie beneath its hallowed halls.

Personally, more games on the portable dream-machine that is the Switch the better, and Class of Heroes is no exception!

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