Gino DiGioia
Arc System Works Reveals New RPG: Wizard's Symphony
New RPG from the fighting game kings.
04.17.18 - 11:21 AM

Arc System Works, the developers of popular fighting game franchises Blazblue and Guilty Gear, has announced their next project: the "dramatic dungeon RPG" Wizard's Symphony. This may seem strange, since Arc Sys isn't known for their RPGs, but this game derives from an old Arc Sys series called Wizard's Harmony, an adventure series from the 90s. Regardless, Arc System Works has recruited character designer Moo, who did the designs for those old Wizard's Harmony games, to do the designs for this one.

wizards symphony arc system works new rpg

With this announcement, they also showed off three new characters:

Alto Traverse:
arc system works rpg wizard symphony

A man who works as a "conductor," whose job is to guide travelers through dangerous ruins. He has stepped up to fulfill the role of company president.

Spika Celeste:
spika celeste arcsys

A bright and optimistic girl who serves as the party's "defender," working alongside Alto.

Merak Yildiz:
arcsys new rpg

A young man with an intellectual, gentle personality. He's an attacker who wields powerful magic.

Wizard's Symphony is set to release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2018 in Japan. There is no word on a western release yet, but I assume Arc System's new western division might have some work to do.