Gino DiGioia
New RPG Alert: Save The World from Invasion in The Protagonist
From veterans of EA and Ubisoft… Too soon to judge.
04.14.18 - 7:39 PM

Developer 3Mind Games has announced their first narrative based game with The Protagonist, a sci-fi thriller inspired by games like Mass Effect and XCOM. In the game, you play as a special operative known as ANGEL whose ultimate goal is to escape from the sealed space station she's in and save humanity from an incoming invasion. You can judge it yourself with the Teaser below:

The game features a wide cast of characters to recruit, a dynamic choice system with consequences and a unique combat system that allows insane customization options. So, it's Suikoden meets Mass Effect in a sense.

The Protagonist is set to come out on PC in 2019. Stay tuned to RPGFan for upcoming info.