Gino DiGioia
Fairune Collection is coming to Switch and PC
No joke here. Enjoy your minor indie RPG.
04.14.18 - 7:28 PM

Publisher Flyhigh Works have announced that Fairune Collection, the action Indie RPG, will release on Switch and PC in May. The compilation includes Fairune, Fairune 2, Fairune Origins and Fairune Blast. It is being made in celebration as Fairune's developer Skipmore had another of its games, Kamiko, surpassing 200,000 in shipments. Check out the trailer below from 24:28 to 25:38.

Fairune stars a young heroine who travels the world searching for statues to seal away a mysterious enemy. With simple controls and a battle system reminiscent of older Ys games, fans of the classic ARPG will enjoy this small indie title.

Fairune 1 is currently out on Mobile and 3DS while Fairune 2 is out on 3DS.