Mike Salbato
SEGA Announces New Sakura Taisen Game
Well, didn't see that coming.
04.13.18 - 10:54 PM

In addition to the major reveal of Shenmue I & II, SEGA had another surprising announcement in their stream tonight: A new game in the Sakura Taisen (or Sakura Wars, depending on your preference) series.

Sakura Taisen Sakura Wars SEGA Teaser

Sadly, there's not much else to say yet, except that the game will take place in the Taishō era in 1929. Or... around there. 1929 is being reported on various websites, but that era in Japan ended before that, and there is a theory that the date might be something else entirely. 1929 is interesting as it would place it one year after the events of Sakura Taisen V, but the jury is still out, at the moment.

It appears the "29" might actually refer to an alternate version of the Taishō era, and Taishō 29, if our math is correct, would be 1940.

SEGA promises new information will come at a future event.

This new game would be the first new entry in the entire Sakura Taisen series since 2008, and that's only if you count spin-off titles. The last mainline game was Sakura Taisen V, released way back in 2005 on the PlayStation 2 in Japan. It was also the first numbered game in the series to be released in North America, with NIS America bringing it here in 2010 as Sakura Wars ~So Long, My Love~.

While we wait for more info on this surprising new untitled entry, check out Pat's review of Sakura Wars ~So Long, My Love~.

Updated 11:20 PM: Clarified phrasing on the setting. Stephen Meyerink contribued to this confusing timeline and report.