Corey Hall
Materia Collective Opens Presales for Ballads of Hyrule and For The King Original Soundtrack
Who doesn't need more game music in their life?
04.12.18 - 10:56 PM

Materia Collective, the wonderful people who brought us MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed and SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X, now have even more aural delights on offer for fans of gaming soundtracks.

Ballads of Hyrule, a relaxing selection of beautifully arranged orchestral pieces, will help fans of the Zelda series to kick back and unwind. The album is currently available for pre-order digitally for as low as $10 USD, and physically on both CD and vinyl.

The selection of arranged pieces features beloved songs such as Serenade of Water, Kass' Theme, and The Ballad of the Wind Fish. The digital version of the album is set for release on May 1st, while the physical components are expected to release in early July.

IronOak Games' upcoming title, For The King, has also received its own soundtrack release. Featuring 30 songs from the game's original composer, John Robert Matz, the For The King original soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment for some tabletop-inspired roguelike action!

The For The King original soundtrack is available to pre-order now for as low as $7 USD, and will release on April 19th, 2018.