Mike Salbato
This is Your Story: Share Your Tale!
Have you been with RPGFan since 1998? 2018? Tell us what RPGFan means to you for fame and fortune! (or more accurately, appreciation)
04.09.18 - 9:34 PM

For over 20 years, RPGFan has been able to exist and bring you RPG news, reviews, media, Twitch streams, special features, podcasts, and once upon a time, a letters column, fan art, fan fiction, and so much more.

We couldn't produce this stuff without a talented staff, but we wouldn't produce it if we didn't have dedicated and passionate readers who follow us. To be more accurate, you're now readers, viewers, AND listeners, but that's a mouthful of a title:

RPGFan Reader Tales

We want to know what RPGFan means to you. How did you discover us? How have we impacted your life, or game-buying decisions? Did we steer you in the right (or maybe wrong?) direction on a game? Did you meet your husband or wife through our forums in 2003? Basically, we're giving you an open space to talk about what RPGFan means to you.

Based on the number of submissions we get, we'll go through them — only editing for typos or content (we're essentially a "PG-13" site), or length. The "winners" will be displayed in an upcoming feature on the site, so make sure you want people knowing your story!

Submissions are now closed. Thanks for participating, and look for the results soon.