Trent Argirov
Omensight Seeks To Rewrite and Rewind the Apocalypse for PlayStation 4 and PC
Vibrant visuals, companions, and a snazzy logo to boot!
04.08.18 - 1:41 PM

Time loops, mystery, and murder are afoot in Omensight, developer Spearhead Games latest project, following their previous action-RPG title Stories: The Path of Destinies.

omensight logo

Omensight tells a tale of a world known as Urralia in the midst of its apocalyptic end-times, and the Harbinger who must save it, through detective work, time-magic and good, ole' fashioned combat. Players will inhabit the role of the aforementioned Harbinger, travelling throughout the world to both find and apprehend the culprits that played a part in bringing the end-times to fruition.

omensight screenshots

Upgrade systems have been confirmed, with players utilising time-magic and neon-blue weapons to great effect, laying waste into enemies. The namesake of the game, Omensight, seems to be a mechanic in the spiritual vein of the Choose Your Own Adventure escapades of the studio's previous title Stories: The Path of Destinies, allowing the Harbinger to create both a second chance for Urralia and a better future.

omensight screenshots

Companions will also aide the Harbinger in their quest, and may also face their judgement, depending on the choices and answers that players might unveil throughout their playtime within Omensight. It seems they might be the key to unveiling the greater mystery that the title has to tell.

omensight companions

As a bonus, a new narrative trailer was unveiled at PAX East for Omensight, celebrating the confirmation of a PlayStation 4 release. The footage showcases a harsh duality with the Harbinger radiant in aesthetic, and the world of Urralia in flames. Check it out below!

Omensight looks to be a great evolution of the narrative-driven games that Spearhead has become known for, and I cannot wait, personally, to get the chance to try it out!

If you want to see more of the aesthetic of Omensight, take a gander at our updated gallery.

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