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God Eater 3 Landing on PlayStation 4 and PC, New Trailer and Gameplay Features Unveiled
New Aragami, new environs, new God Arcs!
04.08.18 - 1:38 PM

Bandai Namco Entertainment has unveiled God Eater 3, the third iteration in the monster-hunting sci-fi franchise, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC, via Steam.

god eater 3 logo

Developed by Project G.E, God Eater 3 seeks to pit players against a new type of foe, known as the Ash Aragami, within a deadly wasteland known as the Ashlands, where soot is deadly to inhale, and humanity must seek shelter underground in places known as Ports.

god eater 3 screenshots

God Eaters, the role the player inhabits within the franchise, are making an adaptive return, built to be more resilient and deadlier within combat, able to fight and resist environmental destruction in the Ashlands. Hugo Pennywort seems to be the hallmark God Eater, parlaying quick wits and possessing a connection the protagonist of God Eater 3.

god eater 3 screenshots

New weapons, known as God Arcs, have also been announced, allowing players to wield new options within combat. The Biting Edge God Arc is one such option, a dual bladed weapon that focuses on quick slashes and stabbing combos, and the Ray Gun is another, a timing-based ranged weapon that relies on players' quick reflexes to utilise efficiently.

Biting Edge God Arc

god eater 3 screenshots

The Ray Gun

god eater 3 screenshots

Lastly, for those that want a glimpse of God Eater 3 in action, you're in luck, as Bandai Namco have unveiled an announcement trailer, showcasing the environs and foes players will face within God Eater 3. Check it out below!

If you're curious about the environments and aesthetic of God Eater 3, be sure to check out our newly made gallery!

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