Corey Hall
Chrono Trigger on PC to Receive Updates, New Graphic Options
This will begin to make things right.
04.05.18 - 8:40 PM

When Chrono Trigger released on PC in late February, it was met with some negativity as it utilized the iOS and Android version of the game as a foundation rather than the original from the Super Nintendo. Square Enix is hoping to make amends, however, as they have announced that the game will be receiving new updates and patches beginning this month.

Crono and Lucca fighting the Dragon Tank in Chrono Trigger for PC

The initial patch for the game is scheduled for release during the first half of this month and will offer fans the option to alternate between the original graphical stylings and the iOS and Android visuals. No further details have been shared as of now, but Square Enix plans to provide a detailed list of changes added via the update upon its release.

In honor of the impending fixes, the availability of the limited edition has been extended, allowing fans to purchase this version until April 30th at 9 AM PDT. This edition includes a digital copy of the game on Steam, a five-song medley, liner notes from the game's original composer, Yasunori Mitsuda, and six PC wallpapers.