Peter Triezenberg
The Lost Child Hits Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Vita on June 19th
Digital only on Vita. RIP.
04.05.18 - 3:52 AM

NIS America has announced that The Lost Child, the dungeon crawling RPG that shares a connection (and a director!) with El Shaddai, will be making its way stateside on June 19th later this year. The game will be coming out on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS Vita (digitally). You can find some new screenshots while you wait!

lost child nis america el shaddai dungeon crawl rpg

When occult journalist Hayato Ibuki gets caught between a war of cataclysmic proportions, he must capture mythological and arcane creatures known as Astrals to fight alongside him to solve the mystery of the mystical device bestowed onto him by a strange girl. Fight through massive dungeons called Layers and decide the fate of the world...

the lost child rpg nintendo switch playstation 4 vita

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