Chris Gebauer
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Details Revealed
Thank you Weekly Jump!
04.03.18 - 4:41 AM

Thanks to a splash page reveal in the recent issue of Japanese publication Weekly Jump, we the adoring gaming public have been given a delightful amount of details on Dragon Quest Builders 2. The spread can be viewed below:

Dragon Quest Builders 2

To start with, we now know the game's subtitle in Japan: "The God of Destruction Malroth and the Vacant Island”. A mouthful for sure, but in line with the wordy naming conventions of recent Dragon Quest spinoffs. As for this destruction dude Malroth, he is the evil god that appeared in Dragon Quest II, but the article is cagey about whether or not DQ Builders 2 will be directly connected to DQ II by asking fans to "Look forward to future reports!"

Sooooooo probably?

Dragon Quest Builders 2

The setting will be "Vacant Island" where the protagonist has washed ashore. True to its name, the island is devoid of people and towns, leading our builder to adventure around and create a bustling bastion of civilization. The article details that the protagonist (male or female) is descended from the legendary builder that once saved the world. While the protagonist has the same power as their accomplished ancestor, it is unpracticed and unpolished, and so will rely on their "Builder's Book" in their quest to become a full-fledged builder.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.