Gino DiGioia
The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki IV Gets New Screenshots
More like end of… Yeah, I got nothing.
04.03.18 - 4:35 AM

PSA: All Sen no Kiseki IV/Trails of Cold Steel IV news will have some semblance of spoilers from the previous games, especially the non-localized Cold Steel III. As someone who has spoiled myself on a majority of the game, I will do my best to make sure that major spoilers aren't included. Still be careful nonetheless…

Nihon Falcom has released new screenshots for their next hard-hitting JRPG, Sen no Kiseki IV. These shots show off the new costumes and motives of Thors Military Academy II Branch School's Class VII. Let's show them off:

Juna Crawford:

trails of cold steel iv screenshot juna

The Crossbell native has had some reservations for attending school in the Erebonian Empire, especially after her town was occupied by them. After the events of CSIII, she faces a new harsh reality that will change her school life and relationships forever.

Kurt Vander:

trails of cold steel iv screenshot kurt

A prodigy of dual swordsmanship and the "supposed" protectors of the royal family, Kurt had plenty going for him as a warrior in the modern age. The events of CSIII had led him to wake up in an unknown village, possibly with Juna. His morals will be tested in the coming months.

Altina Orion:

trails of cold steel iv screenshot altina

Altina, looking the same as always, has grown to be a slightly more emotional girl and one that cared about the bonds she developed in Class VII. The events of CSIII has led her to despair, one that is unknown whether she will recover from.

Musee Egret:

trails of cold steel iv screenshot musee

The mysterious noble of the western part of the Empire is known to have her own agenda. In CSIV, she forms the Weissland Resurgent Army to counter the forces that threaten the land. Her allies? General Aurelia and Vita Clotilde.

Ash Carbide:

trails of cold steel iv screenshot ash

A delinquent raised in the slums but possesses incredible talent, Ash was a commoner who joined Class VII halfway through. After the events of CSIII, he was detained but was later rescued by the Weissland Resurgent Army. His current whereabouts are unknown.

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki IV -The End of Saga- will release in Japan on PS4 this Fall. There is no word on a western release for it or it's prequel. Check out our gallery for new screenshots.